glossing polish

When @badgirlnails posted her Floss Gloss gradient, I knew I had to recreate it! And fate would have it that I had just purchased the same polishes from @hbbeautybar the day before. Lol. I just added an extra color.

Used in this mani:

Floss Gloss - Maliboob Job, International Hot Girl, Pony

Sinful Colors - Snow Me White

Wet N’ Wild - Matte Top Coat

Things I Associate Hogwarts Houses With:
  • Slytherin: Vodka, Snowy mornings, a black grand piano, Lana Del Rey songs, a forest when it's almost nights out, a calm lake, thunderstorms during the evening, a blizzard, fresh scented candles, American muscle cars painted black, European speed cars, champagne, foggy weather with a slight drizzle, arctic monkey songs, The Weeknd songs, coffee shops that have dairy lights hanging on the walls, tons of flyer miles, black coffee, tailored suits, evening gowns, diamonds, deep maroon lipstick, smirking, drunk kisses in the back of a room, going to exclusive parties, white roses, white dasies, classical symphonies, cigarettes, French tip nails or stiletto style, watching the snow fall from a frosted window, relaxing beneath an umbrella on the beach,
  • Ravenclaw: Wine, early morning runs right before the sun comes up, statgazing, painting, going to art shows, long afternoons spent reading, Oh Wonder songs, LIGHTS songs, walking on the beach when it's night time, lavender scented candles, beanies, knee high boots with or without heels, combat boots, Halsey songs, dark lipsticks, winged eyeliner, rose gold accessories, button up shirts with cardigans, an unmade bed with books opened on it, iced coffee, warm tea with honey, tulips, baby's breath, cliffside next to the sea, a mountain top with the night sky above, Rihanna songs, sparklers, camping in the wilderness, vintage bicycles, motorcycles, notebooks, black pens, kissing in the back of a library or classroom, punk pop concerts, violins, cellos, jazz music, vinyl collections, thunderless storms, street art, coffin styled nails, watching the snow fall on a bench, reading while tanning at the breach,
  • Gryffindor: Whiskey, bon fires at night, fireworks, hiking up a mountain, sunny weather, beach chairs with towels on them, Charli XCX songs, guitars, drums, skipping rocks on a lake, body paint, long road trips with the windows rolled down, Volkswagen cars, bright red lipstick, jumping off of cliffs into the ocean, Polaroid cameras, smoothie stands, spray paint on abandoned cars, tire swings, acoustic love songs, Fall Out Boy songs, music festivals during the summer, pink lemmonade, sprinkled doughnuts, shared kisses in the middle of a concert, gold accessories, going out to sport events, large sweaters and converse shoes, scotch, making snow angels, burying each other in the sand,
  • Hufflepuff: Mixed drinks, flower crowns, Marina and the Diamonds songs, sunflowers, walking in an open field, swimming in the ocean, sunny weather, eating ice cream on a sidewalk, sipping lemonade through a long striped straw, Bad Sun's songs, Sun hats, building said castles, building a snow man, bright lipsticks and gloss, colorful nail polish, tambourines, trumpets, a slow drive through a small town, jumping into a lake on the first day of summer, cloudless skies, gardening, window tops with potted plants, longs socks, high waisted shorts with crop tops, head bands, chalk drawings on the sidewalk, eating frozen yogurt in the middle of the day, chapstick, kissing in the garden,

Nylon Shop campaign in June July issue out now! Featuring nails by me using Floss Gloss & my own charms. Prices upon request, info in bio email or call Hello Beautiful Salon in Williamsburg Brooklyn.