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do you take on any mundane jobs along with your duties as a nation? any favorites?

Not really any mundane or human jobs, I think you mean. We nations don’t do very much. 

But I’ve always wanted to do this hired mercenary thing. I’ve seen it a lot in movies and America mentions it in his video games often. If I were human I would wish to take that on as an occupation. Hired to kill the ‘bad guys’ and one day go rogue to enact revenge actions against some power-hungry mad-man… Glorious.

((Dovah: I think u missed understood…’))
Oh did I? … Well, I don’t do much outside of being a nation. I barely do that, though. I haven’t gone to a meeting in a while, a few months at least… Lithuania and Ukraine have ceased attempts at contact, brother is a shifty bastard who has not made any attempt at contact, just sending his business men and government officials, per the usual.

Insert realization she has no friends nor family nor hobbies


listen, i’m not entirely sure if lin-manuel miranda is real or if he’s a mass hallucination

Little Dude Eren and Little Man Levi

Check out what got sent to me today!

This is the awesome amazing commission from f-premaur and go check their art! (And their blog in general cause it’s hella cool). 

Thank you so much! I absolutely love it to pieces <3