The Edge of Glory ~ Masterpost

Author: gingerfic

Beta: flowerfan

Artist: goldenslumbr

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Word count: 31,031

Rating: T

After Kurt graduated from high school he left behind his family and friends to take his chances with the big city. Big dreams and sheer gutsiness were always enough to get him through in Lima, but this is New York City, and he’s going to have to up his game. Will he be able to find a path to his dreams? Opportunities and relationships will bring him to the edge more than once, but what he learns and what he chooses may surprise everyone, including himself.
(Almost) canon-compliant through season 3; an alternate version of Kurt’s first year in NYC, and what he found there.
A companion story to “I Kissed a Girl
Written for the Kurt Hummel Big Bang 2016

Warnings: canonical death of Finn Hudson

Author’s note:
This is a companion piece to “I Kissed a Girl,” which follows Blaine through his senior year. I hope you’ll read that one first, but if you choose not to, here are the things you need to know: it closely follows canon except that Blaine is bisexual; Kurt and Blaine still started dating at the same time, and this story begins in the summer after Kurt graduates from high school.

This is Kurt’s story.