glorious moments

“What’s it like to kill someone?”
"I wish I could show you”, he says, running his hands through her still wet curls, leaving kisses and bruises on her delicate skin, murmurs, “I wish you’d understand. You’d love it, I know you would.”
“But what’s it like?”, she asks again, voice barely above a whisper, hands tangled in his, and there’s the smell of sweat and blood and bleach. A cheap motel room and street lights paint different shades on their skin. But she doesn’t care, looks at him and the way his eyes go wide, a deadly glimmer in them when he thinks about these frantic, glorious moments after a kill. He answers, voice steady, “It’s like falling in love.”
—  r.m | Excerpts #39

150705 EXO Baekhyun & Yesung duet @ SMTOWN Tokyo Day 1 

I just read the caption “Castiel: full body shots” as “Castiel: body shots” and for a glorious moment I was sure this was a fic about Cas doing body shots of tequila and I was pretty da,n excited.

I see there’s a new desperate hater in town whom I promptly ignored and just put on Tumblr savior… given they were being ignored by everyone sensible, me included, they deemed it appropriate to try and follow me. I sure as hell screencapped that glorious (not) moment. LOL.

The most hilarious thing is this one hates on Kerry. Why they’d follow me is beyond me, when I have always firmly been on HER side and against that poor excuse of a human being she never married, and by this I mean at ALL times. This one must have missed that I was the one who first and firmly stood up against her haters back when shading her was a sport. Lest people forget, VARIOUS things happened on here while the World Cup (the one in Brazil, remember?) was ongoing and Kerry was insulted by everyone and their mother.


Once again showing how PRESSED and DESPERATE for attention these people are. LMAO. It is hilarious. And beyond pathetic.

harry is out there celebrating with all of us for this glorious moment in american history and he’s not even american it’s just another reason why he’s the most precious being in all the land

Jurassic Phantomhive

Ciel is the type of person who would fund a dinosaur park. He discovers Undertaker’s bizarre doll tech. and applies it to dinosaur fossils. Zombie dinosaurs now contained in a London park. Of course Ciel would make a ridiculous amount of carnivores and when they break free, he’ll just tell everyone “don’t worry. My butler’s got this.”

It’s the first time Sebastian’s ever been ordered to fight a dinosaur. What even is his life. He doesn’t know anymore. All he knows is that this is the height of his existence- he will never take part in such a glorious moment again.


Well, it’s time for hero rescue princess! Are you ready?
(I leave the credit at Youtube page. - Actually it has nothing to credit beside the name of this anime which is already known - LOL)

I was getting my hair cut today, and one of the stylists knows I’m a big movie buff. So while another was doing my hair, she came over and asked if I’d seen Fury Road yet. After I said I had, and I’d loved it, she goes “Oh that Tom Hardy is fit!” and I shit you not, all three of us sighed like the triplets in Beauty and the Beast who fawn over Gaston.

It was a beautiful moment.