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AU where the war didn't happen and all the DoD are with their families and are happy. Not very practical but still a nice thing to think about.

-Clay’s the BEST BigWings
-His whole troops adores him whole-heartedly because he’s just so nice and sweet and so Clay
-Tsunami’s killed. Anemone becomes the only SeaWing princess, years later
-Glory’s one of the few RainWings who isn’t just happy
-She overthrows the current queen system, becoming to only one
-And later she discovers the NightWing tunnel, coming across…
-… Starflight, who was born on the island
-He’s a runt, and is constantly bullied
-Glory rescues him when she takes in the NightWings
-Sunny doesn’t exist. No, she’s Beetle
-Beetle’s a fierce thing in a small package
-She is the most violent creature I swear