As Seymour Staunchly Trudge Along
His Genius Mind Produce A Song
Because Poor Seym Has Naught To Do
He Thinks He Will Share Song With You.

On Sands I Walk, I Make My Trade
I Dig My Sands With Hoof And Spade
But This Bleak Land Holds Only Muck
My Little Hoove Doth Splash And Sluck
Through Endless Goop, Eternal Sludge
The Labor Of A Simple Drudge
Geroldic Work Must I Endure
To Leave This Land For Sandest Pure
I Only Seek To Find Way Out
I Sniff And Snorch Winds With My Snout
But All I Smell Is Foulest Gunk.
No Good Smells Here To Grace My Trunk.
Still I Press Onwards, Ever On
No Night Or Day Here, Dusk Or Dawn
This Mire Holds Not The Gift Of Time
All Things Stands Still In Glork And Slime.
But Tapirs Endures Any Trial
With Every Inch And Feet And Mile
I Grow More Close To Victory.
In Time The Goop Will Yield To Me.
So Seymour’s Hooves Thumps Countless Thuds
Through Endless Gunk And Boundless Muds
To Reach The End, My Only Goal
Then I Return To Tapirs Hole
Plan Murder Of The Mother Fuck
Who Put Seym In This Realm Of Muck.

iasip cast ranked from most to least benevolent

1. danny devito: 4 foot 10, egg with legs, hates donald trump

2. rob mcelhenney: really trying, regularly outdoes macklemore as the best ally whose name starts with “mackle”

3. charlie day: instagram isn’t private

4. kaitlin olson: life-ruiningly beautiful, likes the smell of burning human flesh 

5. glork: doesn’t actually exist, tried to sell me meth behind a whole foods


I should’ve paid more attention to my feed, I only learned about this contest two days ago!

But here it is, my hopefully adequate entry. I was just chilling, thinking of a drawing idea, then I was like, “Why not Xenomorphs?” and so I did. I’ve never read Glorkian Warrior, so hopefully this contest will give me the chance to! FINGER CRISSED.

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