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Hasn't there been enough of people calling Lenalee abusive? It's like everyone finds any reason they can to hate her. Allen, Kanda, and Lavi all act the same way she does and have the same amount of anger, if not more. Why is it okay for Lavi to break windows out of rage or for Kanda to hurt people but it's bad if Lenalee gets angry because a friend of hers basically tried to kill himself and she was worried about him?

I have never seen anyone call lenalee out for being abusive or just.. not being a good friend. She means good but she is not the kindest one all the time. I have indeed seen posts calling her out for crying too much only because she is a girl, in which I agree is just stupid because a girl can cry as much as guys can.

But if I have to be honest.. I have seen her (physically) lash out on the other 3 main guys much more, than the main 3 guys at the others in the whole series.

Lavi has indeed 1 time got very angry and smashed a window, but he did not hit her and immediately stopted yelling/calmed down when he noticed that everyone in the room looked at him. Other than that moment I don’t remember him getting angry or lashing out, most of the time when he does feel negative he stays silent.

Allen gets angry at times but doesn’t really lash out. For example he can be angry at Lavi for taking his food but doesn’t hit him or punches him so hard that Lavi can’t feel his body anymore. No he just pranks him back (like the wasabi scene in Gray Log). He does fight with Kanda, but that’s because he KNOWS that Kanda can take it, and Kanda doesn’t mind. Them fighting or sparring each other is the only real outlet they have without holding back. Yet they still respect each other and don’t cross each others boundaries.

Allen also NEVER gets angry at women, the only one time that he did was when he yelled at Lenalee for holding him back when the akuma was about to explode (their mission in Miranda’s town). Even after that Allen apologized for his behaviour yet Lenalee made such a big scene and said that his actions hurted her. She didn’t even brought him somewhere private to talk it out and even try asking him herself on WHY he wanted to save that exploding akuma? ‘’Why did you want to save it? We kill akuma’s so why trying to kill yourself for nothing?’’.. she never even tried to ask. She just made a whole scene in public and made Allen feel guilty for his action. 

Kanda is mostly all bark and barely bite. Which is a wonder because at the start of his life he always yelled at Alma and calls him out stuff but never punched him (except that one moment where they both fought each other until their limbs fell out). And later on he never hit/hurt or even yelled at Lenalee, from when she was a lil kid until now. Lenalee sees Kanda like his own brother. And you know how Lenalee handles her brother. She loves Komui but she doesn’t hold back kicking him so hard that he might get a concussion. And even though we have not seen her harm Kanda as much as Komui in the series, she does still hurt him, even if it is out of ‘’(sisterly) love’’.. and we know she doesn’t hold back against Kanda because she knows that Kanda is much stronger than Komui. He has accepted every punch and kick and yell from her but never harmed her himself. Kanda never really hurted people. Yes he pushed/shoved people away hard or yelled or even threaten them with Mugen. But he never hit or actually cut someone down. And he does fight with Allen, but just as I wrote above, he knows that Allen can take it and they both don’t have to hold back yet they still respect each other and give each other space when needed.

AND Lavi even calls Kanda ‘’Yuu’’ even though Kanda told him not to call him that a million times. Even then Kanda never really hurts Lavi for that, he only yells at him and threatens to cut him. And it’s a wonder that he never lashed out because of that, because his first name might even remember/trigger him too much of his past and he wants to leave his past behind. And speaking about his past, Kanda has also had a horrible one. Even worse than Lenalee. Yes she was kidnapped and taken by force. But she luckily has not been experimented on and she had protection of Jerry, the Matron, and probably even from other scientists and/or even finders, and got protection from Komui too when he joined the order. Kanda did not have someone to protect him. Yes Alma cared about him and tried to help as much as he could, and even some scientist cared about both Kanda and Alma.. but they also manipulated him and he was experimented on so horribly and so much. But even then. No one uses his past as an excuse for his bad behaviour. Even with all the horrible things Kanda went through, he still doesn’t hurt others. And he, and the fandom, never uses his horrible past as an excuse to hurt others or for it to be justified..

Yet for example down here we see canon material of how Lenalee is. Kanda did NOT want to model. If someone says no, it means no. Yet Lenalee is like a sister to Kanda and I know for sure that if she kept asking him to model a few times.. he would eventually say yes just so she will stop asking him. YET we see here that she obviously used such brute strength that it makes KANDA bleed from his mouth.. just to make Kanda do something he initially said no to. 

And I just don’t like this potrayel or ‘’girl power’’ or ‘’female empowerment’’ it’s not even ‘’cute’’.. it’s just horrible behaviour. There is a difference about comical relief and just straight up hurting someone so bad that they bleed and and have a hard time moving. And now imagine this. If Lenalee were a guy and Kanda a girl.. would this still be okay? Would this still be cute or ‘’sibling love’’? No people would lash out and say that male Lenalee is abusive to female Kanda. So why is the other way around fine? And also ask yourself this.. would you like or even accept to have a friend to hurt you so bad like this? Not really right..

And the other bad behaviour was when Allen was about to leave the order, Lenalee flew all the way to him and asked ‘’where are you going?’’ but when he said that he is going to leave .. she told him to stay? Like.. really? Did she really think that the order would accept him with open arms and be nice to him? No. They would call him out for treason and even tie and hold him in a much tighter and confined place where no one can ever reach him, or even (threaten to) kill him. She never really thought about that? She didn’t even say something like ‘’I respect you leaving and I understand.. but I can not follow you.. I can not leave my brother..’’. IF she atleast said something like that.. that’s just more realistic than begging him to stay for his death and then break down infront of him, in which he feels guilty about, and then ALLEN is comforting LENALEE. Allen is comforting Lenalee in a situation where Allen COULD DIE and tries to calm her down. And when he does leave she reaches for him and acts as if her whole world broke down. She didn’t even stand up and face him saying ‘’goodbye’’ and ‘’goodluck out there’’. No she just made Allen’s last memory of her a bad memory and this memory will fill Allen with guilt for leaving the order.

Even till now I have NEVER seen a posts about people calling Lenalee out for her bad behaviour or even called out her flaws. I have indeed seen people calling her a drama queen who cries waay too much (and even then you can see that they come from the kind of people who get annoyed at all female characters that cry) but even I find that stupid. Girls can cry as much as guys can and visa versa. 

But the whole fandom do call out all the male characters out on their flaws. Allen, Kanda, Lavi, Tyki, Link, Cross, Neah, Mana, and probably even more. And they STILL love them. They still love these characters and try to make content where they don’t ignore their flaws. They can bring out the best of them and also show their true flaws.

The only female character I have seen from the fandom calling out her flaws is Road, but even then they call her a sadistic demon who loves to hurt others, and even this is over the top. Indeed in the beginning of the series she seemed like that but over time you don’t see her like that anymore. The fan content has become much better of her WITH her flaws, yet some people still potray her as a sadistic demon who doesn’t care about others at all (in fics or art).

And even with Lenalee I have even seen people making fanart or even write fics normalizing Lenalee’s actual bad behaviour.. They accept her threatening her male friends (and never to her female friends) with kicks and hits or saying that if they don’t do as she says, that she will tell Komui that they did something to her or touched her inappropriately and that Komui WILL hurt them. AND EVEN THIS is not canon!? I don’t remember Lenalee saying something like this in canon yet some people make her worse by making her like this.

There are only a few rare fics that actually potrays Lenalee as a good character without making her lash out or threatening the guys with either her kicks/fists or with Komui.. but still show her flaws. I have seen content where Lenalee is more like a human being with actual flaws and not some kind of goddess. And that’s the Lenalee I like more. A girl who is nice but does have flaws but still tries to be a good friend and does NOT hurt someone with her kicks or fists.

I just don’t like the Lenalee that threatens to hurt someone of they don’t do as she says, in canon or fanon, and don’t even call her out for it. (Or even threatens the guys with Komui.. by saying that she will tell him that they touched her inappropriately?? Again.. I have never seen her do that in canon yet so many potray Lenalee like this) You can call out a characters flaws and still love them. So many people in our fandom love all the male characters and accept their flaws. They still make content of them in their best but also show their flaws and sometimes even portay them better than canon in a realistic way.

Why can’t people do the same with Lenalee? Don’t make her the softest and sweetest out of all of them, and then also make her the mother hen, and make her only cry and hurt the guys with her fists and call it ‘’though love’’ or even threaten them with Komui. But make her a realistic person who can be kind but can also make mistakes. Someone who might get angry too fast but then apologies after she noticed her behaviour AND that she was actually in the fault. Let her become angry and let her fight. But don’t make her genuinly hurt her own friends with her fists/kicks, and make them feel guilty by her tears, and say that she does that out of love.. There are a few rare Lenalee’s that fan artists/writers shows her more humanly and real without hurting her own friends and is even better than canon.

I understand that you might have gotten upset and thought that my reply on that question was hate.. but this was something that bothered me so much that it was ignored by both canon and the fandom. But sadly this is with a lot of main female characters. I have seen so many female characters who get angry so fast and hurt their own friends so bad.. yet media shows this as ‘’girl power’’ and ‘’female empowerment’’. This kind of behaviour has been added for comical relief and has been normalized in media with many other series and fandoms that I might not even know of. You can still call out a characters flaw and still love them and sometimes even make better fanon version of them than canon.

But I wish that canon would potray Lenalee much better instead of someone who gets angry too easily and hurts others too extremely. For either plot or comical relief. But I also wished that the fandom didn’t ignore her flaws and call her non-problematic. Lenalee does have much potentional. Yet we never seen any good plot or actual improvements of her. The only badass moment we got of her was when she was fighting the level3 akuma.. but after that she just.. mellowed down.. she promised that she will train and become stronger but we still haven’t seen any of that. And I don’t like it that Gray Log is trying to prove that she is actually doing something, when they don’t even show her trying to improve herself in canon/the manga. Show her actually training. Show her trying to find her way. Show her trying to do something for herself. Show her trying to get better and stronger. Show her as someone who tries to get better and notices her own mistakes and tries to fix them on her own.

Allistics be like

Autistic people: *breathe*
Allistics: “1! StOp GlOryfInG aUtIsMs!!!1”
Autistic people: “I personally don’t want a cure”

Allistic people: “BuT AuTiSmS is BaDD!!!!111”

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hey I just wanted to give you a quick thank you for like, not gloryfing that few asks about unhealthy male x male relationships. I'm gay myself and seeing how gay relationships are so often toxic and abusive and no one cares because it's "hot" to some makes me just... sad I think. so anyway, sorry for my little long thank you but thank you!

I’m glad you appreciate it! I’m tired myself of people overromanticizing all unhealthy behavior, and especially when it fetishizes LGBTQ+ individuals. (I’ve had friends in the past who do this, and it was especially disappointing as they were bi/pansexual themselves)

Marcus headcanons

he has some football player haircut if you know what i mean? shaved sides, long at the top to the point where he could do a small bun or just put a fuckton of of gel in it. he does the latter

ok so this doesnt really make sense in the no endgame au but he has a tattoo of the minoan symbol bc hes very proud of that

he has a jawline sharp enough to cut the haters in case he forgot his knife (which he wouldnt but.) the rest of his face looks actually not that “”“manly”“”

ok this is kinda canon but he often runs around shirtless, annoying all his friends “jesus megalos, why do u even own shirts if you never wear em anyway” “what? im hot” (((in a joking tone that implies he means attractive))) “…” “you know i am”

his humor: so much sarcasm, self deprecating and self gloryfing stuff, no one, not even himself is sure if he’s serious or ironic with his bad jokes, flirting etc

doesn’t care about school, except the few subjects he’s interested in

active but surprisingly lazy

Just wondering why...

As someone who likes very dark things, including dark fiction and dark fictional characters and has zero problems in admit it (hell, I can’t lie, my own blog is very dark and my second blog is even darker) I often think of said characters and the reactions they provoke on the audience. Recently I watched Jessica Jones and the dynamic between the main protagonist and her nemesis reminded me to the dynamic presented on Hannibal, one of my favorite shows. Besides the fact that both mind-controlling Kilgrave and cannibal Hannibal Lecter are well-dressed European men with very expensive tastes, they share another traits:

-Both of them are labeled as “sociopaths”.

-Both of them are very charismatic and manipulative.

-Both of them have a traumatic childhood event that never are used as a excuse for their present actions, however the people around them/audience are constantly wondering if that traumatic event made them the “monsters” they are now. The Nature vs Nurture Dichotomy.

-Both of them develop an obsessive interest on their counterparts, that one person they believe can understand them and matches them, and they will do anything to get reciprocated said interest.

-Both of them have killed people in the most horrifying ways without remorse.

So I’m here wondering why, after finding these parallels, people have a tendency to get more “comfortable” with one relationship dynamic (and by saying “relationship” I’m not referring to the usual romantic tone) rather with than the other if the two belongs to the realm of “dark, twisted, sick and problematic relationships”. Why people can say they like the Hannibal/Will dynamic with no problem and be automatically shamed if they say they like the Kilgrave/Jessica dynamic? I’m on both fandoms and while people make Hannigram fanvideos/giftset/etc without fear on being shamed, people have to literally justify themselves on their Jessigrave fanvids/giftsets/etc in order to not be a accused of “rape apologists” or that they are “gloryfing abuse” or that they are worthless people who deserves to die because “Ugh! They like that fictional dynamic therefore they are condoning these types of behavior in real life! I need to shame and block those sick people!”

I’m trying to understand why there’s this shame and hatred at someone expressing interest on Jessigrave and absolutely none of these nonsensical behaviors in the Hannigram side but I only got more questions:

-It is because Hannibal has some sort of a “moral compass” while Kilgrave lacks of it?

-It is because abuse stories are more relatable than cannibalism and hence more shocking? Better be killed and cooked rather than abducted and abused?

-It is because Jessica is a woman and Will Graham is a man? More disgusting if the nemesis of the story is pursuing a woman?

-It is because Will felt more ambiguous toward the idea of he and Hannibal getting along while Jessica was totally repulsed by the same idea with Kilgrave?

-It is because Jessica Jones is more focused on the struggles of survivors of abuse while Hannibal, as the name says it, is focused on a cannibalistic serial killer?

-It is because Kilgrave is a sexual aggressor and Hannibal not?

-It is because Hannibal tends to “respect” women’s agency and Kilgrave not?

-It is because of the way these two relationships ended?

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I hate when I see people say that Emma can't be moving with Hook in 17 if Neal just died. Do these people realize that she's been without Neal for 11yrs plus another yr now never mind the fact that he was back in her life for a month max and that she and Neal are not a couple. If anything it will be another thing that propels her to enjoy those 'good' moments. This is a 'different' Emma, she knows what it's like to be more open, she's dated etc. Don't like CS fine, but Emma is free to be happy.

Those people are ignoring 3x04 and Emma’s speech when she explained why Neal died for her 10 years ago, she didn’t lose him just a few weeks ago, but really ten years ago when he left her.

Is it too soon for her to move on? Jesus it’s about time, she spent 10 years holding back because stuck in the feeling of abandonment Neal had left her, stuck with horrible trust issues, it’s time for her to move on.

I’m tired of these STers gloryfing her pain as something poeticoromantic when it’s nothing but pure blatant pain, Emma deserves to move on after all this time, and quite the contrary, Emma is probably going to wish moving on even more after his death, because life is short and she needs to stop focusing on her fears, her past, what Neal did to her and start living fully, start loving again. (And no ,it can’t apply to ST i’m sorry)  she needs to move on, she’s craving it. Plus this new set of memory is going to change a lot of things, the fact she lived a full life with Henry, happy and capable to be a single mother is going to change a few things, because her giving up her son is also linked to Neal and jail and pain, etc…There’s a lot of issues there and knowing she could have done it all and be a really good mother to her son will change her mind on things, and make her more confident about who she is.

And yes, Emma will move on from Neal, she already started, and it’s not going to stop. Why could Neal move on but not her?