glory king

my view for a good 20 minutes while waiting for sum 41 to play at warped tour. fun night. // 08.05.2016

listen up: “hark the herald angel sing/ glory to the newborn king” and “i know when that hotling bling/ that can only mean one thing” have the same number of syllables

merry christmas

Hiro Mashima: Parents

Gale Glory (Son-Haru Glory, Daughter-Cattleya Glory)

Sakura Glory (Son-Haru Glory, Daughter-Cattleya Glory)

Muscia’s Father (Son-Hamrio Musica)

Musica’s Mother (Son-Hamrio Musica)

Galein Musica (Son-Musica’s Father)

Rize (Adoptive Son-Hamrio Musica)

Lasagna (Son-Chino)

King Raregroove (Son-Lucia Raregroove, Adoptive Son-Deep Snow)

Emilia Rargroove (Son-Lucia Raregroove)

Boton (Son-Genma)

Yuri (Son-Genma)

Pearl (Son-Ruby)

Resha’s Father (Daughter-Resha Valentine)

Resha’s Mother (Daughter-Resha Valentine)

Reina’s Father (Daughter-Reina)

Evermary (Adoptive Son-Gale Glory)

Yuma Ansecto (Adoptive Daughter-Nagisa Ansecto)

Hardner (Daughter-Nagisa Ansecto)

Sophia (Daughter-Nagisa Ansecto)

Papajima (Son-Nakajima)

Mamajima (Son-Nakajima)

Malakia Glory (Son-Gale Glory)

Shakuma Raregroove (Son-King Raregroove)

Haru Glory (Son-Levin Glory)

Elie Glory (Son-Levin Glory)

Macao Conbolt (Son-Romeo Conbolt)

Zekua Melon (Son-Kaby Melon)

Wakaba Mine (Daughter-Wakaba’s Daughter)

Millgana Mine (Daughter-Wakaba’s Daughter)

Jude Heartfilia (Daughter-Lucy Heartfilia)

Layla Heartfilia (Daughter-Lucy Heartfilia)

Gildarts Clive (Daughter-Cana Alberona)

Makarov Dreyar (Son-Ivan Dreyar)

Ivan Dreyar (Son-Laxus Dreyar)

Ur Milkovich (Daughter-Ultear, Adoptive Son-Lyon Vastia, Adoptive Son Gray Fullbuster)

Yuri Dreyar (Son-Makarov Dreyar)

Rita Dreyar (Son-Makarov Dreyar)

Igneel (Adoptive Son-Natsu Dragneel)

Grandeeney  (Adoptive Daughter-Wendy Marvell)

Metalicana (Adoptive Son-Gajeel Redfox)

Brain (Adoptive Son-Macbeth)

Faust (Son-Mystogan)

Lucky (Son-Happy)

Marl (Son-Happy)

Shagotte (Daughter-Carla)

Ultear Milkovich (Adoptive Daughter-Meredy

Jiemma (Daughter-Minerva Orland)

Alzack Connell (Daughter-Asuka Connell)

Bisca Connell (Daughter-Asuka Connell)

Toma E. Fiore (Daughter-Hisui E. Fiore)

Weisslogia (Adoptive Son-Sting Eucliffe)

Skiadrum (Adoptive Son-Rogue Cheney)

SIlver Fullbuster (Son-Gray Fullbuster)

Grammi (Daughter-Brandish Myu)

Irene Belserion (Daughter-Erza Scarlet)

Erza’s Father (Daughter-Erza Scarlet)

Natsu’s Father (Son-Zeref Dragneel, Son-Natsu Dragneel)

Natsu’s Mother (Son-Zeref Dragneel, Son-Natsu Dragneel)

Mavis Vermilion (Son-August)

Zeref Dragneel (Son-August)


Neck Deep // A Part of Me ft. Laura Whiteside

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On days when you think you can’t go on, know that when your strength fails, God’s grace prevails.