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Are there any studyblr account for Business?

Hi, there are so many! Follow these people here! (Any other business students, please feel free to tag yourselves and other business studyblrs!)

I tried my best and checked each blog briefly to make sure they were some sort of business field :)

Hope that helps! ^_^

Back to the Basics: Lip Gloss

A lip gloss is a creamy, liquid product designed to give colour and shine to the lips.

Lip glosses are generally packaged in a tube with an applicator or in a squeezable tube. Lip glosses can be clear or tinted and vary in colour saturation, some can be sheer and others can be pigmented.

Lip glosses are applied all over the lips using the applicator included with the product or a separate lip gloss wand or brush. They can be worn alone or on top of a lipstick.

The purpose of a lip gloss is to accentuate the lips to make them look fuller, more hydrated and healthier.

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I have this great friend who is a really talented writer and she also runs a fairly successful blog. It’s not quite a mommyblog, but she does tend to write for parenting blogs, too.

She has this persona associated with her blog that’s along those lines of the “bad mommy” vibe and it’s so weird to me. It’s not quite as extreme as the “I chug vodka to keep from drowning my children” shit you see on FB but it’s kind of close. And I get that there’s been a HUGE backlash against the Insta-perfect glossy parenting and lifestyle blogs that make it sound like if you’re not homeschooling, growing an organic garden, and keeping it tight for The Hubs then you’re a failure. But there’s something so off-putting about her “public” persona or brand. She loves her husband and kids and is actually quite invested in them so this “Eh, I let my kids go to school with garbage stuck to them LOL” tone seems so horribly exaggerated and gross. To her credit, she uses pseudonyms and never posts photos of her kids anywhere other than her personal social media accounts.

All this is fine, really. Who among us doesn’t try to fit into a certain role for work that’s maybe not 100% who you are in real life? But she’s such a genuinely talented writer that I wish she’d quit trying so hard to be This Irreverent Mommy and would be herself. 

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