I don’t know if I want to stay on this website anymore.

I am so tired of sharing the same website used by the idiot go one here, you know, sjws, feminists, otherkin? I am very tired of it, I don’t what I should do really. I also want to say that I am sick of seeing people on this website gloryfing obesity and misandry, it just makes me really sick. I don’t know what to do anymore.

Today is 72th anniversary of Uprising in Warsaw Ghetto

2700 people without weapons or any armour vs. 2000 nazis soldiers with chemical weapons, armoured cars and flamethrowers + reinforcements

more than 6000 Jewish people was killed 

only 86 nazis soldiers

massive executions, crimes and cruelty


Decline in our nature

Decline in our nature


Another tree gone, It withered so sad, And with her I mourned, Red eyed and black clad. I had forgotten the secrets I spilled at your feet, Did they speed your decay, Make your innards weep? A tree gone is a life lost, A soul in decline, The wretched, the wicked, The true, The divine. You were a shoulder, Your branches and bark, They were a friend, You have left your mark. Yet you will…

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Black Out

Photograph by: Francois Fontaine

Black out of self,

Repaint my soul,

Refurbish my mind,

Make new from old.

Same past that’s scaring,

Same story retold,

Same excuses,

Same blessings,

For once let me be bold.

Take one step forward into a beginning,

Let something be started instead of always seemingly ending.

Rebuild this house,

Renovate my mind,

Let my will be opened to the redesign,


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The Raven and the Robin

The Raven and the Robin

My world can be dark at times,

Sang the Raven to the Robin,

Whereas your color means spring and life,

For some it can mean heaven,

Yet I am one of winter,

Of desert lands and death,

I can not change my nature and my color may be black,

Yet I still feel with the weather,

I fly to heights unseen,

I may be around in winter’s chill,

But I still enjoy the spring.

I am what is persevered by visions…

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Sleepy Weiky (by Gloryfic)

Enjoy…at least for a smile!