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Sherlock Fic 626

radicalnothing | John/Sherlock | E | 6,319 words

(221) We can talk tomorrow when we’re both alert. My mind is somewhere else right now.
(1-221) Where’s it at?
(221) In your pants.

John and Sherlock and the slow burn of a blossoming romance through inebriated textual exchange.

What a perfect mix of humour (“Reason number one: he likes having a nice, relaxing evening without Sherlock borrowing his cell to make angry, glottal calls in some imprecise Slavic dialect (last time that happened he’d ended up signing for a package shaped upsettingly like a sniper rifle and Sherlock had snatched it happily from his hands).” and “Before he has enough time to ponder if Sherlock himself can be classified as a virus (frightening, exhausting, chemically-resistant, cellularly alien, bloody impossible to kill [God, Sherlock is mononucleosis]), he gets another text.”) and smut (God, the story’s intense and scorching hot!) – and let’s not forget BAMF!John and those drunk texts either. Brilliant work!

anonymous asked:

That fanon!Hermione list is why you are still one of my favorite Hermione writers after years of reading HP fanfiction, like really. As popular as Hermione seemed to be, the amount of people projecting victim-ism and helplessness into her just so the male character can save the day is just so damn prevalent, and the fanfics that portrayed her as the BAMF that she is is so little. Please don't ever change!

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