Aurora went exploring and discovered a market bearing fresh fruits and vegetables. She decided to try her hand at bartering, and managed to sell her meager fish for a few coins which she used to buy seeds to plant. The nice woman also mentioned she needed help selling the fruits and vegetables and offered Aurora a job.

On the way home, Aurora spoke to strange man with a large beard who offered her a sleeping cot of sorts. Aurora was not one to ignore such kindness!


Being self-employed as a gardener suited Aurora quite well. She was making more money selling her organic produce to the young local health-conscious types than she had been making at the grocery store.

She found herself with enough prosperity to afford four entire walls! Her favorite part of the inside of her new house was a fish she had caught herself and had mounted on the wall. It didn’t look like most fish, and thus must’ve been very rare.

She thought a good name for it was “Harold”.

Having earned more of Setra’s currency through her new job peddling fruits and veggies, Aurora’s boss suggested she visit a local ‘flee-market’. Aurora was reluctant at first. 'Flee-market’ sounded sinister - why would someone be running from a market??

She was glad she finally worked up the courage to visit. Her home now included a privacy wall of plywood, a cold food chest with a complicated name she couldn’t recall, some lively chairs, and a magic lantern!

Aurora was very proud. She even decorated with a colorful picture of a human.


Before long, Brie was looking more grown up as well, and Jimmy began to try and finagle treats out of the youngest member of the family. He was convinced that if he stared at her with enormous puppy eyes for long enough, she would take pity on him and give him a biscuit.

Brie knew better than to let that fluffy oaf distract her from homework.

(Brie rolled “Friendly” to go with “Good” and “Virtuoso”. Her favorite color is black, so I’ve decided she’s vaguely gothy.)


Aurora waited a day before calling Neal. She was pleasantly surprised when Neal remembered her, given his state of inebriation the last time she saw him. He invited her to a party that evening.

The party consisted of Neal and a strangely pale, toothy friend of his. Aurora was not sure if Neal was counting his two dogs as being part of the party too, but she suspected so.


Aurora told the bartender her friend wanted “something strong that did not taste strong”, and the bartender shrugged and told her he’d whip up a “Sim Isle Iced Tea”. She hoped this would cover up any more of her obvious quirks.

Neal drank his drink rather quickly, and when he was finished they danced…and danced…and danced. Neal’s dances became increasingly silly, but Aurora didn’t mind. He seemed to be having a great time (and was awfully good looking, which helped).

At the end of the night, Neal went to call a taxi, and told her with a large heartfelt grin, “Roroaro - Oror - Aurereo, you’re the bester dancer ever!! Call me sometime, please!”

He handed her his business card. On the back he had scribbled his home phone number, and what appeared to be a doodle of a dog with five legs.

“Just go for it. Talk to him,” Lory would’ve urged her in this situation. Thus Aurora went for it, managing to catch the handsome young man’s attention inside Bubble Bass.

“Hello! My name is Aurora, and I saw you outside. I request that we spend some time together and perhaps dance in a saucy and mildly risque manner?” She phrased the last bit as a question, hoping to come off as polite and not entirely crass.

The young man began laughing as though she had told an amazing joke. “Ha ha ha!! Well my name is Neal, Miss Aurora, and sure, we can get to know one another. Just promise me you’ll get me one of whatever you just had to drink.”

Aurora was not actually drunk, but figured this was not a bad response, all considered.


Makeover was such a descriptive term. Aurora hardly looked like herself afterward, she thought, but she did look more like the other modern people that lived in the city. Was this attractive? The stylist, a man who spoke like a woman, assured her she looked “fierce”.

Aurora hoped this didn’t mean she looked predatory.

She complimented Lory on her new dress and sleek hair and then asked if she looked ok. Lory assured her that “the douchebag from that other night will totally see what he missed out on”.  Aurora decided not to ask what a douchebag was.


Marriage existed in a similar fashion in Aurora’s old homeland, though Setra’s version seemed much simpler: in Setra, you needed only a ring and a question. Aurora preferred Setra’s version, as it seemed to involve fewer political maneuvers and goats.

At any rate, Aurora had fallen for Neal, and decided to pop the question on a beach date under the stars. Neal squealed and told Aurora that his dogs would be so excited for him.

“Lory! I went to the club by myself and it was terrible!! I tried to make jokes with a man and he said they weren’t funny and he called me frumpy! Frumpy is bad, isn’t it? He made it sound like frumpy was bad.”

“Frumpy?! Pfft. Whatever, it sounds like he was a douche. Hey…I have an idea! Why don’t we go to the salon tomorrow and get makeovers? It’ll be a girl’s day, and then we can show THAT loser who’s frumpy.”