glory to the horde

Ironblood Is recruiting! 

Moon Guard US horde

A word from our Guild Master Gav’raz Cinderfury.

The Ironblood Pit Fighters is an orcish gladiatorial arena company founded in the wake of the Legion invasions. Wounded from battle, I and my allies have taken a step back from the conflict to seek out new ways of bringing glory and honor to the Horde. Turning our eyes to the arena we seek to provide another route to glory and prestige for star-eyed, bloodthirsty combatants.

We’re an RP-PvP guild with a focus in arena centric RP combat. It’s my intention to get all fighters familiar with a variety of RP combat techniques such as d20, d20 modded, roll fights, and of course free flow.

 PvP is optional, yet encouraged as it’ll undoubtedly expand the type of tournaments you’ll be able to take part in. Once we’ve got a proper enough team of fighters together familiar with these expectations, we’ll begin reaching out to other reputable guilds to begin organizing tournament events with a variety of prizes to be won.

We’re also looking to provide an immersive atmosphere with these to-come tournament events and to pull that off there is a demand for non-combat roles to be filled in the form of Staff members. These members include but are not limited to: medics, cooks, host/hostesses, bookmakers and just about anything else that could enhance an arena venue.

Please Don’t be afraid to contact Daiyu ingame or sent a Mail to Gavraz if you’re interested in joining!

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HERE IT IS HERE IS THE HORDE BIAS IN ALL ITS HORDEY GLORY. Well, not painted yet but y’know. It’s there in most of its Hordey glory.

I’m considering this as my next project though:

Introducing, the Backstabber Doomhammer. It’s a combination of both the new (canon) Doomhammer design and the old Warcraft 2 one.

My workdesk may or may not be absolutely covered in doodles like these. *Cough cough* Sorry for the crappy pic quality though, don’t have access to my scanner right now.