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I was tagged by @goingtothetardis and @lizann5869 to list my ten favorite movies. Thank you for tagging me! This is in no particular order…. basically because I have no idea what I’m about to say….

1) Avengers (the entirety of the MCU, actually)

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Because I love them all and can’t pick just one, that’s why. MCU got me started on being involved in fandom, not just holding it to myself like some kind of secret. 

2) Harry Potter

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I was about 5-10 years out of the target audience when these books came out, but that didn’t matter. They sucked me in anyway.

3) Deadpool

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Because Deadpool, that’s why. 

4) Dirty Dancing

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Yes ma’am.

5) This Is Spinal Tap

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This movie is BOTH. Endlessly quotable (I do it all the time)…love this movie with my whole heart.

6) Coming to America

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This movie is a masterpiece. Glorious. 

7) Music and Lyrics

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It’s a cute, predictable movie but its one of my favorites. 

Speaking of Hugh Grant….

8) Love Actually

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This needs no justification. 

9) Overboard!

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I feel no shame. 

and finally - 

10) All the Christopher Guest movies

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If you haven’t seen any of these, you need to do so now. 

So there you go. Insight into my dark and twisted mind. 

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listen, i’m not entirely sure if lin-manuel miranda is real or if he’s a mass hallucination


Why you should absolutely adore this movie:

- GLORIOUS music; most in a Polynesian tongue!
- Animation is DROP DEAD gorgeous!!!!
- Realistic characters with real personalities!
- An accurate representation of Polynesian culture as a whole, while being respectful!
- Feminism af!
- Moana was never questioned from her gender, only her lack of experience
- Not a SINGLE fat or gender joke
- Moana was always her own hero and didn’t rely on anyone else, but was capable of asking for help
- MAUI was a realistic flawed male character who was never seen as lesser for having emotions!!!!
- An inspirational story for boys and girls and everyone else!
- Finding yourself is never easy but you can do it!!!!


SEHUN, 2016 Melon Music Awards | cr. hunmong

this series of pics, he’s gLOWINGGGG


Ascending the escalator in jubilant fashion. The look on Farrell’s face at 0:23 during the measured placement of the pen and toothpick on the tray. The raising of the index finger when going through the scanner. The cool indifference when raising the arms at the prompting of the cop. Farrell’s face at 0:39 and 0:42 respectively. Owning the dog. The consistent dumbfuck look on every cops face, especially the last one at 1:16 rofl, and of course the glorious music to accentuate every aforementioned nuance make this scene a thing of cinematic beauty - sheer perfection!


TBH I would probably jump into that fire if Patina Miller’s Leading Player asked me to.

you know what this is
  • you know what this is

we’re going on a trip in our favorite rocket ship :D

they’re so badass they don’t need to wear space suits lol

Crazy Train (w/Pantera, Marilyn Manson, Type-O-Negative and Fear Factory)
  • Crazy Train (w/Pantera, Marilyn Manson, Type-O-Negative and Fear Factory)
  • Marilyn Manson
  • Antichrist Superstar Live

I don’t care if it’s a bootleg recording (low quality), it’s Marilyn Manson, Pantera, Type O Negative and Fear Factory doing Crazy Train together. 


I just had to share this glorious piece of music with you all ^_^

All credit goes to Ronald Jenkees, the maker of this music.

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The way those pants fit & that cocky attitude should be illegal  щ(ಠ益ಠщ)

Beautiful ~ Korean Music Wave in Bangkok 130316

roadhog nerf reaction tiers:

roadhog mains: ungodly sorrow. genuine tears. memorials for a fallen god. for years to come scholars will yell tales of these dark ages. 10/10 sadness

non-roadhog mains: general apathy. happy to not get hooked behind two corners and a door. 2/10 sadness

lucio mains: creeping from the darkness, they rise from the ashes of their fallen brothers. atop the corpses of the hundreds of lucios before them, they stare upon the roadhog mains with glee. “no longer,” they cry. “no longer shall we live in fear of you.” the streets are filled with glorious music. tears of joy wash the streets from months of fear. -100/10 sadness

choir game strong

(i originally found this on DirectionHQ’s youtube channel, which has loads more that are sure to make you cry   x )

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