glory boy

All that I want is to wake up fine. Tell me that I’m alright, that I ain’t gonna die. All that I want is a hole in the ground. You can tell me when it’s alright for me to come out.

Pop punk problem #47

When you want to see your favorite band live but they broke up 10 years ago.

Pop punk problem #38
  • Me: *Sees someone wearing a shirt with my favorite band on*
  • Me: *Smiles awkwardly at them, probably making them feel very uncomfortable*

Can we just take a moment to clap for Jyou Kido please?

This guy thinks about all of his friends and cares about wanting to make sure they all get some food and rest and a decent and safe place to sleep. Then without a second thought he dive bombs a guy because Kido has no sense of self preservation, not when someone is messing with his kids. And the way he catches Sora, damn girl, forget about Yamato and Taichi, Jyou’s the one every girl and Takeru should be chasing.

Pop punk problem #48

When your mom tells you that you eat too much pizza:

“Shut up mom you don’t know me!”

*Grabs pizza box and phone, climbs onto roof, listens to Neck Deep and wonders why you’re still stuck in this damn town*