Kidge Headcanon No.16

This headcanon is based off the song “Good Night” by Glorina. I know I said on IG that there wasn’t going to be a headcanon today, but I just needed to do something nice to get my mind off things…

Keith: *driving up to Pidge’s house in a truck*

Pidge: *In the passenger seat*

Keith: *puts the truck on ‘Park’* Here we are, Ms. Katie.

Pidge: *smiles and unbuckles her seatbelt* Thanks again for the date, Keith. I’m glad we could hang out for a while.

Keith: No problem, Pidge. *smiles back at her*

Pidge: *kisses him on the cheek and gets out* See you tomorrow! *closes door behind her and runs up to her front door*

Keith: *puts the car on 'Drive’ and starts backing up, but looks up at Pidge one last time*

Pidge: *blows Keith a kiss before walking inside and closing the door*

Keith: *smiles even more and drives off*

Keith’s Mind: That was fun. However… it felt like it didn’t end right… I should’ve kissed her. I’m going to kiss her.

Keith: *stops the car on the side of the road, gets out of the car and runs back to Pidge’s house*

Keith’s Mind: Just a goodnight kiss.

Keith: *runs up the porch and raises hand to knock*

Pidge: *sees Keith out the window and opens the door* Keith! What are doing back here? Where’s the truck? *closes the door behind her*

Keith: *cups her face and kisses her*

Pidge: *surprised, but kisses back happily*

Keith: *breaks the kiss and smiles* Goodnight, Katie.

Pidge: *smiles back at him* Goodnight, Keith.

This is really hard for me to say since you’ve all been so kind and understanding with me since I joined, but it’s the best time to do it. After talking with Tia, I’ve decided to go on a long term hiatus. Since I’m not in any paras at the moment, I thought better now than before things pick up again. I probably won’t be back until summer break since I don’t think my workload will get any lighter, and I know it’s a long time, but I’ll definitely have more time then even with work and volunteering. I’m really sorry to anyone to whom this causes an inconvenience with plots. I’ll miss you all very much while I’m gone. <3 If you need to contact me, just ask Tia. She can reach me through Facebook and Skype, which I’m on often.