glory killing

Do you guys remember back in the Tartaros arc when we were all freaking out and crying over our children almost dying and losing Igneel and Gray and his dad and just having mental break downs about how bad shit was?

If only we knew how bad shit was going to get.

an in-depth review of all of the FPS games i have played this year
  • overwatch: nice. everyone's a gay trans lady. very colorful. pharah and are fun to play. 9.5/10.
  • battlefield 4: too many guys. too many guns. physics are too boring. i hate modern FPSs. 3/10.
  • doom - the new one: everything is orange and gray. lots of blood. nice unreleastic guns and physics. glory kills are fun. 8.5/10.
  • titanfall: eh. giant robots are kinda cool. boring military theme. 5.5/10
  • unreal tournament 3: pretty good. graphics are still pretty nice. not quite as good as 2k4. 7.5/10.
  • bioshock: why do i have to play as a man. i like that i can save creepy little girls. nice ambience. 8/10
  • destiny: why can't i play it on my computer. i hate FPSs on teh xbox. bonus points for almost being kinda an MMO. i like the cool super power lightning shit. 7/10
  • unreal tournament 2004: still better than most games made today. super-unrealistic. nice. 9/10.
  • halo 3: ehhhh. 6/10

Timestamp for The Marriage of Heaven and Hell

Written as a gift for @cassiespoeticnonsense for the 2016 Hannigram Holiday Exchange.

 Link to The Marriage of Heaven and Hell: Volume 1

 Link to The Marriage of Heaven and Hell:Volume 2

The hunt. Exquisite symmetry in the savage grace of their dance, as he had always known there would be. As he had always feared he would glory in. The kill. A worthy opponent but pathos in the Dragon’s final lonely metamorphosis. Hannibal. A revelation. Unearthly firebird, enchanting in his vivid plumage. Will cannot look away. Until something else distracts him.

Blood. Slick and warm against his skin, tangy and cloying on his tongue.

‘It really does look black in the moonlight.’

Pinned by Hannibal’s heated gaze, helplessly drawn, Will reaches out. This time, there is no cold transparent barrier beneath his palm to mock his need; a firm, warm grasp tugs him up and in.

'See? This is all I ever wanted for you, Will. For both of us.’

He’s never heard a sound as melodious as the deep, unsteady rasp of Hannibal’s voice in this moment. Enraptured by eyes of flame that lick over his features with intoxicating hunger, he can barely form a shaky reply.

'It’s beautiful.’

And it is. It is beautiful. Terribly, horribly beautiful.

So tentative, so tender. Hannibal makes love to him with caressing glances. But it isn’t enough. In his dazzled awakening, Will craves touch. Craves Hannibal. Needs his centring reassurance. He grasps Hannibal’s blood-soaked shoulder and kneads, seeking comfort, sustenance. Nudges closer until he feels Hannibal reciprocate, shuddering awed appreciation.

Read the rest on AO3.

Self Insert List

I’ve decided to compile a small list of some well written SI. This is purely because these stories deserve so much more recognition then they have. Of course, we’ll start with the reigning queen.

1. Dreaming of Sunshine: The very well explained and lengthy story of someone being reincarnated into the Naruto world as Shikamaru’s twin. I recommend this before reading any other SI, just to get an idea of the world and genre. Shikako Nara, the main character, is greatly designed and leaves room for character development, and plot development. Slow updates but well written.

2. Children of Solomon: A story of multiple SI being reborn into the Magi world. It’s a wonderful switch of POV and a healthy dose of OC to carefully twist canon into something else. Amani is one of the main characters, and so far has been the somewhat center of it all, is brought back with three others to rewrite the future for a prince who wishes to change it all.

3. Child of Heaven: A SI reborn in Fairy Tail as Erza’s best friend and ends up with unique magic and a unique past. Fast updates, improvement in later chapters in terms of grammar and spelling, and it swings for the other team, if you know what I mean. Currently over 100 chapters strong.

4. Onwards Till Dawn: A SI in the Katekyo Hitman Reborn! A little dark and sometimes injury heavy, but has great character development and plot twists. A take on a character repeating reincarnation until they get it right.

5: Glory: Another Naruto SI, this one as Minato’s younger sister. An interesting and dark take on the war and growing up with knowledge of the future. Slow deviation from canon, but very well written and lightly humorous. 

6: Walk Two Lifetimes: A Bleach SI, but as Rukia’s sister Hisana. A story of dying, reborn, dying again, then becoming a healer. Wonderful character development and plot progression. Some dark elements. Some Byakuya action included.

7. What Doesn’t Kill You: A sarcastic and witty take on SI in the Naruto World, but as Orochimaru’s daughter. Some juicy drama and intense battle scenes, plus some character growth and bonding in between. 

8. Red Spider Lilies: A Katekyo SI, but Tsuna’s sister. Dark element, dark humor, and a good dose of sibling ‘bonding’. Slow development but intense character growth and spontaneous humor. 

9. Six Seconds: A Gakuen Alice SI. Long updates, but based on a SI with a dangerous ability. Plot development hasn’t gone far, but the main character is interesting, with dark humor and dark elements. May be future slash.

10: Tempting Fate: A Inuyasha SI, as Kaede. Slow going, slow updates, interesting interactions and deviations from canon. Not so far in and hard to say how it’ll go, but it looks promising. 

The list isn’t a ranking, just suggestions. All stories belong to their respective authors, and all stories are definitely worth the read. Go check them out!


DOOM ‘16 is getting its own Board Game!

Fantastic news, not only for those into board games, but for those who want figurines of the new game as well!

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce the upcoming release of DOOM: The Board Game, a completely redesigned tactical combat experience for two to five players based on Bethesda’s blockbuster video game, DOOM.

Glory Kill your way to victory as one of the United Aerospace Corporation’s elite marines or grab control of the legions of demons threatening to take over the complex. Each side of DOOM’s asymmetrical gameplay introduces an entirely unique way to play, whether you’re struggling to save Mars from being overrun by Hell’s most merciless demons or fighting to crush each marine and conquer the planet once and for all. You and up to four friends will play through a series of missions, the marines attempting to achieve a variety of objectives and the invader orchestrating a barrage of savage demon attacks against them. While the marines can respawn after death, they can only do so a set number of times before the demons claim victory over the mission, threatening not only the UAC’s operation, but the survival of humanity as a whole.

According to the site, DOOM: The Board Game is expected to arrive during the fourth quarter of 2016.

Since they have yet to promote this on DOOM’s official Twitter, I’m assuming they will announce this on Quakecon.

Doom 4 “1.0″ - “Synced Melee” System

When you got close to an enemy, you could enter into a choreographed brawl with them that ended with a Fatality. While it looked cool, it was too slow and interrupted the gameplay too much - after the reboot, the system was evolved into the Glory Kills we know and love.

Personally, this reminds me of the melee stuff in Wolfenstein: The New Order where you and a furious German would take turns stabbing each other in the neck, like a marginally less violent version of Frye/Takayama.

Footage from Noclip’s Doom 4 Documentary.

You wouldn’t walk into a crowded elementary school armed to the teeth with guns and explosives slaughtering kids by the dozens and then blow up the school, raining blood and crispy organs of kids and preteens for miles around like hailstorm from hell, and then go out in a blaze of glory killing cops, SWAT, national guard called in to deal with you along with several news crews outside the school, going down as the worst mass shooter in human history.

So why would you download music?

It’s the same thing.


Kubrick on Kubrick – listen to the director tell his own life story and how he got into filmmaking.


Buffy: Why did you let that Glory hurt you?

Spike: She wanted to know who the key was.

Buffy: Oh, well, I can tell her, and then you won’t…

Spike: No! You can’t ever. Glory never finds out.

Buffy: Why?

Spike: ‘Cause Buffy - the other, not so pleasant Buffy - anything happened to Dawn, it’d destroy her. I couldn’t live, her bein’ in that much pain. Let Glory kill me first. Nearly bloody did.