glory alley

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Imagine post-serum Steve Rogers- with all his 200 lb of muscle and patriotic glory- still picking back alley fights against bullies because somethings just do not change.

“Don’t know how I could have ever forgotten this,” Bucky grumbled underneath his breath, and Steve grinned, despite the split lip and bloodied nose. Bucky had a point; no matter what century they were in, it seemed like his best friend would always be cleaning him up after fights, super serum or not.

“Hey, maybe I was trying to jog your memory.” Steve teased, and earned a light slap to the back of his head for his troubles.

“Rogers I started remembering things a long time ago. Like how stupid you are for getting in these fights. You’re Captain America, what have you got to prove now?”

Steve looked at Bucky seriously. “I didn’t run when I was 5'4 and 90lbs soaking wet Buck. I can’t start running now.”

“I bet Sam would beg to differ.” Bucky muttered under his breath, but the two shared a smile, and Bucky continued to dab at Steve’s cuts, both of them ignoring the fact that it was completely unnecessary.