gloriously chic

Walking around in Godzilla slippers = automatic raptor hands.

Godzilla slippers are the best slippers ever. They make you walk like Godzilla walks because if you don’t you will fall on your face.

If you don’t know what Godzilla slippers look like…tada!

I got these slippers off in case anyone wants to get their own. They’re pretty much one size fits all. They fit my tiny Cinderella feet and my dad’s big fat Hobbit feet, sooooooo there ya go.

The fabric part feels like fleece and the toes are like vinyl and they do squish if you squeeze them. The slippers have stuffing in them to give them shape. The bottoms have little nubby things that keep you from slipping on non-carpeted floors.

I wouldn’t recommend wearing these outdoors a whole lot. Going out to get the mail or whatever, fine, but don’t try going for a long walk. Don’t go out in them if it’s raining or snowing. Getting them wet might ruin them.

They are not washable because washing might mess up the stuffing that gives them shape. Wearing them outside will get them really dirty really fast. Plus you could tear up the bottoms. They’re not like the bottoms of shoes.

Btw, I suggest wearing socks with the slippers to keep the insides cleaner longer.

For people with mobility issues:

Godzilla slippers should fit over your leg or foot braces if you wear any. 

They could pose problems if you have difficulties with balance and / or difficulties lifting your feet higher than you’re used to. These slippers change your gait. It’s kinda like walking around in swimming flippers.

These slippers might interfere with using canes, walkers or crutches. Again, this depends on how you walk and use your mobility aid.

Wheelchair users: These slippers might make it hard to keep your feet on your footrests, but that might depend on the kind of footrests you have. I’m not a chair user, so I can’t gauge that.

So anyone with mobility issues who might have trouble walking or maneuvering safely a wheelchair while wearing these slippers should only put them on while either sitting down or when it’s not an issue if your feet don’t stay firmly planted on wheelchair footrests. They look gloriously geek-chic whether you’re sitting or walking. :)