glory to the horde

Give me more Lor'themar.

Let me see what the Regent Lord is thinking and feeling next expansion. He’s under a lot more stress now more than ever, and I want him and his resilience to be known.

I want to see his dilemma, and how he feels about deciding to kick the Void Elves from the city. Is it the right choice? Will he regret it? How will he accommodate the Nightborne and face whiplash for outing other blood elves?

Let me see him fight. Let me see him lead an army of knights and spellbreakers to take their final stand for the Horde. Let me see him show his loyalty and serve with honor. Quel'thalas is the beacon of hope, a place that has already seen so much horror and bloodshed. How far is he able to go? How far is he willing? What did he learn from the fall of the Sunwell that he can use against the Alliance? Will he let his city fall again?

I wanna see the blood elves give it their ALL, I want to see them all armored and ready to fight, to serve, to die in the name of the Horde. I want to see SMC fortidied, ready for war, and filled with other members of the Horde. I want to see Theron, standing atop the gates of Silvermoon, watching the battle for their lives and right to exist, Halduron and Rommath at his side, ready to raise hell and put up a damn good fight. Cause Light knows how badly I need to see the Sin'dorei in their full glory, ride or die for the Horde.

Rose Garden (Ruby X Oscar): A Question

Post series, post Salem, post main story line. Rated F for fluff.


“Keep them closed. We’re almost there” The elevator doors slowly slid open, and Ruby stepped forward hesitantly as Oscar kept his hands over her eyes as they walked.

“I hope so” she giggled “Walking around this much without seeing anything makes me nervous.”

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This world is slowing down, how can I fight it?
Listen when there’s no sound, the wolves are out.
Hold on to what you’ve found, days are deceiving
Oh, I hear them now, yes, the wolves are out.

A personal playlist of battle hymns to empower me, ready to fight dragons and invading hordes of enemies.


1. To Glory // Two Steps From Hell
2. The Wolves ft. Keeley Bumford // Cyrus Reynolds
3. Utai IV Reawakening (Steve Aoki Remix) // Kenji Kawaii
4. Liberty Theme (Sons of Liberty) // Hans Zimmer
5. Mombasa (Inception) // Hans Zimmer
6. Who Will Save Us Now // David Chappell
7. Frontier (Opening Titles) // Andrew Lockington & Gave Gaudet
8. Into the Darkness (Extended) // The Phantoms
9. Trouble in Town (Assassins Creed III) // Lorne Balfe
10. Volcano // Woodkid
11. Black Sails (Main Title Sequence) // Bear McCreary
12. Wanna Get Hype // District 78
13. Kingdom Fall // Claire Wyndham

tonight’s episode of “zombie survival edition”

Back on day five, I wound up finding a book for the minibike recipe, but I held off until today to assemble one because I needed a good engine.  Today, day ten, was a major expedition for resources (I didn’t have enough iron to make a new axe or pick and my gunpowder was nonexistent) and roaming for stuff overall on my new bike.

So as per usual, I left my forges on all day after getting stone, lead, and iron from a night of harvesting.  I got back around six in the evening and started crafting up a crucible, ammo, and generally arranging the house and planning my move for the next day.

Then.  I hear wood spike traps breaking at the eastern wall behind my forges.

And then.  I hear the distinct sound of wolves.

I scramble for my rifle and my ammo, panicking (for no reason, the eastern wall is reinforced to concrete three blocks high) because the wood just won’t stop breaking, and I head for the ladder to the roof.

As I open the hatch, the noise stops.  I stay on the ladder, and then cautiously go to the edge of the roof.

And I see this.

Five gray wolves.  And I thought the three black shapes were glitched out wolves since my graphics had been glitching.

Nope.  Those are all dire wolves.  And there was a fourth one around the corner.

I got fifty-one goddamn meat out of all that, jesus christ.

Thank You (Carl Grimes x Reader) (Request)

Gif Not Mine

Anonymous: Carl Grimes Imagine where he finds you severely hurt after the Governors Second Attack in the house and he wants to help you get healed up but you just want to die. He helps you eventually, but you stop talking to him. After a while of not speaking to him, you explain that the reason you wanted to die was because you felt that you had nothing to live for because you have to kill your family and people at the camp used to torment you so you felt worthless? And he comforts you?

Word Count: 1424

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HERE IT IS HERE IS THE HORDE BIAS IN ALL ITS HORDEY GLORY. Well, not painted yet but y’know. It’s there in most of its Hordey glory.

I’m considering this as my next project though:

Introducing, the Backstabber Doomhammer. It’s a combination of both the new (canon) Doomhammer design and the old Warcraft 2 one.

My workdesk may or may not be absolutely covered in doodles like these. *Cough cough* Sorry for the crappy pic quality though, don’t have access to my scanner right now.


  • Minor Old God corruption begins as something mental (whispers, voices, etc). However, deeper corruption is more physical. Once past any mental barriers or willpower, an organism’s entire body is corrupted with a sort of sickness. It reaches a critical point once the ailment reaches the organ of the brain, where it latches onto the most. It is SEVERELY difficult to extract the “sickness” once this is done, as any attempt to take it out would be “pulling” on the flesh of the organism and hurt it. Kind of like a glue or a tar.

  • This kinda goes in line with how Wrathion was created, where the Eye of the Watchers literally cut up different organisms and sucked out black goop, leaving the “purified” parts behind.

  • Also, Old Gods have a tendency to inflict sicknesses on the flesh. IE: The Curse of Flesh. I think it’d make sense for their deeper sicknesses to be BOUND to the flesh, if they have some funky “affinity” for it.

  • Old Gods don’t only spread this corruption for shits and giggles, but they do it to grow in power. They “feed” off of organisms through this corruption. Obviously they don’t EAT flesh or whatever, but rather they “feast” on the dwindling Order they’re inflicting on the organism in question, since they’re beings of Chaos. Once an organism is truly corrupted (see: Deathwing), whatever Old God corrupted them now has a steady stream of energy AND something to inflict Chaos on Azeroth, which in turn would also “feed” them and energize them.

  • The feeding off of the energy of an organism doesn’t work on the races that the Old Gods made, like the Mantid. I feel like anything that would be symbiotic would not be “chaotic” enough for the Old God to energize Itself off of, so organisms that aren’t in line with an Old God already are prime targets. The races made by the Old Gods just produce Chaos, in general, to energize a God.

  • So, this would make sense for the Old Gods that randomly “awakened” so far in WoW. Take Ulduar. Yogg'saraon ended up being able to burst out of His chains only AFTER the Keepers were corrupted - by Him. I think their new Chaotic energy revitalized Yogg'saron enough to be an awakened threat.

  • This is also similar to Y'shaarj. Y'shaarj wasn’t able to awaken at ALL because of the pandaren lifestyle - but when the other races came and brought the Sha, the Sha helped inflict enough Chaos where Y'shaarj finally had enough energy to awaken as much as a, uhm, Heart could.

  • Old Gods can also take “hosts.” Y'shaarj’s body was a Heart, but once He had enough energy through the Chaos of the Sha, He called out to multiple sources through a guise of prophecy and power in search of a Host. One of these included Garrosh Hellscream, who took the dreams Y'shaarj sent and fell for them, for the glory of the Horde. Y'shaarj pointed him out to where He was buried so Garrosh could dig Him up. I doubt Garrosh knew what was really down there, but how else could he randomly know where to dig if something didn’t tell him first?

  • So Y'shaarj used Garrosh as a host once He was dug up

Ironblood Is recruiting! 

Moon Guard US horde

A word from our Guild Master Gav’raz Cinderfury.

The Ironblood Pit Fighters is an orcish gladiatorial arena company founded in the wake of the Legion invasions. Wounded from battle, I and my allies have taken a step back from the conflict to seek out new ways of bringing glory and honor to the Horde. Turning our eyes to the arena we seek to provide another route to glory and prestige for star-eyed, bloodthirsty combatants.

We’re an RP-PvP guild with a focus in arena centric RP combat. It’s my intention to get all fighters familiar with a variety of RP combat techniques such as d20, d20 modded, roll fights, and of course free flow.

 PvP is optional, yet encouraged as it’ll undoubtedly expand the type of tournaments you’ll be able to take part in. Once we’ve got a proper enough team of fighters together familiar with these expectations, we’ll begin reaching out to other reputable guilds to begin organizing tournament events with a variety of prizes to be won.

We’re also looking to provide an immersive atmosphere with these to-come tournament events and to pull that off there is a demand for non-combat roles to be filled in the form of Staff members. These members include but are not limited to: medics, cooks, host/hostesses, bookmakers and just about anything else that could enhance an arena venue.

Please Don’t be afraid to contact Daiyu ingame or sent a Mail to Gavraz if you’re interested in joining!

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It’s still Ed’s birthday in my time zone so I though it would be appropriate to give you, the fandom, a little present. And that is this gem of a picture I took back in august 2014. I want to thank you all for making this fandom the nicest, most welcoming place ever, and don’t worry our little bean will be back in no time!

Happy 25th Ed!!! 

P.S click the picture to see it in it’s full HD glory 


You know, as much as I hate to say this.

Thrall is right.

Garrosh chose to side with the Dragonmaw orcs.
Garrosh chose to use the mana bomb on Theramore.
Garrosh chose to do everything when his peers started advising him to stop.
Garrosh chose to do everything when his peers started to force him to stop.
Garrosh chose to use every single thing we fight against in the Seige of Orgrimmar.

And then when he was put on trial and found guilty, Garrosh refused to take responsibility for any of it, and ran off to re-live the “glory days” of the Horde.

Thrall left Garrosh in charge, but Garrosh is the one who chose his own actions after that. It’s not like Thrall was controlling him from behind the scenes, he was too busy trying not to spend money on Journeyman Riding.

Also, for tirade in the middle of the fight: Let’s not forget that Garrosh is the older one of the two.