“We made the charge uphill. Right at the crest I got three of them, the first two through the throat. The third I lunged, and the bayonet went into his forehead like it was a watermelon. We left a bayonet up the ass of the enemy commander with a sign that said, ‘Compliments of Easy Company!’

“It is war, you know.”


Happy Birthday Katharine Houghton Hepburn (May 12, 1907 -  June 29, 2003)

Miss Hepburn, Aunt Kat, Katie, Kate. She is all of those plus importantly Katharine with an “A”. Loyal, demanding, pure and purely demanding, open, reserved, formally informal, proud. Intimidating. Exasperating. Funny. Touching. She is a doer, a worker, a riser above everything. Passionate in her likes and dislikes. Says what she thinks but keeps herself to herself. Loving. Sentimental. A lover of beauty, nature. There for all who need her, really need her, and are in need. She is wonderfully, uniquely one of a kind. She is here. For all she is, has been, has given, will be, she has enhanced and enhances this life. I love her. - Lauren Bacall

Her energy was phenomenal. I’d get to the studio at seven and she’d been there since six, riding the grounds on her bicycle. She has a wonderful wild and lunatic passion for everything she does. It is a tremendously infectious sort of thing and she creates a state of excitement. - Anthony Harvey  

As an actress she’s a joy to work with she’s in there every minute. There isn’t anything passive about her she ‘gives’ and as a person she’s real. - Cary Grant


Scenes From “Glory” (1989)

Robert Gould Shaw leads the US Civil War’s first all-black volunteer company, fighting prejudices of both his own Union army and the Confederates.

More than two years after the Civil War commenced at Fort Sumter, the guns thundered once again across Charleston Harbor. On July 18, 1863, the first regiment of African-American soldiers officially recognized by the U.S. Army led a bloody assault against Fort Wagner. The valor displayed by the 54th Massachusetts Voluntary Infantry Regiment that day inspired the 1989 movie “Glory” and changed the way the Union viewed black soldiers.

The closing narration reveals that Fort Wagner was never taken by Union forces. The sacrifice of the 54th, which lost nearly half its men in the battle, was not in vain; their bravery resulted in the Union accepting thousands of black men for combat which President Abraham Lincoln credited with turning the tide of the war.

I’ve seen people talk about how in Christian Bales portrayal of Bruce he plays not just Bruce Wayne and Batman, but also man caught between these to aspects of the character. This is true, however (imo), this Bruce appears almost uncomfortable as Batman and almost too comfortable as Bruce Wayne.

The triumph of Ben Afflecks Bruce is he is all these aspects of the role in one singular character. As Bruce Wayne he is a little uncomfortable, he is there for the job, he says some dumb things ‘I like those shoes’ *pointy finger* whether to appear disarming or in genuine fluster. Dropping the charming smile when no longer interacting with a target. When presenting as Batman, the suit’s just a second skin. He is composed, aware and confidant in his own detective skills and ability to fight. When both the masks are off, we still see a man always thinking about the mission at had, who is truly haunted and traumatised by his past and who he has lost. Who is still hurting and makes rash decisions based on what he thinks is right, who still struggles to let his guard down even in front of Alfred, his longest and closest companion.

In the opening seen we see him run straight into the path of danger, rescue a worker and child while acting with kindness to comfort them, he sees the damage brought by the battle and begins to calculate his response, dressed as Bruce Wayne, acting as Batman, but still the man driven by his own grief and want to protect others. He’s just so Batman, it makes me so happy


Atlantis: The Lost Empire- The City of Atlantis

Part of a series of adventurous but critically claimed “near misses” from Disney’s late 90′s and early 2000′s run, Atlantis is still a beloved movie that claims and exceptional cast and some of the best CGI and hand animation fusions that would later fuel the stylings of modern cartoons and Disney’sTangled and Frozen.  The story follows a series of adventurers into the lost city of Atlantis, deep beneath the ocean. They find that the city is still alive, if not thriving, and work to bring it above the waves once again and returned to its former glory. The film is also notable for having much of its production art done by comic artist Mike Mignola.