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Gloriousvaldis is a nationalist, but it doesn't mean Wiley's friends with them. They've talked to them, yes, but they aren't on friend terms. Wiley follows and has talked to Cthulhu on Tumblr, who is a very SJW orientated artist. There's also Wiley's art page, which links to various artists. They're all over the spectrum, some quite literally. factualwiley. tumblr. com/post/57501466507 Should we say Wiley is trans* because they follow trans* artists? Swordbrush is a black woman and is an--

—continued—is an actual friend of theirs, I think. I mean, if you search Wiley’s tag there’s a known Trans* artist on their with a skype log of theirs shooting the breeze. Then again, I guess this is Tumblr and we must base a person on who they follow or who follows them. And, by that logic, you’re an anti-sj since so many follow you. I mean, Wiley follows chaotically-nuetral and vice versa, which obviously means Wiley’s female and has NLD. No offense meant, but it’s quite judgmental.

Let’s get a one thing straight, I don’t follow “many anti-sjs”. I follow three people: Chaotically-Neutral, Socialjustwhat, and Recoveringsjw. None of those people last time I checked are anti-SJs. Now I have reblogged information from some anti-SJs, but that’s it. 

Now when it comes to gloriousvaldis, correct me if I’m wrong but I did a quick search and gloriousvaldis has changed their name to general-westergaard. They describe themselves as

National Socialist. Anti-feminist. Atheist. Anti-liberal. Anti-communist. Anti-capitalist. I am a Canadian woman, in my mid 20’s. English/Scottish. Collector of fine china. Interested in the Third Reich and the British Empire. I post silliness, my political views, and pretty things.

Do you know what a National Socialist is anonymous. It’s another word for NAZISM! But I’m sure you know that already. They have a picture of Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun underneath their description. 

You can go in their old URL name tag and see them speaking to a Nazi. They’re clearly anti-semitic. I’m sure if I had the time to dig some more I’d find a lot more receipts. What is wrong with you anonymous? 

FactualWiley is mocking gender pronouns in the description on their blog. I do not trust them; this blog does not support them. I do not care if you view me as being judgmental for not trusting someone who speaks to a Nazi. I don’t care about FactualWiley’s Black friend or the Trans* person they speak to. Those sentences read like this “They have a Black friend they can’t be a racist” and “Oh they speak to a Trans* person look how tolerate they are!”


This is not up for discussion anymore. If you still feel that this is judgmental. You are completely welcome to unfollow this blog.

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Most of these I’ve already answered :)

2. What turned you Vegan/Vegetarian?

I used to be a huge fan of PETA and my mom would get these magazines in the mail, and I was cooking dinner one night and reading this and realized how weird it sounded for me to say “i love animals” and yet still eat steak and ribs and such. So after that, I cut down on how much meat i ate, and how many other animal products I consumed, and after I moved out, I cut everything out completely.

7. What’s your favourite Vegan/Vegetarian meal and what’s the recipe?

Tbh it’s these chocolate avocado cupcakes

16. Are your family also Vegan/Vegetarian? Regardless of the answer, how does this impact you?

No. So when I go to my mom’s house, I really don’t eat what she cooks, since she’s a real big fan of meat. Then we get into the argument of “fine. don’t eat. nothing’s good enough for you, is it?”

25. What’s the most common question/comment you receive regarding being Vegan/Vegetarian?

“Where do you get protein”

“Are there any vegan meat alternatives that aren’t soy”