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"You know you don't need to go to magic school to become a muggle police officer," the sorting hat tells Greg. "I know, but I promised my mum I'd go so I could learn spells to protect myself on the job," Greg explains, "and save people who deserve it." "So Hufflepuff or Gryffindor?" The hat asks him. "Which do you think will get me the attention of that cute boy you just put in Ravenclaw?" Greg replies. "GRYFFINDOR!" The hat shouts. "Thank you," Greg whispers.


Portal 3


The start menu has the typical “Press START to Continue”. Pressing start allows you to proceed to the menu, but pressing any other button causes GLaDOS’ voice to come out and say degrading things such as:

“That’s not the start button. I suppose you failed kindergarten a few times.”

“Your mother must be so proud to have raised an ignoramus.”

“*slow clap* you’re still trying.”

“Congratulations - you’ve earned a lifetime in the room of screaming robots.”

“I may as well help you proceed since you can’t do it by yourself.”

“This is almost painful to watch.”

After pressing any other button and then the start button, GLaDOS says “Finally we can begin” in a condescending tone.


WEEK 10: My Great British Miniature Make Off is COMPLETE, I DID IT⭐️ Here is Nadiyas glorious wedding cake that earned her the WINNER of GBBO 2015, well done and well deserved Nadiya ❤️ 

THANK YOU to everyone for all your support, encouragement and kind messages that have kept me going over 10 weeks, it’s been incredible👍🏼 also a MASSIVE THANK YOU to all the Bakers, who have been so lovely to me x

I’m off for a rest now!