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I wouldn’t be sure of that (Connor Murphy x reader smut!)

Hiii! I am back and with some good old smut! Thank you again for the response on my first post, it means so much to me!!! Also I got some amazing requests that I will start working on! Keep sending them in! Also there are some random parts about horses and cults, so just be warned hahaha.

Requested: nope
Words: 2,642
Warnings: smut!!! And some swearing. Also I forgot to write in protection :P, but if you don’t have protection no horizontal hula!

Sixth period was the definition of boring. The AP US History class was so dull that you had turned to contemplating how many horses it would take to make a horse cult. What was a horse cult? You had no idea, but you were dedicated to finding out during the hell which was called AP History. The only thing you had to look forward to was ‘Spa Day’, or ‘Spa Afternoon,’ with your friends. The monthly tradition was created after your friend Zoe had an unfortunate accident plucking her eyebrows. Let’s just say nobody looks good without eyebrows.
After that fateful day you, Zoe, and newfound friend Alana vowed that each month you would all spend time “treating yourselves.” This wonderful tradition switched between the three girl’s houses, and no matter where you were you always managed to laugh the night away, create weird face masks, and leave embarrassing texts to people you were too scared to talk to. This current month signaled that the sleepover would occur at the Murphy’s house, and although her parents were nice it meant running the risk of bumping into Connor. You didn’t have preconceived notions that other people had regarding Connor, but that was just problem. He fascinated you beyond anyone or anything, even more than horse cults. The lanky boy that kept his door closed at all times made you want to be brave, or at least brave enough to talk to him more in depth than you usually had.

You had known Zoe for around a year after changing high schools, and you had become instant friends. Alana had started helping you with your Spanish homework and soon enough all three of you would spend your lunches together filling out quizzes in teen magazines, and confiding in each other. Throughout your year long friendship, you had surprisingly spoken to Connor many times. When the school hallways became too overwhelming you would often wander into the school’s library and sit next to Connor. At first, he was hesitant to talk to you, fearing you were just another mean girl at school, but after some time it seemed as if he actually liked your presence, and that talking to you wasn’t that bad. This small friendship created between the two of you always seemed to sway on the line of flirtation, but no matter how many times you hinted to him that you liked him it always went right over his head. To say that it was frustrating would be the understatement of the year, and you couldn’t just bring it up with Zoe. Sure she was probably your best friend, but why bring anything up if all Connor saw you as was some friend.

“Connor’s going to have to drive us back home today,” Zoe said as you all stood by Alana’s locker while she put away a book.
“Wait, why?” you asked while fidgeting with the strap on your backpack.
“My mom’s with my aunt today so Connor drove me to school. Don’t worry though he promised me not to be 100% embarrassing,” she answered while reapplying her lip gloss. The three of you started walking towards the front doors of the school which seemed absurdly large.
“It doesn’t matter how we get there, besides I bet he wouldn’t mind if we started talking in the car, right Zoe?” piped in Alana.
“If that’s what you’re worried about y/n,” Zoe spoke as she slung her arm around you, “it won’t stop us from gossiping. Connor’s used to tuning me out so you can still spill all your secrets.” Alana and Zoe laughed, while your nervous laughter blended in. Together you walked to the school parking lot and looked for the familiar silver minivan that you were used to Zoe’s mom driving. Instead of Zoe’s mom you were used to, you saw Connor leaning against the minivan the family lovingly called “The Beast.” The three of you giggled at the unusual sight, but while Alana and Zoe might have been giggling about how funny it was, you were because of how good Connor looked. He wore his usual black shirt and jeans, but you could see bright yellow socks peeking out from under his jeans.
“Uhmm y/n?” Zoe asked laughing.
“Oh! Sorry I just kind of zoned for a minute,” Zoe looked at you with a slight smirk but didn’t say anything else as you all got in the car. You sat in the front seat, but only because you got motion sick and nobody wanted you to puke all over the car…again. As soon as Connor started the car Alana started talking a million miles a minute about somebody in here math class who she seemingly liked. You chimed in a few times, but mostly listened and tried to look at Connor without seeming like a stalker. The conversation then shifted to you, forcing you to be pulled back to reality.
“What about Shawn? He’s cute, and totally into you!” Alana said shaking her head.
“Shawn? I guess he’s cute, but I don’t like him like that at all,” you replied glancing over at Connor who was gripping the steering wheel so hard his knuckles had turned white, or at least whiter. His eyes were intense and he was staring at the road as if he had a personal vendetta against it.
“Will you all just shut the fuck up?!” Connor yelled. The car went silent as Alana and Zoe looked at each other in surprise. You on the other hand just stared at Connor.
“Are you okay?” you asked quietly. He didn’t respond and instead turned the music in the car up. You quickly glanced in the back seat where Zoe shrugged at you, while Alana tried not to laugh.
“Sorry,” she said between giggles, “I laugh in stressful situations.” And with that, the rest of the car ride was filled with Alana laughing on and off and some Bruce Springsteen.

After what felt like hours you arrived at the Murphy house. Zoe, Alana, and you all jumped out of the car and ran upstairs to Zoe’s room where you immediately started painting each other’s nails and failed at Pinterest hacks. Eventually, the sun went down and you all changed into pajamas. By 10’oclock Alana had crashed in her sleeping bag and was snoring what would be an obnoxious amount if you didn’t love her so much. Zoe on the other hand had a habit of saying she wouldn’t fall asleep early, but once again by 10:30 pm she was sound asleep on her bed. Although this might be annoying to others you didn’t really mind since they seemed like they needed sleep, and you never really fell asleep until much later in the night. Tonight seemed like one of those nights where falling asleep seemed impossible, so you decided to wash your face again, hoping that maybe the hot water on your face would make you sleepy. On the way to the bathroom, in what was a very dark hall, you started thinking about horse cults again , and if that could actually be a thing. Not even realizing where you were walking you opened the door at the end of the hallway, but the bathroom wasn’t there. Instead, you open the door to find a dimly lit room with Connor sitting at the end of his bed reading.
“What are you doing y/n?” Connor asked looking up at you with confusion written all over his face.
“This isn’t the bathroom,” you said trying to laugh it off, “I’m sorry about that. I guess the dark really turned me around.” You smiled at Connor before realizing you were awkwardly standing in his doorway in very short pajama shorts and a tank top with no bra on.
“I guess I’ll be leaving now. I don’t want to bother you or anyth-,”
“You can stay if you want, but I’m guessing that would annoy Zoe so…”
“She’s asleep,” you said quickly, “I mean her and Alana already fell asleep and I have trouble sleeping, so thanks.” You silently cursed at yourself for seeming so desperate, but Connor didn’t seem to mind so you made your way into his room. Connor scooted over on his bed to make space for you. As you sat down you took in what was happening. You were in Connor’s room. Connor. The boy who you’ve silently liked for months, and now you were sitting on his bed.
“So,” Connor said as he pulled his hair up into a bun, “you don’t like that Shawn guy?”
“What?  My gosh no. Why?” you asked aloud.
“I guess I was just wondering since he likes you apparently and Alana seems to think you two would be good together or some shit like that.” Now it was Connor’s turn to silently curse at himself.
“Well he’s okay, but I’m kind of into someone else, but that’s a little hopeless,” you answered trying not to look Connor in the eyes.
“Hopeless?” Connor said as he slowly scooted closer to you.
“He doesn’t like me like that,” you answered, actually looking at Connor this time. Your eyes flickered from his lips back to his eyes, and you were quickly aware that you were so close you could kiss him.
“I wouldn’t be so sure of that,” Connor answered. In a single swoop he moved his mouth to yours and the heat that radiated off of him connected you together. With your lips connected you felt as if the two of you turned into one. All the anxiety of not knowing if you felt the same way slipped away as the rush of your soft lips against his own hit him. The intensity of kissing each other was more than both of you had thought possible, and the way you felt against him was something so incredible that Connor thought no words in the English language could explain it. Maybe it was the passion of the kiss, or maybe it was how intoxicating Connor was, but you wanted more. No, you needed more. With the thrill of Connor’s lips on your own you started to slowly, almost painfully drag Connor’s shirt off. Connor wasn’t as patient as you were and quickly pulled his shirt off lacking any form of grace. You lightly laughed in response but were quickly brought back by the sight of Connor in front of you. He was all you had ever wanted and there he was, with lanky arms, milky white skin, small tufts of chest hair, and he was absolutely stunning.
“Can I take your shirt off?” Connor asked with a slight quiver in his voice. You nodded in response as his cold fingers brushed against your sides as he pulled your shirt over your head. Connor took a moment to admire you and every line on your body. You wrapped your arms back around Connor’s neck as he wrapped his around your waist, bringing his hands up to your breasts. His hands were cold, but soft and gentle. You pushed your body against his this time, wanted to be closer to him. A low groan tumbled out of his mouth as you moved to straddle him. Your hands tugged at the hair in his bun, and he bucked forward bringing moans from both of your mouths this time. You quickly pulled away and gently tugged at his pajama pants. In a fluid motion, he flipped you so you were on your back and his arms on either side of you, seemingly protecting you from the outside world.
“Are you sure you want to?” Connor asked before going back to your lips.
“100% sure,” you replied smiling up at him.
“I’ve never really you know…uhmm…I don’t have experience,” he said trying to look you in the eyes.
“I don’t care, and we don’t have to do anything,” you said as you pushed a loose strand of hair behind his ears.
“I fucking want to, I just wanted you to know,” and with that he brought his lips back to yours. It felt as if all the oxygen was brought back to your body. Suddenly it felt as if there were too many clothes on. You started pulling down his pajama pants and Connor helped as swiftly pull them off and kick them to the floor. With his length free he tugged on your pants. You desperately kicked them off and Connor laughed. Expecting Connor to bring his lips back to yours you closed your eyes. Instead, you felt him slowly kiss down your stomach. Your breath hitched as he got closer and closer to where you felt your heat radiating. With his eyes looking at you he made his way to your core. You gasped and felt yourself grab at the sheets.
“I t-t-thought you said you had n-no experience,” you breathed out.
“There’s a thing called the internet.”
“Thank you internet,” you laughed, “as much fun as this is, I want you…now.” With that permission he brought himself back to you, hovering as you stroked his shaft.
“I’d stop that now if I were you, if you ‘want me’,” he said with a shaky voice. You slightly laughed and brought your lips to his once more. The feeling of him on top of you made you feel safe and at home, nothing nerve racking about it, instead it felt right. Connor positioned himself and slowly entered you. Moans slipped from your mouth and you could feel Connor shudder. Even in the moment of so much intimacy you couldn’t help but look at Connor. His eyes squeezed shut, hair tumbling out of the bun, the bucking of his hips that made you believe that there is heaven on earth. With each movement of Connor’s hips against you more and more pleasure surrounded you, and the noises coming from Connor’s mouth were enough to bring you to the edge. With the final thrusts Connor gave, you felt as if your body were on a high, and you knew Connor’s was too with his climax.
“My gosh,” he panted, “I think now would be an okay time to say that I like you a lot, shit maybe even love you.”
You laughed at Connor’s words, while he dramatically flopped down on the bed next to you.
“I like you a lot too. Hell I know I love you,” you spoke as you moved your head onto Connor’s chest.
“Good because I was trying to seem cool. I know I love you too.” And with that Connor put his arms around your bare body.
“I’m happy we’re on the same page.” You sat up and Connor tried to grab you in his arms.
“I’m only putting my pajamas back on so we don’t scar Zoe,” you said trying to find your clothes in the dim light.
“Well, I found my shorts.”
“Just take my shirt and throw me my pants.” You made your way back to Connor’s bed, half dressed. You got back in his bed and he enveloped you in his arms.
“So I guess we’ll have to tell Zoe,” you said with a nervous tinge in your voice.
“I don’t think she’ll mind, she’ll just be happy to see you more.” With that you nuzzled your head on his bare chest.
“Can I ask you something Connor?”
“Anything, I mean you’ve seen me naked, so anything.”
“If horses had cults what do you think they would do?”
“What the fuck?”

Candy Hearts


Based on the word “Inevitable”

Draco’s eleven.

He’s gasping lungs and cracked open ribs as he clutches the acceptance letter in his pocket and glances up at the frost laced rooftops of Diagon Alley, realizes that there’s an entire world beyond the manor walls and he hadn’t even realized it.

He’s eleven and catching sight of her through shop window reflections like crystal balls. Dragging himself into Florish and Bots because there’s curiosity, no, interest, no, enchantment, maybe, ebbing like magic through the whorls of his fingertips. And she’s in his peripheral, schoolbooks clutched to her chest and smile soft, eyes wide and lashes fluttering. Luminescent in the light filtering through the window.

Draco watches as she rolls her sleeves up to her elbows and tucks a lock of hair behind her ear, strains on her tiptoes to reach a book on one of the higher shelves and –

“Here,” he says, grabs the book and slips it into her hands. Ignores the spark that catches between their fingertips and tugs, oh yes, he’s close enough to see the color of her eyes like rainbows reflected through a prism, the butterfly soft smile that traps itself against her mouth as she meets his eyes –

Says her name, “Y/N,” like wind chimes or a symphony.

And Draco thinks that it might as well be a spell.


Draco’s twelve.

He’s glances cast across a classroom, over his shoulder, when he hopes that nobody is looking. Fingers brushing and elbows knocking and, “Excuse me, I didn’t watch where I was going.” He did, and he’d be lying if he said that touching her felt anything less than a charm.

He’s twelve and he’s the pride swelling in his chest at his first Quidditch match when he can hear her somewhere below him, cheering his name. He tells her that she’s his good luck charm the next day, doesn’t quite catch the blush that suffuses her cheeks before he turns away.

But it’s the last day of term and she’s slipping by him in the train corridor and, “Have a good summer, Draco,” she says, hesitates, brushes her lips against his cheek.

He hadn’t quite believed in magic, until then.


Draco’s thirteen.

He’s Blaise’s snickering and Pansy’s knowing looks and jealousy, hot and potent, bubbling like a potion he hadn’t managed to get right in his stomach as Cormac McLagen smirks and smiles and sidles up beside Y/N in the Great Hall during breakfast one day.

He’s thirteen and he’s fucking captivated as snowflakes dust Y/N’s lashes and the wind twirls the ends of her scarf, as she wipes butterbeer from her upper lip and giggles at something that one of her friends whispers into her ear.

“I’ll help you back,” he offers, seizes a chance, when her friends have run ahead of her on the path back to the castle.

And she smiles at him, tucks an arm through the crook of his elbow. Tells him about the trouble she’s been having in Transfiguration lately and if she can’t figure it out her parents will have her head for sure and –

“I can tutor you, if you’d like,” he says, wonders if Blaise had spiked his pumpkin juice with Felix Felicis that morning. Hopes that she can’t feel his heartbeat through the jut of his elbow.

“I’d love that,” she replies.

And he can’t quite believe his luck.


Draco’s fourteen.

He’s library desks cluttered with books and ink blotches, Madam Pince’s furious hushing when he and Y/N forget to be quite. The way light streaks and shimmers around her, distorted as though they’re drowning in the Black Lake.

He’s fourteen and strangely, oddly hopeful as he clasps her fingers, marvels at the fit of her hand in his, shows her the correct hand motion and heart stops, starts, stutters when she doesn’t quite pull away.

“I aced my last test,” she tells him, runs towards him in the corridor, throws her arms around his neck till he can feel her heartbeat crash against his.

“I guess you don’t need a tutor anymore then,” he says. A frown is burgeoning on the cusp of his mouth.

“No, no,” she says hurriedly. “I still do.”

And he isn’t sure why he hasn’t transfigured this, them into something else yet.


Draco’s fifteen.

He’s the firewhiskey on his lips and the castle floor on the palms of his hands as he reaches forward and spins the bottle yes, hopes, wonders, waits as it spins, spins, lands on her, oh yes.

He’s fifteen and he’s the lip-gloss on her lips, the way they crash head on like a train-wreck, a car crash and he doesn’t have an algorithm for this: him, her, the kiss.

Because her mouth fits neatly against his and she tastes like melted sugar, like cotton candy, all soft edges and fluttering pulse points. His eyes are closed and he can’t quite believe/ only he can, he’d rigged the game.

Afterwards, afterwards, afterwards:

He pulls her into a broom cupboard and threads his fingers through her hair, tastes butterbeer on her tongue and feels his tonsils glued together because this is a secret and he can’t quite find the right words to say.

But things are different, they’re different and he holds her hands as he walks her to class, kisses her across the tabletop in Honeydukes and grabs her, twirls her after Quidditch matches. He wraps his scarf around her neck and they pass notes in class, sit at the top of the astronomy tower at night and map out the handful of constellations that they know.

It’s this: him, her, and how he hadn’t anticipated that the winds would change.


Draco’s sixteen.

He’s late night kisses and early morning platitudes, worried questions and, “Draco, I know something’s wrong.” The mark on his arm and the worry that’s coiled tight in his gut as he attempts to keep it covered up.

He’s sixteen and he’s breaking, the world too heavy on Atlas’ shoulders. Because he has a noose around his neck and he can’t do it, can’t, can’t, can’t.

They lose their virginity to each other the night before he’s meant to kill Dumbledore. And it’s like falling through a pensieve to a memory he didn’t know he had; soft lips and rolling hips and gasps, teeth, fingers fit neatly in the groove of her waist.

Here’s how it goes:

A girl, a boy, a tragedy. He’s Icarus and she’s the sun and it’s not her that kills him, oh no, it’s the ocean and melted wax dripping down his back.

He tells her ‘I love you’ before he tells him ‘I have to kill you’.

And there’s a green light and he’s Gatsby and he’s never managed to reach what he wanted, no, has only ever been a cautionary tale.

He’s sixteen and he’s a mistake, a heartbreak, the boy who made all the wrong choices.


Draco’s seventeen.

He’s the shards of a broken chandelier stuck in his mouth, his hands, vocal chords torn to ribbons as lights flash green and screams echo through the hallowed corridors of the manor. The letters he’d sent her that don’t have a reply, the ragged stitches of a heart never meant to mend.

He’s seventeen and the room of requirement is burning around him, life flashing before his eyes, flames licking at his heels. It’s her, her, her. And Crabbe’s gone, the room is charred but it’s not over yet, is never over.

There’s blood on his hands and in his throat when he sees her again. When he grabs her, yells, watches as a Death Eater’s body crumbles to the floor.

Her palm is sweaty against his, breaths ragged and tears sooty.

There’s a war raging around them and he finds that he doesn’t quite care.


Draco’s eighteen.

He’s the faded mark on his arm and the ring in his pocket and the happiness – cautious, unsure, new – that permeates the walls of his new home with her. Because the war is over and the world is still turning.

He’s eighteen and he’s a happy ending, maybe, a fairytale that didn’t quite end with them riding off into the sunset but ended like this instead: him and her and he thinks that that’s all he ever really needed.

Wait For Me To Come Home - Sebastian x Reader - One Shot

Originally posted by mebeingbored1

A/N - Got myself into the little sebby family mood again. Featuring Isabella as always aha.

Sebastian x Reader - You are completely secure in your relationship with Sebastian, until you start reading some articles that make you doubt yourself. Sebastian gets rid of your insecurities by helping you relive some of your memories together.

Warnings: Fluff and angst  - It’s a long one.

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avengers chat

Please don’t hate me for this awfulness I’m about to put on ya dash! I tried my best, my first avengers imagine and avengers chat. -Thai💜(I gottah ting 4 Purple Hearts now)

Prompt: You and Peter are secretly dating, and the team finds out. Lolz good luck with mama Steve n papa tony. Spoiler: Civil War part 2???

Sammy✈️: What did Metal arm do?🙄


Sammy✈️: Sureeee

Cap🇺🇸: He was…

Clint🏹😜: Doing what exactly ;););););)

Bucky❄️: NOTHING


Clint🏹😜: O.o


Nat🕷👄: Lemme guess? Someone step on your suede shoes😂😂😂

Y/N👑: Get to the point Mr.Stank, some of us aren’t old and have lives too live

Sammy✈️: Yeah I think Steve and Bucky have to take their daily naps at 4:30 after they get back from the early bird special.

Clint🏹😜: They defiantly won’t be sleeping ;);););););)

Spidey🕸: Gross, Mr.Stark what seems to be the issue

Cap🇺🇸: We do not hook up…

Y/N👑: mhmmm


Clint🏹😜: You can count me out. I don’t prefer pink lip gloss

Clint🏹😜: Not that I prefer lip gloss at all…

Clint🏹😜: I gotta go…shoot something…..yeah…

Clint🏹😜 had left the chat

Tony👴🏻: WELL?!?!?!?! NAT?!?!?

Nat🕷👄: Lip Gloss ain’t my thing…you sure it isn’t Buckys? His lips are really pink👀👀

Sammy✈️: As much as I hate Barnes, He do got some cotton candy pink lips👀👀👀


Spidey🕸: I mean….let’s go with that.


Bucky❄️: I MEAN

Nat🕷👄: hold up…did he just say

Cap🇺🇸: Bucky…? You use…baby lips??



Y/N👑: WAIT A DAMN MINUTE…Is that where my baby lips went?😑

Bucky❄️: well uh…BACK TO THE COUCH!

Tony👴🏻: For once..I agree with the human terminator…MY COUCH

Cap🇺🇸: Well who else could it be Tony? My innocent Y/N isn’t allowed to wear lip gloss…maybe it was you??

Tony👴🏻:😑really old man? Really?

Nat🕷👄: I mean…maybeee it’s Y/N

Sammy✈️: Speaking of Y/N where is she? And Spidey??



Tony👴🏻: EXCUSE ME?!?

Y/N👑: you guys…



Spidey🕸: Guys…





Y/N👑: Hey Petey…since everyone is fighting wanna go on our date now?


Spidey🕸: sure, baby😘

Y/N👑 and Spidey🕸 has left the chat.

Nat🕷👄: But doesn’t Bucky have a hunk of metal too?

Sammy✈️: Wait…Peter and Y/N got out?


Cap🇺🇸: SHES DATING?!? HIM!?!?

THIS IS A DRAFT TO SEE IF IM GOING IN THE RIGHT WAY SINCE I HAVENT BEEN ON IN YEARS, will be taken down Monday?? Sorry if you don’t like it

Crazy In Love

Originally posted by alex-norma

pairings: stiles x reader; lydia x reader.

warnings: fingering, masturbation (female and male receiving), oral sex (female and male receiving), sex, cursing, slightly daddy kink and mostly NSFW +18. if you’re under eighteen, don’t tell your parents.

a/n: well, this was a first, so I truly hope y'all enjoy it!

word count: 5,2k+

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A Lion’s Pride - Sebastian Stan x Reader - One Shot

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Originally posted by hard-on-for-hiddleston

A/N - So i’m gonna be using the same family if you like from I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa. So the usual Reader, Seb and Izzy.

Sebastian is really not happy when he see’s Tom trying to make a play at his wife. Little does he know it’s not like that at all. Major smut fest ensures.

Jealous Seb x Reader

Warnings: Smutty smut smut.

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Flirt - Theo Raeken

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warnings: swearing, mentions of sexual activities, lotso alcohol so underaged drinking, very belated request
requested by anon! again sorry the request took me forever to get to ya, but i didn’t forget! although I did change some things around… hope you still like it tho

“Kiss me if I’m wrong, but dinosaurs still exist right?”

 You turned from where you stood on the steps of the school, and rose an eyebrow at Theo Raeken.  He winked, bounding up the stairs towards you.  “And how are you this mornings, darling flower?” You rolled your eyes, but let him walk next to you anyways.

 “I am absolutely wonderful now that I have Mr Raeken escorting me into the building.  And you?”

 “Well I do find myself fancying walking with you, flower” He replied.  You laughed to yourself as you headed into the school.

 “Nice chatting as always Raeken.  See you later”

 “Adios Chica”

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(a soft kimberly and trini fic) (6.4 k)

i drowned myself (in your holy water)”

If you ask Kimberly, it started at dawn.

She finds Trini at the quarry before sunrise, face tilted against the pearly gray sky, poised at the crest of jagged rock. She is a masterpiece in silhouette, harsh edges smoothed by cool shadow, baggy pants hanging low on curvy hips.

“Hey,” Kimberly says, voice low, hesitant to disturb the quiet. “Been here long?”

Trini turns toward her, shedding shadow as she steps off the ridge. Her face is suddenly cast in the first rays of morning light, dew catching crystal bright on the toes of chunky, repurposed army boots.

“Just since six,” Trini answers shrugging. “You’re right on time.” She reaches Kimberly all at once, stretching out to tug at the hem of Kimberly’s sweatshirt. “Pink. Cute.”

Kimberly reaches out to box at Trini’s ears, a yellow beanie pulled low over her forehead. “I could say the same thing.”

Trini blocks her halfway there, catching at her wrist with careful fingers, pulling her hand close against her chest. “Watch it, Hart.”

Kimberly would say it started here: with her hand against Trini’s collarbone and Trini’s lips curled into that small, just so smile. Though the landscape is a portraiture in charcoal, a gray sky sweeping low over the horizon, ashen quarry rock stretching to meet it, Trini is a marvel of color.

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anonymous asked:

So I'm really needing some bughead multiple orgasms or denied orgasm smut and I'm blushing so hard as a read this 😳😳😳 the phrase "don't come" does crazy things to me...

Well hello anon! You’re blushing? You should see me after writing this haha

Sorry for the wait on this one! I hope this is sort of what you were after!

warnings: smut. smut. smut. sin. smut. more sin. more smut. I’m going to hell because smut. 

In the Night: 

It’s late; her room shrouded with darkness, the soft pinks and coordinated pastels disappearing into shades of black. Betty likes the nights. She likes the stillness outside her window, the insanity of the town fading away for a few hours as the people slept. The line drawn between the North and South sides of Riverdale ever so stark in the day, blurring into the cloak of ebony; still inherently there, but easier to ignore.  

But there was one thing about the nights that she liked far more than any of its rivals. And that thing was the dark haired boy that climbed through her window as the hours of late night morphed into early morning.

He would clamber through the frame sometimes with a charming smile on his lips and a light in his eyes, sometimes with a deep frown and a tense jaw. Sometimes he would find her with clenched fists and tear stained cheeks, other nights a playful smirk and a teasing comment. His beanie discarded, her hair down they would talk into the next day about school, movies, books and his new home, about civil wars and leather jackets, about well-established facades, jailed fathers, pregnant sisters, and struggling friends.

Sometimes they would lie comfortably on the bed, leaning into each other, subtle brushes of hands on skin or through hair. And other nights-nights like this one- their embraces were much more passionate, their intent far from innocent. On nights like this, they would muffle moans in pillows and necks; make the other writhe as they succumbed to the inferno they had built. Their eyes would meet heady and dark, a breath would hitch, a groan would resound, fingers reaching, filthy words whispered in ears. It was slow and sensual, hot and heavy, fast and passionate; an intricate push and pull of control.

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Loving you.

Request: Hello! If requests are open, may I request a Beverly Marsh x Fem Reader where the reader is the new “girly” girl at school and the moment Beverly sees the readers she’s like “guys help I’m gay” and the rest of the losers club helps Beverly confess and it ends up all fluffy with Beverly and the reader confessing to each other? Thank you, and sorry if this is too much!!

Pairing: Fem!Reader x Beverly Marsh. (2017, Sophia Lillis.)

Fandom: IT (2017)

Warning: Strong language.

Loving you.

It was no lie that Y/N was making boys, and girls alike, swoon. She was beautiful to say the least. Her glossy hair was always done up in pretty styles or left long and flowing. Her eyes glistened the same way her lip gloss did and her outfits were always beautiful on her, it was true, she could pull anything off. She could probably come to school in a trash bag and she could still receive compliments.

Almost everyone in her grade adored her, and this didn’t not leave Beverly Marsh as an exception. Beverly was almost certain she was in love with this new girl who she hardly knew, she adored her so much she had even been questioning how much she liked boys. Which she found to be not that much really.

One fateful day, Beverly turned to the losers’ for some kind of advice, hoping that perhaps they could help her with her sticky situation to which they tried to help her.

“If you like her you should try sending her pictures of your fucking boobs or something.” Richie suggested, to which he gained a whack on the back of the head by Bill, who stood behind him disapprovingly.

“Puh-puh-perhaps try t-telling her you luh-like her?” Bill managed, Beverly didn’t think it would be that simple however. But, she was willing to try anything.

“A poem?” Ben suggested with a kind smile, genuinely wanting to help Beverly with her problem, and Bev found this idea to be superb! She nodded frantically.

“Would you help me with it?” She asked with a gleeful smile, to which Ben nodded contently and the two were off, back to Bens house to work on the poem.


It seemed to Bev like they had been working for hours, writing out drafts and then redrafts until they finally had the perfect piece. They spent another half hour decorating the page and by the end of it Beverly had glitter stuck to her cheek and a bright smile on her face.

It was perfect, in Beverlys opinion. She just knew that Y/N would love it, but giving it to her was another big step. Beverly pushed the poem into an envelope and glued a small ribbon bow to the front of the envelope with Y/N’s name scrawled in heart shaped bubbles.

Beverly knew this was a fail proof plan, pushing the envelope into her school bag, thanking Ben, and walking home for the night. That night Beverly dreamt well.


The day had arrived and Beverlys stomach was in a knot. She walked up to Y/N, who had been at her locker, and slowly pulled the envelope from her bag. She held it out and readied herself for rejection.

Y/N took the envelope from Beverly with a shy smile on her face, tilting her head a little to one side before speaking. “What’s this for?” She asked kindly, opening the paper envelope and slowly taking out the poem.

“Well, its for you, because I, well, I like you?” Beverly managed, her hand over her stomach which seemed to be filled with butterflies in that moment. She swallowed harshly as Y/N began to read the short poem.

Y/N had never looked so deep in concentration, especially as her cheeks began to warm up and her eyes brimmed with tears of happiness. She smiled brightly looking back at Beverly and throwing her hands around her neck, pulling her into a tight embrace.

“I like you too, Bevs.” Y/N exclaimed with all her might, holding Beverly happily and giving her a huge smooch on the cheek.

“Thank you so much for doing all this for me!” Y/N said once again, but Beverly simply couldn’t reply. She was utterly lost for words and unable to comprehend what was actually happening.

{This is really short! I’m so sorry! I had no idea what way to go about this. My imagines have been getting really short but that’s because I took on too many at once, it’s entirely my fault Yall I’m sorry!}


“I don’t know you, girls, but this guy is trouble he is so causing our baby a heartbreak, I mean, the guy can’t even talk.”

Blinking, Derek growled low. Which apparently proved Wig’s point, because she made a flourished gesture in his direction and pursed her red-glossed lips.

“What the hell are you talking about? What baby doe?” He asked, because really there was only so much nonsense Derek could put up with before snapping.

There was a collective sound of snorts and derisive groans around his living room.

“Stiles, you slow thing! Cutie beanpole, baby doe eyes and most perfect cupid’s bow?” Said purple boa, hitting Derek in the back of the head with her accessory. Derek looked at her incredulously, earning nothing back bot a perfectly designed eyebrow up. “Rings any bells?”

Under his breath, Derek muttered that it rang all the damn bells. It was obvious; he should had seen this one coming. Who else in the damned pack knew a bunch of drag queens that were bold and entitled enough to invade his apartment and talk to him like that? He shouldn’t even be surprised and, to be honest, he wasn’t.

Talk about awkward talks by alis

Lena Luthor x reader (Couldn’t stand a chance; not against you)

Request: Can you do a lena x reader : where the reader doesnt think they have a chance with lena because they think that she has feelings for kara but she likes the reader instead 

a/n: so, I guess it’s pretty obvious that I’ve added another component of media to complement the reading experience, and here’s my first ever go at it!!! There’s only so many of the same gifs I can use for these posts tbh, LOL. I am seriously having the time of my life though… It’s so much easier writing this particular style of fan fic and being able to envision so many different lives this way - there’s really so much freedom and I am absolutely loving every moment of it. Thank you all for sticking around and thanks to those who dropped by and read something I’ve written. I truly appreciate every last one of ya :D

this was a really fun one but also a bit challenging. I feel like I’ve taken a bit of a different direction than what I’m usually predisposed to and totally cranked up all the angst I could muster for this… Who knows why I was in such a mood to be an angst monster. I guess I figured this one in particular deserved it. I think I can happily say I’m pretty proud of this one!!

- - - - -

If anyone were to ask you to describe your life, you would perhaps say it’s remained rather happily uncomplicated thus far, and you’d coasted for the better part of the two decades of your happy-go-lucky life. You left high school and the rest of your worries behind, ready for the next chapter in your life.

You messed around a little bit before eventually buckling down to attend a small community college and chase your diploma - much to your pleasant surprise, you somehow you managed to graduate on the dean’s list.

Now, you find yourself starting as a tattoo apprentice, something you absolutely did not go to school for but stumbled upon in a serendipitous stroke of events. Naturally, you said yes to the opportunity when it presented itself.

You’ve come to understand that in life, things more often than not have a long-winded way to go about being; things that are meant to be come to fruition right as you’re ready, and yet they are realized long after you can be aware of what’s happened. Before you know it, you’re changed - and that is the truth of the very reactionary nature of the privilege that is to exist.

As it was, you’re just like anyone else, trying to find the precarious balance of standing out of the way of things you can’t fight with, and taking action for the things you so badly wanted and to fight for them.

Still, you would admit you were a lover more than a fighter - and still you think that’s the shittiest cliche known to mankind. You’ve come to learn that the two aren’t mutually exclusive - you often in fact found yourself dancing on the precipice of both realities at once.

So how on earth possibly were you to know if you would fight for what you love, or love what you want to fight for, or whatever else tired trope have you? You certainly did not know.

It’s a conundrum indeed to be a respectful person, and even more so a challenge to respect yourself enough and to believe you deserve certain guarantees of happiness, just like anyone else.

If you were confronted with the choice of getting what you so deeply wanted in your heart, but doing so would be at the cost of irreparably hurting the one you desired at all, what would you even choose?

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Edmund x Reader: That Lipgloss Tastes Horrible

Anon asked: request for some sort of Narnian seven minutes in heaven with Edmund? I just need more Edmund kisses in my life hahaha

(Y/n) was having a surprisingly pleasant time at the school party. She thought she would be alone or feeling awkward, since Edmund was accepted into the “cool group” since his…transformation. It was the last party of their senior year, so she only thought it right.

         She was just beginning to think that she would want to stay for the whole thing until Edmund suddenly grabbed her wrist out and dragged her away from the conversation she was having with her chemistry classmates.

         "Edmund!“ She complained. "I was having a serious discussion about helium and–”

         "Yeah, yeah, not now. My honor is at stake,“ he replied shortly. She frowned, noticing he seemed on edge.

         "Edmund, what happened?” She asked, stopping and forcing him to do the same.

         Edmund looked around cautiously. She followed his gaze and saw Alicia and Ryan smirking across the room…at them. Her eyes once again snapped to Edmund. “No way,” she growled.

       Alicia and Ryan were known for their “truth and dares.”

       "Oh, come on, (Y/n),“ Edmund whispered. She didn’t know why. The party was too loud for anyone to be listening. "They were so smug when they dared me and I want to shove it in their faces.”

         "Fine, what did they dare you?“ (Y/n) rolled her eyes.

       Edmund turned a deep shade of red. (Y/n) didn’t like where this was going, and could already feel her stomach twisting.

       "Oh goodness, what did you–”

       He grabbed her wrist again and shoved her into the coat closet, climbing in with her. He yanked the small cord and a dim light came on.

     "Edmund, I will kill you!“

     "They dared me to take you into a closet and…um…”

     "Kiss me for seven minutes?“ (Y/n) snapped, though she felt heat in her own face. With the closet blocking out the party sounds, she could hear her heart slamming against her chest. She wondered if Edmund could hear it too.

     She shook her head. Impossible.

     "They don’t need to know if we don’t,” Edmund said, as if he already had this planned.

       (Y/n) breathed in relief. Of course, she was just freaking out. Though she was annoyed by the slight disappointment she was trying to deny.

         She felt a lump in her pocket. She smiled and pulled out the lipgloss her sister forced her to take along. “Remind me to thank my sister later.”

     She smeared the tinted make up on her index and middle finger pressed together.

       "What are you–“ Edmund began. (Y/n) cut him off, pressing her fingers around his lips.

       He shoved her hand away and made a face. "What in the world! This tastes horrible!”

     "Don’t lick it off!“ (Y/n) hissed. "That’ll make it more believable when we walk out in five minutes.”

       "I don’t want to taste it, thank you very much,“ he grimaced.

         (Y/n) leaned against the side of the closet. She just noticed how close they were, even though the closet was fairly large.

       "The dares you accept for the sake of pride,” she sighed shaking her head.

       Edmund ducked his head. His eyes were fixed on the ground. He didn’t look guilty, (Y/n) noticed. He looked…disappointed?

       "You think that kissing me would be that painful, huh?“ He said with a laugh.

         "I didn’t say that,” (Y/n) blurted without thinking. Heat filled her face as she tried to stammer for an excuse.

         Edmund only chuckled. He turned and leaned against the door, making (Y/n) all the more aware of their closing distance. “What if I dared you?”

       He spoke it quietly as if not really wanting her to hear.

       "I would decline,“ she nodded firmly, finally getting her head back from the hazy mush it was in. She hated that he was so close. But she hated more that she could just push him back farther and she wouldn’t.

       "Truth or dare,” Edmund asked suddenly.


         "Just answer!”

         "Truth,“ (Y/n) obliged. He was so strange sometimes.

           "Okay, I really want to kiss you right now.”

           Edmund’s sudden boldness made (Y/n) jump. Did he…but…

       It took her quite a few moments to clear her throat. “Uh…” She began, her hands shaking. “I thought–er–I was supposed to ask, um–”

       She saw Edmund’s eyes grow wide before he slammed a hand to his forehead. “I’m sorry. I don’t know what I was thinking and I just–”

     He reached for the doorknob, obviously attempting to escape the embarrassment.

       Out of instinct, (Y/n) lunged for it, her hand covering his. Her head rammed into his chest. “Ow,” she muttered sorely.

         "What’re you doing?“ Edmund hissed.

         She looked up at him. He was so tall now. Did he grow again? "I…” Her words trailed off when she glanced down at his lips. She mentally slapped herself and brought her eyes back up to his. “You don’t want to lose the bet.”

         "The dare doesn’t matter,“ he said quietly.

         She felt his hand freeze under hers. They were still holding the doorknob. She hoped he didn’t feel her shaking fingers. She looked down at their hands and slowly pried his fingers away from the knob.

         She felt something soft brush his cheek. It took her a moment to realize he kissed her.

         Her head snapped sideways to look at him. They were nose to nose.

         (Y/n) once again glanced at his lips. Her heart was pounding, and her mind was screaming at her to stay still. But she couldn’t.

       She tilted her head slightly causing their noses to brush. Edmund made the next move, closing the distance between them.

       (Y/n) was confused initially, when she felt stickiness. Then she remembered she had smeared her lip gloss all over his mouth. She let out a small chuckle, breaking the kiss momentarily, before cupping his face and kissing him again.

           They were hesitant at first, and (Y/n) could feel his hands barely touching her waist. But a few seconds passed, and he pulled her close to him. Their lips moved smoothly against each other.

       (Y/n)’s brain shut down and all her thoughts turned to Edmund.

     The moment was only broken when the door swung open and the loud music flooded the quiet closet.

       A girl yelped. "I was just–er–getting my coat.”

         Edmund let go of her suddenly and took a step away. He looked red as a tomato when he grabbed the girl’s jacket and handed it to her.

           Judging by the heat in her cheeks, (Y/n) probably looked no better. The door closed again and the two had made a distance between them.

       "Oops,“ Edmund said after a long awkward silence.

         (Y/n) couldn’t help bursting out laughing. Edmund, uneasy at first, joined her.

         "Well, Edmund,” she breathed. “You were right about one thing.”

         "What’s that?“ He smiled at her.

           "That lipgloss tastes horrible.”

  They started laughing again before joining the crowd again. It hadn’t been seven minutes, but neither Edmund nor (Y/n) cared about the dare anymore.


pls enjoy :)


She always had her journal and a pen latched in her hand as she walked in. My eyes always amazed on how someone is always at her beck and call, I mean look at her. The way her hair curls down her back, her hips sway as she avoids bumping into people in the hall, everything about her was so pure. The mix of innocence and sweetness excited me, like she has never heard of a bad word or even said one. She walked to her normal spot in Pius, seat just right to get the amount of sun and warmth, and shadow needed. I liked her from the moment I laid eyes on her. Her skirt rose more just because the way her hips were, and I am not complaining. 

The pen tapped her glossed lips as she thought on her new entry. I could smell her sweet Daisy perfume from across the room. She smiled at me when she saw me, like she knows exactly at this time I’m here, waiting for her. “Hi Calum.” She greeted in her soft voice setting the pen in-between the pages of her journal. “Hey, Violet.” I smiled back. “Out of all people, I never would’ve expected you to be this, fascinated in someone.” She giggled as if it were the funniest thing in the world. “I just like that you have such a desire to write, it is quite fascinating,” I winked causing a deep red to spread across her cheeks. She waved for me to come sit by her, and so I did.

“Since you’re so fascinated that I write, take a look.” She turned a few pages back, letting me read on whatever her mind pondered on.

February 23

I notice all your features. I notice how blue your eyes are, and when they become darker as you become frustrated. how your smile is bright and teeth are white. i notice the way your hands grab the pen you hold when you write and how concentrated you look when doing it. i notice everything it;s scary, and i hope you notice me

your mind is a storm. sometimes it’s dark and scary, the other times its light and beautiful. i wanna know what goes on inside there, what’s its like to think. you have never imagined how one word can mess me up. no matter if it’s an “insult,” or compliment. everything you say comes and stays in my mind and i can’t get rid of it. it burns in my brain and makes my head hurt. i never understand what you say if it’s true or just a joke. i just hope it’s out of care.

i cried over you again today. i cried over how much you hurt me. i cried over how much i wanna yell and scream at you. i cried over how much i want you to love me. i cried how i want you to give me answers on us. and it sucks because you talk to all these other girls yet I’m the one who you hurt the most because whatever you say I’m processing in so many ways and then you say I’m joking, i wanna yell because thats not what you made me feel 2 minutes ago…

She must of noticed on how I got caught up in this because she covered the rest of it with her hands. “That’s enough for today.” She said, her voice was full of sadness. “Violet, I never knew how deep you were.” I exhaled. She half smiled, “It’s a blessing and a curse.” I stood up, grabbing her hand. “C’mon I wanna take you some where I think you’ll like.” I laced my hand with hers, surprised she didn’t let go, but rather caress her fingers in mine. I led her to a spot behind the park that had a bench looking onto a lake. “I come here when I feel sad.” I let go of her hand, going to sit on the bench. She quickly followed me, sitting down clutching her journal with her. “It’s beautiful Calum,” She smiled up at me. 

I wrapped my arm around her as she nuzzled into my chest. “You always seem to fascinate me Violet, rather it be writing or sitting in Pius working on homework.” I spoke her. “I don’t understand why Calum, I’m just an ordinary girl.” She giggled. “You don’t seem normal to me Violet,” I took her chin in-between my fingers. Her eyes glazed over mine, flickering to my lips back to my eyes, mine did the same. I found myself leaning in to kiss her plump lips, and she did the same. Our lips intertwined with each others, and I could taste the peach gloss she always sported. We pulled back after a moment, “Who hurt you?” I asked. She sighed, “It’s a long story, I’m not sure you’d want to hear it.”

I tucked a piece of hair behind her ear, “I have all the time.” She perked up a bit, “Well, my dad abandoned me when I was maybe 10. He left me for weeks with barely anything to eat or drink, so I mostly wandered the streets. I never met my mother, my dad told me she wanted nothing to do with me since I was born, and then my dad and I never grew found of each other. So, I live with my Aunt. She took me in after she saw what my father has been doing to me. I’ve always been scared to be loved or love anyone. Once I got to high school, I met this guy, Josh. I thought he was the one, and I liked him for so long that he eventually gave in and we dated. Once we got to graduation of Senior year, he told me the whole thing was a dare and that he would never love someone like me because we were too “different” and that really broke me. And those writings you read, were about him. It still hurts Calum.” Tears filled up her vision, and she looked down too scared to face me.

I wiped away the tears on her cheek, tilting her head up a bit, “No one should ever feel hurt like that, do you hear me? Violet, I’m so sorry.” She smiled. “It’s ok Calum, I’ve heard the pity and I don’t need anymore of it. Thank you for bringing me here, I needed someone like you.” She looked up at me. “This is why you fascinate me, I never knew.” I kissed her forehead. “It’s really fine. If you really want, we can go back to my place.” She offered. “You think I’m gonna let some pretty girl like you walk alone, you’re not getting rid of me.” I told her letting her stand. “You’re such a dork,” She smiled.


After watching four movies with Violet, I’ve learned a lot about her. Her music ranges from Blackbear to One Direction, her favorite color is white, her favorite book is Milk and Honey, and countless details that I’ve come to love. “I can’t thank you enough for actually spending time with me Calum, it means a lot.” She looked up at me. “You know I would love to do anything that involves you.” I smiled. Her room was more girly than I expected it to be. The walls were white, decorated with pictures of her and her friends. Her bed was white, and the duvet was grey with blue pillow accents. She had a full length mirror that had motivational quotes along the edges, along with her makeup vanity that held everything a girl could ever want. There was a white fuzzy rug that coated the wood floors. “Again, you fascinate me.” I said, pulling her into me. “Again, I don’t see why.” She giggled.

“Violet! Ven por favor!” Someone called from downstairs. “Oh, that’s my Tia. I’ll be right back.” She broke herself from my embrace. “Hola, Tia. Que tal tu día?” I heard her ask. “Ay, good. Quien esta arriba?” “Calum,” She replied. “Quien?” “Un momento.” I heard Violet walk up the stairs. “My Tia wants to see you.” She smiled. “I never knew you were Spanish.” I said, following her down the stairs. “There’s still a lot you have to learn about me Calum.” She winked. “Tia, esta es Calum.” Violet introduced me. “Hola, Calum!” Her Aunt greeted. “You can call me, Sarah.” I casually waved. “Preguntarle si quiere quedarse para la cena.” I find this fascinating. “Do you wanna stay for dinner?” Violet asked. “Sí gracias.” I said. Violet laughed at my basic Spanish skills.

We headed back up to her room. Violet sat on her clear chair with a white pillow that was set at her vanity as I sat across from her. “I never knew you were Spanish.” I said, again. “Yeah, my mom is from Spain, and my dad is from Chile, so I have some Spanish decent in me. I grew up speaking it, and my Tia goes back and forth speaking it, you’ll notice it.” She said. “So is Violet your real name?” I asked. She shook her head no, “It’s Francesca, but I didn’t like the idea of being called Fran, and Violet is what my Tia called me from when I was little because she didn’t think I looked like a Francesca.” She said. “Fascinating, again.” I said. She threw a pillow at me, “get a new word!” “Violeta, Calum cena está lista!” Sarah called. “Let’s go eat!” Violet got up and headed to the kitchen.


“Thanks for everything today Calum, I had a good time.” Violet broke the silence. “I’m never leaving you, I hope you know that.” I told her. I could feel her heart race when I said those words. “Is everything going to go back to normal tomorrow? Me sitting in Pius for hours and you being adored by everyone?” She asked. I sat up pulling her in between my legs, “Are you kidding me? Violet, the moment I saw you, I liked you. And why you fascinate me is because you’re so strong, you know what shit to get done, you’re everything a girl wants, and so much more to me.” I said. She smiled with small tears falling onto her cheeks, “I’ve never been told anything like that before.” I kissed her, making her feel wanted. Her dainty hands wrapped around my neck as I pulled her into my lap. My hands rested on the skin under her sweater. I felt Violets hands grip the fabric of my tee-shirt, my arms reach over to pull her hands away. I shake my head before speaking up, “No, don’t. Tonight is all about you.”

“Just tell me to stop if you want,” I assure her. She smiled, taking her sweater and pulling it over her head. Her breasts spilled out in her white lace bra. “God you’re beautiful.” I told her. “Have you ever been touched here?” I asked her sliding my hand between her legs running my fingers over her cotton panties. The touch was bold but I could tell she liked it by the way her eyes glazed over. She shook her head no. “I never knew how to ask.” My eyes feel to her bare neck that I could easily cover in purple marks. “Well that’s a shame.” I moved my hand back feeling the heat and the little wet spot forming. “I bet you’re sweet.” I whispered looking back up at her. “I guess you’ll have to find out.” She winked. Fucking hell this girl.

I began rubbing circles on her clit, “God I can feel your pussy getting wet.” “Oh my God Calum don’t say that.” She gasped covering my mouth. “That word is degrading.” She whispered. “Well from what I feel down here, it seems as though you like when I say pussy.” I added pressure to my fingers. She moaned at the contact. “What are you doing to me?” She moaned. “I’m gonna make you feel so good.” I whispered. To me her body was like a goddess, her hips nice and curvy, her breasts perky and big, and her ass god I can’t get enough of her. I tapped my fingers on her juicy bottom lip, “Suck.” I ordered. Violet gladly took my fingers in her mouth, coating them. She slid her panties down her legs, her wetness glistened. My finger curled inside her. “Do you think I can add another finger?” I cooed taking her bottom lip between my teeth. “Please.” She whispered before pressing her mouth to mine almost immediately running her tongue along my bottom lips to ask for entrance. She moaned hotly in my mouth when I pushed a second finger inside her. It was a tight fit, but I made it work. “That feels so good.” She moaned with a shaky breath before I sucked on her bottom lip. I quickly discovered my obsession with her mouth. It was just so tasty and pretty to look at.

“Calum, what are you doing to me?” She moaned. “You’re just about to orgasm babe.” I told her, sucking purple and black marks on her neck. “Oh my god, it feels so good.” Her sweet moans filled my ears. “C’mon girl, you can do it. Cum all over my fingers.” I said. Her body shook as her orgasm took over her beautiful body. Violet’s breath was heavy as she pulled up my shirt. “I’ve always found your tattoos attractive.” She said, tracing the inked skin. Her nails raked down my arms making me groan. She began undoing my belt buckle and unzipping my pants. “You’re gonna have to help me because I’ve never had a cock in my mouth before.” I moaned at the way the words came out of her mouth. She dropped to her knees, “It’s so hard.” She whispered struggling to get the zipper down. After she finally got it down, her warm hand dipped into my boxers firmly gripping my cock. Pre-cum was smeared all over the head. Without me saying a single word she swirled her tongue around the head of my cock licking it off.

“Fuck.” I swore throwing my head back. Her tongue ran down my length taking as much of it as she could. “Teach me.” She said, running her lips to the head of my cock. “You’re doing pretty good without me.” I said. She smirked a little to herself, taking my cock in her mouth again. Her hand came up and began stroking immediately. “Look at me.” I instructed. Her eyes looked up at me. She sucked hard starting to bob her head up and down starting to get the gist of giving head. She hummed around me keeping her tongue on the under side. She continued to suck on the tip and stroke the rest. “Shit Violet.” My hands ran through her hair, guiding her up and down my cock. “Fuck, I’m gonna cum Violet.” I moaned. Her actions sped up, her hands working with what she couldn’t fit in her mouth. “Such a good girl.” I said. I grab her chin, making her face my eyes.

Her eyes were locked on mine and I pulled her on the bed. “Now what can I do?” She asked, almost oblivious to what just happened. “You know what else you can do? You can come up here and let me feel that beautiful pussy around my cock.” I said, my voice filled with lust. “Good, ‘cause I want you like crazy.” She smiled before kissing me. Violet laid back on her bed, ready. I towered over her, drinking in her body. “You ready baby?” I said, positioning myself in front of her entrance. “Always.” She said. Her hips grinded with mine. “God, Calum.” She moaned. One of her hands held onto the head board as the other held onto my bicep. “Fuck Violet, you feel amazing.” I said picking up my speed. “Shit, whatever you keep hitting, feels really good.” Her mind was going into a frenzy. Her moans sounded like music to my ears. None of her quiet self, it was much more vocal. “Calum, I’m gonna cum.” She moaned, her back arching slightly as I continued to hit her g-spot. Her nails raked down my back, filling up with euphoria.

“Come on pretty girl, cum for me again. Cum all around my cock,” My words edged her on. “Oh my god, oh my god!” She yelped. “Atta girl.” I moaned, feeling her walls clench around me. The pleasure was too raw. “Fuck,” I moaned pulling out of her. “I didn’t expect that.” She giggled. My hands massaged her breasts, her humming. 

“You’re gonna be my favorite prized possession.”

Touchy Feely

Hi! Can you write an imagine with theo where he is really needy like always wants to hold you and kiss you , cuddle with you , sleep on your chest , make you sit on his lap even there are empty seats? I mean i think its so cute. I don’t know. I hope you write it. Love u 💓

Hello hunny! I would love to write this it sounds so cute and I love Theo :D I hope it’s what you had in mind and I hope ya like it <3

Also let me know if you want a part two kinda thing? 


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“Please Lydia, I completely forgot it was due today! It’ll never happen again I promise” you pleaded with your strawberry blonde haired best friend, your puppy dog eyes popping more than they ever have before. Lydia released a short sigh, flipping her hair over her shoulder as she turned to talk to you “Oh please.” She began with a tilt of her head “You never forget your homework, even I have asked you for an assignment or two before, so what were you doing last night that was much more important?” she pressed with a devilish smirk filling her perfectly glossed lips. Your face immediately reddened, your eyes now avoiding Lydia’s “I don’t know what you mean” you lied terribly through your teeth. She opened her mouth to speak, doubt filling her face as she knew you were lying, but something stopped her; Her eyes drifted from yours to something behind you, and then you felt him. Muscular arms wrapped around your waist, pulling you flush against the body behind you as you then felt his head rest itself in-between your shoulder and neck. You didn’t have to turn to know who it was. Your faces red tint only darkened as you fell into the man’s warm embrace causing Lydia to once again smirk “Never mind.” She started in a sing songy voice “I just found my answer”. She stared at the two of you for a moment before handing you a piece of paper labeled ‘Economics Homework’ “See you in third Y/N. Bye Theo” she acknowledged, giving you a knowing look before sauntering off to go socialize with Scott and Stiles, leaving Theo and you alone. You felt a hot breath on your neck and the curve of a smile pressing into your jawline “Hey babe”. You felt a spark ignite throughout your entire body as you turned to make eye contact “Was that necessary?” you questioned with a playful tone, tilting your head into his touch. He quickly maneuvered your position, twisting your body so that your back was now placed firmly against some lockers. A smirk appeared on his lips as he seemed to fake ponder for a moment, his hand snaking around your waist “I think so, yes” he replied quite surely of himself, leaning down to capture you in a long overdue kiss. Your head began spinning upon the contact, your hands reaching up to entangle themselves in his hair. Theo and you had begun dating five months ago, but that didn’t stop him from making your knees weak and your mind go all fuzzy. He pressed his body against yours in an attempt to get as close as he could, nibbling lightly on your lower lip to send shivers throughout your entire body and as if on cue, the bell for your first period rang loud and prominent in both of your ears. It took some effort to push the boy off of you, your hands placed firmly on his chest “I gotta get to class Theo” you grumbled, not really wanting to do anything of the sorts. He scoffed at your attempt yet he pulled away, settling for his hand intertwined in yours as he began to walk you down the hall “Were not done here” he reminded in a gravely tone, stopping in front of your class to give you one last kiss. “Are we ever?” you questioned teasingly, jumping on the tips of your toes to kiss the boy goodbye.


Your eyes began to flutter rapidly, attempting to keep themselves open and your mind and body awake, but that sure as hell wasn’t working. Your groaned silently to yourself as you switched positions in your desk, leaning your head on your left palm and glancing up at the teacher tiredly. You had made it all throughout the school day, so why the hell could that last bell not just ring. Finally, in the longest span of thirty minutes of your life, you were set free by the dinging of the school bell. Snapping yourself awake you were the first person out of that class, running your hands through your hair the second you made it to the hallway. You began your walk to the school parking lot with a new-found pep in your step, not even noticing the boy that was now at your side “Hey Y/N” he greeted a bit nervously. You glanced over where you heard the voice, a smile now on your face “Oh hey Liam!” you greeted happily. Liam was one of your best friends, besides Lydia, he was always nice to you but when it came to video games the two of you were mortal enemy’s due to how competitive you were. He seemed to gain a smile at your perkiness “Someone’s happy” he commented with a quiet snort. You took this opportunity to loop your arm through his “Well my dear boy” you began, overexaggerating your tone “You see, the last bell has finally rung and I now have the chance to go home! Where I can put on sweatpants, make some cookies and not move for the rest of the weekend”. He laughed heartily at your reply, shaking his head as he opened the door to the parking lot for you “Sounds like you have your whole weekend planned out”. You nodded once and turned to him “I need a break from this week”. Your eyes scanned the parking lot until you found what you were looking for, Theo’s beloved truck “Anyway” you began, losing contact with the boy as you took your arm back “My couch is waiting for me and I would hate to worry it” you teasingly hummed, making your way down the school’s steps “I’ll see you Monday”. Liam repeated your goodbye, claiming he’d see you Monday and ask you all about your thrilling weekend which caused you to laugh and mosey on your way. Finally reaching Theo’s truck you made your way over to the driver’s side, your arms resting themselves on the open window, your head peering in “Well hello Raeken” you greeted, pushing yourself a bit further to give him a peck on the lips. He quickly returned your affection before placing a hand on your cheek “How was the rest of your day baby?” he asked sweetly, his thumb grazing circles on your cheek. You thought for a moment before drawing to your answer “Boring as hell” you replied, “But now it’s your chance to make it better” you reminded with a wiggle of your eyebrows. He chuckled at your response and drew you in for another kiss, this one lasting a bit longer than the first “Then hop in, a relaxing evening awaits us”. With that you didn’t waste any time from leaving the driver’s side to skipping over to the passengers, getting in and buckling up, Theo wasting no time to reverse and speed out of the crowded lot. The second he was on the road he settled the wheel with one hand, the other one resting on your upprt thigh “So, what are our plans?” he questioned you, already fully knowing what you would say. Your eyes left the passenger side window as you turned to look at him,” Nothing” you requested pleasurably with a giddy shake of your shoulders. He laughed at your childish response and squeezed your thigh “You get the blankets I’ll start the popcorn” he assigned, speeding up a bit in order to arrive to your house faster. Once the two of you arrived you waited for him to walk over to your side to open the door for you “M’lady” he mocked playfully, taking a hold of your hand and helping you out. The two of you went to work fast, Theo having the food ready before you could even drag down the first blanket from the upstairs cabinet “Someone works fast” you teased, throwing the supplies down on the couch. He shrugged his shoulders, walking over with two bowls in his hands “Didn’t want to keep my kitten waiting”. You crinkled your nose happily in response, moving over to the couch after he had sat down. You were about to sit next to him when you felt his hands firmly around your waist, guiding you to a seat on his lap. You settled in quickly, your head falling to lean on his shoulder “There’s an entire couch” you reminded, referring to his chosen seating position. He quirked one eyebrow “What’s your point?”. You laughed quietly before he closed the space with a kiss, wasting no time to prove you were his. The kiss was deepened as he leaned towards you, needing more contact. You drove that boy crazy, any moment he wasn’t touching, holding or kissing you was a waisted moment in his mind; He loved you more than he could even comprehend. “Theo” you mumbled against his lips, his fingers ceasing rubbing your back. “Hm?” he returned, peppering your face with a hundred little kisses. You tilted your head back slightly “The movie” you reminded with a quiet hum. He groaned more at himself then at you, ceasing his constant affection and settled for resting his forehead against yours “Yeah, yeah”. You giggled with adoration and affection, placing a kiss on his nose before the two of you began to settle, Theo moving to lay on his side, pulling you along with him, nestling his face into the crook of your neck. You shimmied as close to him as you could, sighing in content as his arm curled around your waist “You’re clingy” you playfully stated accusingly. You felt his smile press to the side of your face before he very quickly replied “Just keeping a hold of what’s mine”. Intertwining your legs you smiled “I love you”. He pressed a sweet kiss to the side of your face “I love you too babygirl”


REQUEST: stalker!patrick. so maybe he’s obsessed with the new girl in derry, creeps her out heaps, he notices she’s becoming close/flirty with a boy (maybe henry lol but thats up to you) and hes PISSED, because she is HIS property, so one day she’s walking home and he follows her, the parents arent home, NSFW content begins to boil~~ i will give you my entire life if its a super long story, this massive patrick fanfic shortage is destroying me, i love u btw, thanks for blessing us w/ ur writing.

A/N: pls don’t slut shame y/n for wanting a lil’ makeout here and there, girls are allowed to want those things too without being called sluts !!!! let your little hearts enjoy making out as much as the next boy does !!!!

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