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Favorite Reads Of 2014: Some of these made me smile, some caused ugly sobbing, some I just could. not. put. down. For the full reading list, click here.

Do you have BeChloe feels? Watch this (feels boosting) video if you dare 😏😉 I don’t know if you will get the BeChloe story behind this. Anyway, the ending (I tried) and the major mistakes though haha sorry about that I hope you don’t mind. Late upload. I’m gonna make another one if Pitch Perfect 2′s HD/DVD version is out. I HOPE I WILL BOOST YOUR BECHLOE FEELS MWHAHAHAHAH

P.S: If you think the video is lagging in some parts of the video well it’s not lag, it’s an slow motion effect to make the video more natural :D

Song is: I Don’t Wanna Know - New Found Glory

All rights belongs to Universal Studios, Gold Circle Entertainment, New Found Glory, and Geffen Records

Feel free to like and reblog this to your BeChloe/Sendrick shipper friends or non BeChloe/Sendrick shipper friends who knows they might ship it too based on this video 😉

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Unpopular opinion: Anna is one of the most flawed, strong, and complex characters to come out of the Frozen and we should all accept her as our lord and savior.

Absolutely agree.  Anna is such a strong character and i think that it’s important that we take time to think about that, especially since elsa always gets so mu- ALL GLORY TO PRINCESS ANNA