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Gloriousvaldis is a nationalist, but it doesn't mean Wiley's friends with them. They've talked to them, yes, but they aren't on friend terms. Wiley follows and has talked to Cthulhu on Tumblr, who is a very SJW orientated artist. There's also Wiley's art page, which links to various artists. They're all over the spectrum, some quite literally. factualwiley. tumblr. com/post/57501466507 Should we say Wiley is trans* because they follow trans* artists? Swordbrush is a black woman and is an--

—continued—is an actual friend of theirs, I think. I mean, if you search Wiley’s tag there’s a known Trans* artist on their with a skype log of theirs shooting the breeze. Then again, I guess this is Tumblr and we must base a person on who they follow or who follows them. And, by that logic, you’re an anti-sj since so many follow you. I mean, Wiley follows chaotically-nuetral and vice versa, which obviously means Wiley’s female and has NLD. No offense meant, but it’s quite judgmental.

Let’s get a one thing straight, I don’t follow “many anti-sjs”. I follow three people: Chaotically-Neutral, Socialjustwhat, and Recoveringsjw. None of those people last time I checked are anti-SJs. Now I have reblogged information from some anti-SJs, but that’s it. 

Now when it comes to gloriousvaldis, correct me if I’m wrong but I did a quick search and gloriousvaldis has changed their name to general-westergaard. They describe themselves as

National Socialist. Anti-feminist. Atheist. Anti-liberal. Anti-communist. Anti-capitalist. I am a Canadian woman, in my mid 20’s. English/Scottish. Collector of fine china. Interested in the Third Reich and the British Empire. I post silliness, my political views, and pretty things.

Do you know what a National Socialist is anonymous. It’s another word for NAZISM! But I’m sure you know that already. They have a picture of Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun underneath their description. 

You can go in their old URL name tag and see them speaking to a Nazi. They’re clearly anti-semitic. I’m sure if I had the time to dig some more I’d find a lot more receipts. What is wrong with you anonymous? 

FactualWiley is mocking gender pronouns in the description on their blog. I do not trust them; this blog does not support them. I do not care if you view me as being judgmental for not trusting someone who speaks to a Nazi. I don’t care about FactualWiley’s Black friend or the Trans* person they speak to. Those sentences read like this “They have a Black friend they can’t be a racist” and “Oh they speak to a Trans* person look how tolerate they are!”


This is not up for discussion anymore. If you still feel that this is judgmental. You are completely welcome to unfollow this blog.