♪ Take me back, take me back to the beginning to the days of adventure and love~ take me back, and let me pause at intermission for the nights of your stories and lore; and fireflies on the roof ♪

I started writing some lines for the Trollhunters musical and?? i had come up with these lyrics about two years ago and it kinda matched?? sorta?? the song fireflies on the roof is meant to be like reminiscent of times past that the character wishes would return it seemed like it would make a sweet interlude for the musical and I love doing this chalky style which i think is trademark of the musical now haha
Vampires Are Poseurs (Song For The Living)
Ramshackle Glory
Vampires Are Poseurs (Song For The Living)

i regret a million things and that’s only what i haven’t forgot
but the past was a mine field and right now is a prison break
i hope we make it alive
when who we are doesn’t stop where the law begins
then we’ll storm their courthouses to survive
so i won’t but we shall overcome someday
i can’t do it alone but we shall be free someday
i don’t know how to live but i’m sick of learning how to die

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For someone who doesn't get the appeal of it, I have to ask this: What's the deal with Gladnis?

*starts to wax extra-ly poetic about the fatality and magnificence of Gladnis, stops self, is just real*

This website destroyed any barriers I had about any ship, ever. I don’t even know how it really happened, anymore. One minute I was but a wee babe going, “I don’t know why people ship the bros together, like why the obsession with slash in fandoms in general?”

Then I saw a few good Gladnis fanart on this hellsite and I started feeling a lil somethin


“whew. Okay. I don’t ship it, but…”

*days later*

“Gods, okay I ship it. I ship it so fucking hard. Give me more of this. But just them. Not any of the others.”

*weeks later*

“Y'all got any more of them rarepairs?”

And honestly, I consumed so much sexy asf Gladnis art that just beholding them is an automatic blue screen of death to my brain. And thus, Gladnis is fatal. Those two beautiful men are the death of me.

so looking at the datamined stuff it seems like you absolutely have to get the pocket knife from robert which happens on the second date

of course i assumed the knife in marys hand in her sprite was the pocket knife robert gave you idk why i made that connection it just made sense

its probably something to do with dating the dads in a specific order but not going through with the final date and instead doing the final date with joseph

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Right? I tried killing a Lynel in the herbs region maybe five times with the mask on before I gave up cause they're too hard to kill 😭 especially the one in the Colosseum Regina

Before I got the mask, I spent a ridiculous amount of time tip-toeing around them when they popped up bc I just didn’t want to deal 😂 Don’t even get me started on the White-maned/striped Lynel….>_<

When I first found the white-maned one I realized it was the highest tier and I really didn’t want to fight him but I tried anyway, bc I wanted the glory of saying I was able to do it lol and. I died in the first 30 seconds 😂


when u’re trying to support ur bf but u’re bad at it verbally but still trying