gloss rp

avalon high sentence meme

feel free to change the pronouns and things to fit your muse!

  • “i bet when i was four, i wasn’t dreaming about medieval combat.”
  • “wow, nerd in the locker. how original.”
  • “you seem pretty clumsy.”
  • “______, are you admitting we’re finally friends?”
  • “you’re a great athlete, everyone knows that!”
  • “did you want to come over for some burgers? just as friends. so it’d be like…like a friend-burger.”
  • “there’s a party at my house after friday’s game. you should come.”
  • “give it up, you obviously like that girl.”
  • “when i’m at yale and you’re in jail, i’ll be sure to tell everyone how cool you are.”
  • “you’re kind of perfect.”
  • “_____ and i are just meant to be together.”
  • “you took off so early from the party. didn’t you have fun?”
  • “if you know what’s good for you, you won’t say anything to ____.”
  • “just keep your mouth shut and stay out of my way. or else.”
  • “it’s like we were already friends before we met. does that make any sense.”
  • “i’m already enough of a nerd. the last thing i need is something else making me different.”
  • “evil doesn’t even begin to describe _____.”
  • “we have to tell _____ so he can defend himself!”
  • “wake up! say something!”
  • “you have to believe me! i did not cheat!”
  • “it takes a lot of courage to do what you do. and you do it all the time.”
  • “okay, lie down. i think you hit your head.”
  • “you’re the one everyone’s been waiting for.”
  • “your destiny is to change the world.”
  • “sorry for all the things i did to you.”
  • “don’t touch her!”
  • “i don’t kidnap teachers, i suck up to them.”
  • “quick, _____, lip gloss.”


  • NAME: Naomi
  • CODENAME: Gloss
  • AGE: 20
  • GENDER AND PRONOUNS: Female or Non-Binary, UTP
  • FACECLAIM: Madelaine Petsch
  • STATUS: Available

>> :// BIOGRAPHY …

At some point in your childhood you should have been told No. Whether it be your mostly absent father or the entourage of nannies that were employed to help raise you, no one lifted a finger to impose rules on you. Your every whim was granted in the quest of having a placated darling daughter, a smiling shining baby girl who would never need to worry a day in her life. What you should have learned in responsibility was handed to your older brother, leaving nothing for you to worry your pretty little head about. As long as you stay out of the path of any major scandals, you’re allowed to do whatever you’d like with your life. The platinum credit card you’re given when you enter high school cements your status as the one to be friends with: the dazzling starlet of your class. Still, someone should tell you to get a grip on reality, to consider that the world doesn’t revolve around you for a few moments, but no one does. Your birthday parties are the most well-attended events every school year, even if your parents can’t always make them. Your brother leaves you nice voicemails, trying to tell you that they mean well, but you’ve convinced yourself to not care, so long as someone else is there to lavish you with the attention you missed.

As far as you’re considered you’re the princess of your empire, and no one challenges you for the crown. There’s a parade of boyfriends, a clique of friends, shopping after school and spa treatments on the weekends. If anyone was to ask you what your family did, all you could do was point out your last name and hope they made the connection. Your father is investing in tech startups, you try your hardest to listen to him, but most of the time he just leaves you with a present and a kiss dropped on the top of your head. Your uncle talks about upcoming board elections for some school, something that should never stick in your mind, but does regardless. They all blur together into stories of nothing, of adulthood, something you’ve sworn off. If being an adult means taking responsibility for a company and investing in a 401.K then you’re absolutely fine putting on another coat of lipgloss and making sure that your skirt is hemmed to just the right length. You’re supposed to be a fantasy, sparkling and unachievable for all those around you, or that’s the image that you decide to put all your time into.

The only thing you’re not supposed to do is cause the family embarrassment, and for nineteen years you’re nothing but a glimmering girl, distracting but harmless. That is until you meet Mr. DuPont at a charity fundraiser you’re just a little too young to be attending. He’s a man of the world, charming and clever. He’s everything you’re looking for, except for the tiny hitch that he’s married. Which doesn’t stop the two of you from beginning a whirlwind affair, even though it should. You’re much younger than his wife, all youth and innocence he tells you as he presses kisses into the curve of your neck in different hotel rooms. Of course, you had to get caught eventually, you’ll never know who gave up your love— but one thing is certain: it’s going to be a scandal. You’ve ruined your reputation for anyone who cared to pay attention, and worse, you’ve disappointed your parents. But your uncle comes to the rescue, offering to secure you a place at the Hudson Institute. You don’t have any of the skills to make it there, but what’s important is that you’ll be out of the way before the storm can hit your family. Which means that you’re not going to talk to anyone from your old life any time soon, but it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve learned your lesson.


PEARL & ARIES. They look exactly like the kind of people you would have wanted around you before coming to the Institute, and luckily you all gravitate towards each other. The hierarchy established has you at the bottom, but with a few clever maneuvers you’re hoping to reestablish yourself as princess of this new domain. Although, they both seem one step ahead of you with every play you try to make. Being third best to a movie star and politician’s child isn’t as bad as you originally thought it was; after all, sometimes a powerful clique can do just as much work as a single person. At least that’s what you’re starting to convince yourself. 

CARBON. This is a school, and for that there’s going to always be someone that gets teased. You didn’t single them out for any particular reason, really it could have been any one of the nerds who came here to start working on the next super computer. It was his enthusiasm that drew you to him, a neon target painted on his back to let everyone know who the loser was going to be in this class. You’re not going to admit that you picked the wrong person to bully, not even when his group of friends tells you to knock it off, not even when he takes it all in good humor. You’ve never been wrong before; it’s not going to start now.

VIPER. You’ve spent a lifetime perfecting your persona, and for some nobody to think they can glance at you and tear it down is unacceptable. For all they know, you don’t even have anything hiding behind this mask, maybe it’s just who you are. So long as they continue to try and poke at you, you’re going to push back. Even though sometimes you’re curious what they would be like as a friend, one thing is certain: people don’t disrespect you, and if they try then they learn a lesson. Just because they can paint doesn’t mean they’re excused from this rule.