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Dapper Jack is mute in my mind, just putting that out there, also, while we're at it, what will the other septics do when this new ego shows up?

(I definitely think that’s a solid head canon! It looks canon based on the video, too, so until Sean says otherwise, Dapper will definitely be mute on this blog.)

Marvin is watching the Addam’s Family on Netflix one spooky Halloween afternoon when he hears a distinct knock at the cabin door. He pushes his mask down over his face, thinking that it must be trick-or-treater’s–odd for a cabin in the woods, though–and scrounges up a peppermint, some loose change, and a paperclip to offer them.

What he finds instead is a black and white fellow with a hat and a glorious mustache fiddling nervously with his sleeves. “Oh!” Marvin says, pushing his mask back on top of his head. “You’re new! Funny, Sean didn’t mention he was introducing a new guy.”

The little man gives a shocked look and smiles cheekily before winking and gesturing to himself as if to say that he is just as surprised as Marvin. “Hey, guys!” Marvin calls into the cabin. “We got a new one!”

It sounds like a herd of cattle storming to the door as the other Septic Egos rush to the entrance to greet the newbie. “Come on in,” Chase insists with a laugh. “I’m Chase Brody. The cat-mask guy is Marvin.”

“Und I am ze great doctah Shneeplestein!” Schneep shouts happily, shaking the other man’s hand vigorously.

“And I’m Jackieboy Man, brave hero by day and an even braver hero by night,” the super hero says proudly. “But you can call me Jackie. What’s your name, little fella?”

The new Ego looks surprised and taps his fingers against his mouth while shaking his head. “Oh! Can’t talk, can ya?” Marvin asks. “That’s alright. Here you can write your name for us.”

He hands the black and white man a pad and paper, but he shakes his head before scratching out five simple words, “I don’t have a name.”

Chase holds up the pad for the other Septics to read before smiling at the new guy and clapping him on the shoulder. “Don’t worry about it, bro! I’m sure you’ll get a name soon, and until then, we can just call ya Dapper!”

The little man nods his head excitedly and claps his hands together, glad to have been accepted by the others so well.

Chase nods. “Alright, Jackie, Dapper can bunk with you for now, just until we’ve got things figured out, ok?”

“No problem!” Jackie puts an arm around Dapper’s shoulders and starts to lead him back to their room. “Don’t worry, kid. You’re going to love it here!”



So, a little while back, I was asked if I’d thought of any au’s for my inquisitor, and I said no but with enough time a potterverse would happen. Then cornbeefroast drew a thing and I keep seeing au stuff on my dash and YEAH

drabble series; big bird

part twenty five; pg; early msr, maybe season 2? post abduction; Our duo are on a journey to see a huge fucking bird.

A/N: one. more. chapter. OH MY GOD.

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“Let me get this straight,” Scully says, after the entire story has been revealed to her. “This entire time, we’ve been looking in the wrong place.”

“Nobody asked me,” Brenda says simply, leading them outside. A detour and she’s pulling a baby seat out of a beat down Ford, and urging them to follow her behind her quaint little home.

“Shit,” Mulder says. Shit, Scully says louder, and thinks about what it would be like to smack God.

Behind Brenda’s trailer is another pond, almost a (hydrogen two oxygen) carbon copy of the one located in front of Sandwood Trailer Park. There are minor differences. This pond happens to double as a Harley cemetery: in the very middle, one old clunker reaches out like a hand from the grave. The palmetto bugs are as big as your own hands, depending on how big your hands are. Marshall’s backyard is visible and so is all the evidence these representatives of the federal government generously ignore.

“You’ve got to be fuc–” Mulder clamps his hand over Scully’s mouth. She completes her sentence anyway. Mulder smiles at Brenda benignly, as if in apology, and coos at the small fussy child in her arms.

Brenda hands an agent the baby, and the pair of them stare at it as the mother fills the side pockets of the baby seat with rocks. “To weigh it down. Just in case.” She rubs her hands together, looking determined, and gets the child all strapped in. “Just in case.” And she sits down, right in the patchy, irritating grass, and turns her eyes to the sky.

Mulder and Scully join her. What other option do they have?

The day is hot, the bugs are screaming loud, and all around them is the scent of paper mill and rotten well water. At one point, Mulder has to rub his eyes – the sun is a stinging, vengeful star, one that tends to loathe him like all of space. Scully checks his forehead and passes him the sunglasses. Brenda keeps one hand on top of the baby seat.

Soon, maybe hours later, they are joined by Mr. Craig, who has never once joined them in their search, not after his initial tour. “Hello, Brenda,” he greets, plopping down beside her. He hands her a fat spliff and she takes a fat drag. It’s as if no one believes they are in the presence of police.

Talking to the group, but looking at the sky, Mr. Craig says words that are beautiful but hard to understand. People can sound stupid without being so, another dichotomy of life.

“My ma lived here, and then she moved away.” His red eyes narrow, and his mouth forms a thin line under his glorious mustache. “I came back years ago cuz somethin’ drew me back here.”

Mulder looks at Scully. Scully looks at Mulder.

“You were taken, too,” Brenda says, still glaring at the clouds. “You’re the one the old bag keeps ranting about.”

“She ain’t so bad when you tune her out. Knits nice sweaters, and all. Don’t need sweaters much.”  Then he sighs. “Brenda, you never tried to get to know no one.”

“I never wanted to move here,” she admits.

“We like you here,” says Mr. Craig, so kindly. Brenda nods. Silence resumes. There is a certainty inside them all, and there is a certainty inside of you. It’s a different certainty, though. Believing, as they are, is a much stronger feeling than knowing, as you do. It is hard to put into words just how strongly they feel. But it connects them, even to Mulder and Scully, as it connects Mulder and Scully to them and most certainly to each other.

It is not long before the other trailers begin to filter out. The old woman and her daughter, dragging out their lawn chairs and arguing about women talking in church. Marshall and his chattering, untrustworthy smile. Shania, who’s now lost her few friends, and Dylan, who’s never had any. The girls at end who smack their gum and smile at Mulder. Others who have not been mentioned, but you have met. Sometime in your life, you’ve met them. Mr. Moreton, who means less to this story than he probably should, has even stuck around, and refuses to look Scully in the face.

They sit. They wait.

Today they will see the big bird.

The reflection of the rig in the water in that establishing shot is pretty great. And that mustache is glorious.

(Heavy Metal issue #168, May 1997 - Page 77 Dog Face by Frezzato)


Okay, we need to talk about this book that I purchased a week or two ago.

I was in a wonderful local, independent bookstoore, looking for things with which to spoil Middle Sister’s impending spawn, when I came across this:

Yes, friends, this is a Les Mis picture book.

And it is amazing.

I hereby petition that every musical!Valjean must sing “Who Am I?” to a cat.

The Valjean-Cosette relationship is done so well.


His hair! His posture! The way he’s holding his hat! He’s so perfect!

I guarantee that you are not emotionally prepared to meet Enjolras, but here he is:


Les Amis. We’re going to get a closer look at those speech bubbles because they are amazing:

Cosette really loves… Paris

Valjean has really iffy reasons for doing things…

I love Marius constantly falling over in this one:

And the bittersweet ending:

This book is amazing.

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Your mustache will never be as glorious as mine! (from @doctor-watts-isms)

Alas! It shall never be! A true shame!

(Though to be honest neither of ours will ever come close to Port’s glorious mustache.)

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I think that the worst portrayal of Eggman is SatAM Robotnik. He's more of a Hitler-type Eggman.

It’s the worst portrayal of Robotnik simply because it isn’t Robotnik.

This sickeningly overrated in name only iteration of the character in no way, shape or form resembles Sonic Team’s character. And what only adds on to how bad this iteration of the character is is his blithering incompetence and flat characterization.

There is zilch that is even vaguely original or exceptional concerning his villainy and evilness compared to other saturday morning cartoon villains. And villains of his type are so overdone that nowadays, they’re prone to parody. The character has aged that badly.

What has SatAM Robotnik ever done that is anywhere near as noteworthy as the things game Dr Eggman has done? Does he ever get off his fat arse and competently engage Sonic himself in his own creations? 90% of the time, his large behind was parked in his chair in his HQ telling SWATBots and Snively what to do and on the very rare occasion that he did face Sonic personally, he didn’t last more than a few minutes.

Yeah, that’s soo competent and intimidating! Losing to a 16 year old idiot so frequently![/sarcasm]

His appearance is an incredibly unoriginal take on evil. From the red eyes to the cone head and cape. It’s like his designers were trying too hard only to epitomize a very generic portrayal of ‘evil’. The design is so unsubtle and try-hard that it’s actually amusing. Not to mention the epic level of fail the character designers exhibited when they took this;

And turned it into….whatever the fuck this is supposed to be;

He didn’t create the Roboticizer, he stole it from Uncle Chuck. It was the SWATBots and robotic legions that rounded up 85% of the citizens of Mobotropolis and had them roboticized. His motives for putting Mobius under his thumb are never elaborated upon, he’s doing it for the evulz with no meaning or motive given for his so-called atrocities. A motive is an extremely important aspect of a villain. He ticks every single box for generic evil. From design to mannerisms. And yet he’s considered to be the ultimate incarnation of the character in any Sonic media.

Ha ha ha. No.

Comparitively, game Dr Eggman held an entire world and continents ransom with a giant space gun and to prove he wasn’t screwing around, blew up half of the moon, fights Sonic personally in his mechanical creations, in a stroke of diabolical genius exploits Sonic’s impulsiveness in SA2 and nearly succeeds in killing him (Only a deus ex machina saved Sonic), utilizes Sonic’s arrogance in order to take the opportunity to take the emeralds from him and split the world into pieces in Unleashed, constructs masterpieces of robotics like Metal Sonic and the two Death Eggs and by comparison, has an enormous amount of depth character-wise. Not to mention his appearance in both Classic and Modern forms epitomizes the character’s whimsy and comical nature (Classic Eggman has a cape that’s far too small and a big grin as well as a funny physique whilst Modern Eggman is almost comically-proportioned and has a glorious mustache), which has ALWAYS been the basis of the character’s personality and actions.

Game Dr Eggman wants attention and power and will attempt to establish the Eggman Empire to get this. His desire for fame and the media spotlight is larger than his fat gut. This is called a motive. Eggman doesn’t want to dominate just for the mere reason of having things under his thumb in a hellish technocratic dictatorship like SatAM Robotnik. That is below him. You can see his lust for attention and respect from his spoken desire to be a more brilliant man than his grandfather and his eagerness to use the mind control cannon in Colours to garner the undivided attention of the world’s population. The man is accustomed to being very active, taking it upon himself most of the time to get things done. He’s no Dr Claw esque villain who sits behind a screen and tells his lackeys what to do like SatAM Robotnik.

As an incredibly generic villain who is Robotnik in name only, he is both overrated and not entirely deserving of even being compared to other incarnations of the Doctor.

To put SatAM Robotnik’s genericness in terms of evil into perspective with an example?

Hmmmm…If Space Colony ARK was destined to impact earth;

- Game Dr Eggman would try to prevent this because it is a scenario born of spiteful, non-discerning revenge and the destruction of the planet removes his purpose. As he said in Shadow the Hedgehog, how can he conquer the world and make the Eggman Empire if there IS no world?

- AoStH Robotnik would also try to stop it because the ARK would destroy his beautiful visage spread in various areas of the world.

- SatAM Robotnik would sit back and lulz because that would be the more evil thing to do.

“Flesh is weak, but facial hair is fabulous.”

Happy Snowdown, skulpin. I’m your Secret Santa for the dA group!

Your request:

2. Superb Villain Viktor, with a top hat, monocle, and a glorious mustache.

(( Redesigning him as a Superb Villain was so difficult. I can’t even color. I am so proud of this though. Sorry no top hat though! Anyways, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do! I laughed so hard when I got you for SS! Glad I did though! Happy holidays, friend! ))

Bleach Body Swap: The Sequel

As requested by flyingangelz. :)

Previously on Bleach Lists, I used a random number generator to pair up Bleach characters and then imagined that those two had swapped bodies! Now it is time for a sequel! Once again I will choose pairs of Bleach characters randomly, and then imagine would would happen if they switched bodies!

1. Shinji and Aaroniero

Shinji: T-two heads…

Shinji: Two shrunken heads…

Shinji: And a tentacle hand…

Shinji: The pool of women who will sleep with me just went WAY down!


Shinji: Wait, why are you more upset than me?

2. Chad and Karin

Karin: I-I’m enormous….

Karin: Just let those boys try to take the soccer field from me now!

Chad: Ichigo might be mad about this.

3. Ggio and Hichigo

Ggio: Where the fuck am I?

Ggio: Why are all these buildings sidways?

Ggio: Who’s the old guy standing on the sword?

Ggio: What the FUCK is happening?!

Hichigo: Fuck yeah saber toothed tiger mask!

Hichigo: Time to go find the king.

4. Rukia and Byakuya

Byakuya: Rukia, I will protect your body with my life.

Byakuya: I swear it upon my pride, I will…

Rukia: I feel so tall and elegant!

Rukia: So classy!

Rukia: I knew being Nii-sama would be awesome!

Rukia: Ooooh, let’s prank Renji!

Byakuya: …or we can go that route.

5. Orihime and Hanataro

Orihime: I-I’m…


Hanataro: Wow, these powers will make my job so much easier!

Hanataro: I-I might reach sixth seat after all!

6. Yoruichi and Abirama

Abirama: Fuck yeah new body!

Abirama: I’m  PUMPED to see what it can do!

Yoruichi: A bird dude with heavy metal wings?

Yoruichi: I guess I have to start wearing clothes.

7. Grimmjow and Nemu

Grimmjow: What the hell is this?

Grimmjow: I’m tiny! Unmuscular! 

Grimmjow: I’m wearing a SHIRT

Nemu: I should tell Mayuri-sama about this immediately.

Nemu: I imagine there are some experiments he will want to run.


8. Yammy and Isane


Isane: I can’t be TALLER

Yammy: I’m so fucking tiny!

Yammy: Fuck this!

9. Kiyone and Ikkaku

Kiyone: Dangit! I wanted to be in Ukitake’s body!

Ikkaku: Um

Ikkaku: I was going to comment on my new look

Ikkaku: But I think I’ll just look askance at you for a while.

10. Ishida and Katagiri

Katagiri: Wow, being a young Quincy again…

Katagiri: Brings back memories.

Ishida: So I’m my mom now?

Ishida: Well at least I’ll know what it’s like to have my dad look at me with affection.

Katagiri: Uryu!

11. Ulquiorra and Tessai

Tessai: Boss! I thought we agreed!

Tessai: I won’t be part of any experiments that require me to lose my glorious mustache!!

Ulquiorra: My hollow hole is gone…

Ulquiorra: Does this mean i have a heart?

12. Gin and Keigo

Keigo: Aaaaaaah!

Keigo: I’m that guy! That guy who was chasing us!

Keigo: That creepy guy who was chasing us!!

Gin: Not quite the reincarnation I hoped for.

13. Kyoraku and Szayel

Kyoraku: Thank goodness! Still pink!

Szayel: So I’m the head captain now, am I?

Szayel: Time to give some new orders to Squad 12.

Kyoraku: …my relief is shortlived.

14. Matsumoto and Sung-Sun

Matsumoto: Oh, come on!

Matsumoto: Why do I have to be one of these jerks?

Sung-Sun: I am not happy either.

Sung-Sun: I do not wish to follow a grumpy tiny man.

Matsumoto: Oh. It’s on.

15. As Nodt and Starrk

As Nodt: I feel so….lonely

As Nodt: A loneliness I never felt before!


Starrk: Eh.

Starrk: Sleep it off.