I’ve decided to do my first follow forever! Some of these lovelies I have been following since the beginning of time, while others I’ve followed recently; some of them I’m still too awkward to talk to and others I will openly call ‘you little shit.’ So without further ado, these are some of the lovely people that brighten up my dash on a daily basis. 

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♡ If you don’t see your name/url on the list and feel like you should be, message me! It’s likely I spaced out and forgot to type you in… ♡

So in celebration of 1000+ followers I decided to do a follow forever! So if you are not following these listed blogs I suggest you don’t because their perfection will kill you. But in all seriousness, if you don’t follow these blogs, definitely check them out! If you are on this list I have undeniable love for you and your blog <3. Also, big thank you to the hot and lovely Chai® for the beautiful graphic!


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ℬecause I hit 2k recently I decided to update my follower forever! These are all my favorite mutual followers and friends. Just because you aren’t on the list it doesn’t mean I don’t love you to death, but if you think I missed you message me (you aren’t guaranteed to be added but it’s worth a shot!). Thank you guys and I love you all! (Bold are people I stalk, italic are people I talk to/know irl)

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So I decided to make my first follow forever! You guys rock!

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this one’s gonna be short and sweet, filled with the people that i love the most

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justclarra’s second ever follow forever! I just wanted to say thank you to all the amazing blogs that I follow you guys are all fantastic and quality, and I’m so happy all of you exist!

Thank you most of all to:

BeaSteve ♥ Jess Marin ♥ Sanjana ♥ Faith ♥ Olivia ♥ Rae ♥ Jordan

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listed alphabetically thank you for having beautiful blogs. favorites are bold.

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gloriousdoctor asked:

clara and the doctor

I associate three:

+ Teray Bin (Piano Cover by Sunil Kaun) by Qasim Dahir | (listen here)
Why: it’s a beautiful melody that is sweet and soft, it’s simple and clear just like how their relationship is.

+ Young and Beautiful (Panic City Remix) by Lana Del Ray | (listen here)
Why: Because the original is too mainstream. It’s an upbeat song and you could basically capture their timelines and stick it down with superglue and make an album out of it. The lyrics are perfect for their relationship!

+ Raanjhanaa (title song from movie Raanjhanaa) | (PLEASE listen/watch here; video and song starts at 0:14)
Why: I know it’s a Hindi song but if you see the translation it’s like this cheesy lovey dovey whouffle and I’m sorry I’ve got loads of feels!