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lilies or roses? pick one, Mun too :3

Shuu: “Lilies. Can I go back to sleep, now? Tch…”

Reiji: “Lilies have a more pure, delicate look than roses, which have a stronger, I’d even say more fierce, one. So I’d choose one of them depending on the situation”.

Laito: “Mh~ Either is fine, depending on the girl, nfufu~” [MTK: Laito.] Fufu~ I like what you like, Funny-chan~ ♥.

Kanato: “Both of them. They both look good on my dolls, isn’t that right, Teddy?”

Ayato: “Who cares? They’re just flowers… But I like red roses because they have a glorious colour! Just like me!”

Subaru: “Roses. I thought that white roses were pure… But lilies might be even more purer… tch…” [MTK: So you prefer lilies…?] “Wha- No- WHO CARES!”

Ruki: “Roses.”

Kou: “Mh~ I admit I’m a bit uncertain~ Mhhh… I’ll just choose roses~!”

Yuuma: “Both of them, heh”.

Azusa: “Lilies… seem very… pretty and… heartwarming… indeed…”

Carla: “Lilies.”

Shin: “I’m not that interested in flowers, but I’d choose lilies. They have a fainter scent and I hate those thorns roses have*… Tch…” 

[MTK: Oh my, this is a difficult question… I do like roses, but lilies too… But both of them are not really my favourite flowers, so… but usually I refer more to roses… At the same times, I think lilies are really pretty… Mhhhhhh… I can’t choose TvT.]

* {Headcanon: Shin-kun  had once tried to smell some roses while in his wolf form - since he was younger, he was just a puppy~ - and got his nose pricked by the thorns~}


Sigh so this is what I did instead of sleeping


Draco was a wounded snake. He remained with his belly flat to the ground, hiding in the darkest bushes to remain safe from predators while he healed. But Luna couldn’t be slippery and silent and serpentine. She couldn’t be confined to the darkness like he was. Luna was a glorious, colourful bird; she longed for the open skies and the summer sun, and to swoop and soar and circle the fluffy white clouds. Her kind heart kept her wings clipped, and Draco took her for granted.

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Draco/Luna aesthetic, as requested by bellaemysclarke <3


Plant of the Day

Wednesday 20 May 2015

The glorious diversity and subtle colour choices in Cayeux bearded irises (sometimes sold as Iris germanica cultivars). This French nursery specialises in irises and their display at the RHS Chelsea Show allows you to compare them in great detail. These plants will cope with drought once established and need their rhizome to be exposed on the soil surface.

The Writtle School of Design Show starts today with a wonderful display of our undergraduate, postgraduate and diploma students final year work - thank you to them all for working so hard.

Jill Raggett