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Smile For A Good Time | François + Ludwig

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It was early evening when François noticed the man in skin-tight leather exiting the building. Now, considering New York City -and the clubs and the cultures and the anonymity of it all- this might not be too unusual. 

Unfortunately for the man, who walked with a soldier’s stride that’s doing wonderful things for his ass, there’s fresh blood, thick and glossy, on the leather. So François wrapped light and reflections around himself, and followed, speeding up a little so as to catch up.

Finally matching pace with him, but still a little behind, François threw off the glamour, looking the stranger up and down. Yep. Just as skin-tight up close.

“So, mon lupe, did things get out of hand today, or have I just been going to all the wrong clubs?”

Still mine

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Warnings: It’s Jungkook’s birthday party but who says he’s the only one allowed to have all the fun? Rated J for Jealous-Hoseok-is-hot-as-fuck-especially-when-he’s-horny.

Texting with hoe squad inspired me to write a scenario with sexting… Thank you hoes @noir0neko , @cloudsofsonder

Lipstick: check.

Mascara: check.

Dress: Tight as fuck: check.

I exhale with my muscles, feeling the fabric of my dress slowly reaching the limit of its flexibility. It’s doing a good job so far at holding fragile pieces of my body together. I turn around, looking at the front then the back of my body. The glossy black leather fabric surfs on the soft curve of my hip. I pull my dress down, revealing enough cleavage to look desirable. My heart beats out of control as if it is overdosed with caffeine. Nervous is not the right word to describe this feeling, intriguing is.

“Noona, are you ready for tonight?” My phone blinks a message from Jungkook. Little sparks are shooting out from my stomach.

“I don’t know… This dress is too little for me.” I hit send.

“Perfect! I can just easily slip my hand under you dress under the table and touch the outside of your lacy thong. Your thighs can clasp on my fingers if they get in further than just your thong.”

Tension increases from the tip of my toe as I paint his text message in my imaginary world. I can feel his touch so clearly, the undeniable thrill that exceeds the limitation of cloud nine. I collapse on the bed. Sitting with my legs crossed tightly against each other, I rock my body back and forth. It feels pleasing, like I’m getting to somewhere closer to what he would really do to me.

“Find a girl your age to fuck with,” I reply with a bit of attitude.

“Don’t say anything you can’t take back ;)”

I can imagine his face smirking on the other side, the smirk that always deceives me into thinking that he’s in the appropriate age to do so. One more time, my eyes glance at the girl in the mirror, making sure that she’s desirable enough. She gives me a flirty smile, spins her heels and walks away.




The door swings open as music blasts violently on my eardrums. Flashes of red, green and blue lights cut the air light laser rays through the dark. Shadows of people appear through the dim neon lights. They are jumping up and down, grinding on each other, hands roaming on the darkest places of their minds. I try to squeeze through the crowd of strangers, looking for a familiar face. Jungkook is standing near the stairs, holding the red cup of who-knows-what-kind-of liquor.

“Noona!” He shouts through the excessively loud music as soon as he spots me.

“Look at you, birthday boy! All grown up and ready to get drunk?” I bump my elbow against the muscle of his arm.

“Me? Look at you!” His eyes widen as if my cleavage isn’t obvious enough. “Guess I don’t have to find any tables to hide my hand.” He whispers. I feel my cheeks burning up like an over-boiled kettle. His hand lays on the side of my thigh, caressing up and down. Sometimes, my leg twitches from the tickle of his fingers slipping partly under my dress.

“Hoseok hyung! Over here!”

I turn around as soon as the word “Hoseok” was called. There are so many bodies smashing into each other, but he stands out. He hasn’t changed one bit: leather jacket and bad boy ripped jeans. I can still see myself sitting on the back of his motorcycle, cruising to where the sun kisses the mountains. At times like this, I tend to think that I’m still in love with him. But the truth is, I’m just in love with the nostalgic feeling after a terrible breakup.

“Happy birthday, Jungkook!” Hoseok smiles brightly at Jungkook and looks down at me “Y/N… It’s been a while.”

“Yeah… How have you been?” I avoid his eyes.

“Well. You seem well, too. That’s good.” He keeps looking at me. Maybe wearing this dress isn’t a good idea.

“Y/N noona looks gorgeous today.” Jungkook’s hand squeezes my waist, pulling me closer to his body. I see a twitch on Hoseok’s eyebrow. “I’m pretty lucky to have her here with me.”

Jungkook’s tender look scares me. But more than that, Hoseok’s intimidating look sends waves of chill through my spine. Suddenly, the atmosphere becomes too suffocating just like the sky when it’s about to rain. I grab on Jungkook’s hand and push it away from my body.

“I’ll go get something to drink.”

Without looking at neither of their faces, I walk away. My head spins and spins, clockwise then counter clockwise. The crowds seem to rotate around my head and slowly everything becomes colourless. I feel a tight grip on my wrist, pulling my body sideway and leads me out of the crowd. As we leave the people behind us, I notice the leather jacket and the ripped jeans. I recognize the back that I used to lean on when the sun hides behind the mountains. He doesn’t look back at me, yet I keep gluing my eyes on the nape of his neck.

Hoseok slams the washroom door open and shoves me into an empty stall. His lips smash into mine, sucking the strawberry gloss as he roams his hands on my hips. I can taste the sweetness of his sugar coated tongue on my sensitive taste buds. My nails leave scratches all over his jawline, letting his thigh grinds between my legs.

“I didn’t let you go so you can fuck around with Jungkook.” His hand grips on my jaw. “What are you thinking going to his birthday party dressing like this?”

All I do is catching my breath. I don’t have any energy to fight him and I don’t have any reasons to.

“Did he give you this dress as well?” He glances down for seconds and then tears it apart. The piece of cloth falls down on my feet and the only obstacles between Hoseok and dominance are these undergarments.

“You know when you’re incredibly gorgeous?” He whispers into my ear. “When you spread your legs and beg me to fuck you harder.”

Before I can think of anything, his two fingers sink inside me, rubbing up and down with quick vibrations. I throw my head back and moan loud enough to hear my own echo. In and out, it seems like he’s pushing the button to increase my orgasm. My mouth hangs open and all I can say is his name.

Hoseok gets down on his knees and pulls my thongs down. His face disappears between my legs. I squirm and tremble on my feet as his tongue twists on my clit. He sucks on it like a kid with his lollipop. My fingers tangle through his hair. Sometimes I ruffle it, other times I grip on it.

“Can Jungkook eat you out like this?” His focus is still rested on my core.

“No.” I sigh heavily. “Only you can…” At this point I’m more than submissive, I’ve surrendered.

“Good girl.”

He stands up and turns me around. I can hear the sound of zipper pulling down as the anticipation builds up in my body. One of his hands hold my hips tightly. The tip of his cock slides on the surface of my ass.

“Do you want this?” He speaks with a challenging voice.

“Yes.” I plead. “Yes, I do.”

He pushes it in, but stops when the tip is right at the entrance.

“How do you want it?” He asks.

“I need it,” I scream. “I fucking want your dick. Please!”

Finally, Hoseok pushes in. The sensation of completely satisfied leaves me in awe. My teeth clench tightly with my breasts pressed against the cold dirty tile. His strong pelvis crashes into me like layers of tidal waves. I let out small hiccups as he pushes in harder. Gravity pulls drops of sweat down along my cheekbones, tickling my skin and adding weight to my chin. Tension starts to wear my muscles out, my arms and legs begin to reach their limits. Still, I’m greedy for more, until every cell in my body bursts out. The walls are crumbling around me and liquid shoots out between my legs. His dick leaves my body and the only thing remains is the aftermath feeling of exhaustion and arousal.

I collapse on the moldy floor, head rested on the toilet seat. Hoseok pulls his pants up and looks down at me. I can hardly see his face. But the rays of light emit from his silhouette blurs my eyes, painting in front of me an image of what paradise might look like.

“Have a break. You’ll need it for the next round.” His voice deepens.

“Hoseok hyung, what are you doing… Noona?” Jungkook rubs his eyes as he sees me naked on the bathroom floor.

“You can stare at her all you want. But I’m the only one who can make her like this, just keep that in mind.”

Hoseok walks out after he finished his sentence. I glance at Jungkook to find him staring at the torn dress next to me. The ceiling looks like it’s going to fall on my heavy head. I drift to a deep sleep, hoping that would fast forward time to round 2.

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Thank you my sweet child Jungkook for making an appearance. Exams are done and I’m glad to be back.