my entire school: hey have yo-

me: no i havent seen 13 Reasons Why no I dont want to see 13 Reasons Why no i dont want to know how she died i know what its about its bad I havent seen 13 Reasons Why i dont want to see 13 Reasons Why jackson get off my dick

Allistics be like

Autistic people: *breathe*
Allistics: “1! StOp GlOryfInG aUtIsMs!!!1”
Autistic people: “I personally don’t want a cure”

Allistic people: “BuT AuTiSmS is BaDD!!!!111”

Just wondering why...

As someone who likes very dark things, including dark fiction and dark fictional characters and has zero problems in admit it (hell, I can’t lie, my own blog is very dark and my second blog is even darker) I often think of said characters and the reactions they provoke on the audience. Recently I watched Jessica Jones and the dynamic between the main protagonist and her nemesis reminded me to the dynamic presented on Hannibal, one of my favorite shows. Besides the fact that both mind-controlling Kilgrave and cannibal Hannibal Lecter are well-dressed European men with very expensive tastes, they share another traits:

-Both of them are labeled as “sociopaths”.

-Both of them are very charismatic and manipulative.

-Both of them have a traumatic childhood event that never are used as a excuse for their present actions, however the people around them/audience are constantly wondering if that traumatic event made them the “monsters” they are now. The Nature vs Nurture Dichotomy.

-Both of them develop an obsessive interest on their counterparts, that one person they believe can understand them and matches them, and they will do anything to get reciprocated said interest.

-Both of them have killed people in the most horrifying ways without remorse.

So I’m here wondering why, after finding these parallels, people have a tendency to get more “comfortable” with one relationship dynamic (and by saying “relationship” I’m not referring to the usual romantic tone) rather with than the other if the two belongs to the realm of “dark, twisted, sick and problematic relationships”. Why people can say they like the Hannibal/Will dynamic with no problem and be automatically shamed if they say they like the Kilgrave/Jessica dynamic? I’m on both fandoms and while people make Hannigram fanvideos/giftset/etc without fear on being shamed, people have to literally justify themselves on their Jessigrave fanvids/giftsets/etc in order to not be a accused of “rape apologists” or that they are “gloryfing abuse” or that they are worthless people who deserves to die because “Ugh! They like that fictional dynamic therefore they are condoning these types of behavior in real life! I need to shame and block those sick people!”

I’m trying to understand why there’s this shame and hatred at someone expressing interest on Jessigrave and absolutely none of these nonsensical behaviors in the Hannigram side but I only got more questions:

-It is because Hannibal has some sort of a “moral compass” while Kilgrave lacks of it?

-It is because abuse stories are more relatable than cannibalism and hence more shocking? Better be killed and cooked rather than abducted and abused?

-It is because Jessica is a woman and Will Graham is a man? More disgusting if the nemesis of the story is pursuing a woman?

-It is because Will felt more ambiguous toward the idea of he and Hannibal getting along while Jessica was totally repulsed by the same idea with Kilgrave?

-It is because Jessica Jones is more focused on the struggles of survivors of abuse while Hannibal, as the name says it, is focused on a cannibalistic serial killer?

-It is because Kilgrave is a sexual aggressor and Hannibal not?

-It is because Hannibal tends to “respect” women’s agency and Kilgrave not?

-It is because of the way these two relationships ended?

anonymous asked:

I hate when I see people say that Emma can't be moving with Hook in 17 if Neal just died. Do these people realize that she's been without Neal for 11yrs plus another yr now never mind the fact that he was back in her life for a month max and that she and Neal are not a couple. If anything it will be another thing that propels her to enjoy those 'good' moments. This is a 'different' Emma, she knows what it's like to be more open, she's dated etc. Don't like CS fine, but Emma is free to be happy.

Those people are ignoring 3x04 and Emma’s speech when she explained why Neal died for her 10 years ago, she didn’t lose him just a few weeks ago, but really ten years ago when he left her.

Is it too soon for her to move on? Jesus it’s about time, she spent 10 years holding back because stuck in the feeling of abandonment Neal had left her, stuck with horrible trust issues, it’s time for her to move on.

I’m tired of these STers gloryfing her pain as something poeticoromantic when it’s nothing but pure blatant pain, Emma deserves to move on after all this time, and quite the contrary, Emma is probably going to wish moving on even more after his death, because life is short and she needs to stop focusing on her fears, her past, what Neal did to her and start living fully, start loving again. (And no ,it can’t apply to ST i’m sorry)  she needs to move on, she’s craving it. Plus this new set of memory is going to change a lot of things, the fact she lived a full life with Henry, happy and capable to be a single mother is going to change a few things, because her giving up her son is also linked to Neal and jail and pain, etc…There’s a lot of issues there and knowing she could have done it all and be a really good mother to her son will change her mind on things, and make her more confident about who she is.

And yes, Emma will move on from Neal, she already started, and it’s not going to stop. Why could Neal move on but not her?