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On the Avoid-Them characters... Is there a way to pull these off well? Make them antagonists?

Absolutely.  I didn’t mean you shouldn’t write those archetypes at all, I just meant that, in my opinion, you should refrain from glorifying them the way a lot of modern media does (particularly in the case of the male protagonists.)  

You can write abusive partners, for instance, just don’t present their behavior as noble or romantic.

You can write entitled “nice guys,” but don’t present them as correct in their assumption that the women they desire are owed to them.  

You can write autistic characters with neuroses and quirks, but put in an effort to depict them with authenticity, accuracy, and respect instead of making them a conglomeration of blaring stereotypes.

And you can write abusive parents, but make sure the narrative makes it clear that their behavior was wrong and nothing will justify it.

And so forth.  I’d also like to make it clear that you don’t have to take my advice, as my opinion is, by nature, subjective.  But in any case, I hope this helps!

Best of luck, and happy writing.  <3  

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why is it so bad that Snape changed because of Lily? That he changed sides because of guilty? Is that not what you do when you regret things? don't you try to change when you feel bad about what you did?

i knoooooow

antis always try to put snape’s defection in a negative light & it honestly makes me scream bc every major character makes changes bc of other people. dumbledore changes bc of his sister, regulus changes bc of kreacher, sirius changes bc of his friends, draco changes bc of his parents, narcissa changes bc of draco….. the list goes on. there are TWO (2) other death eaters who both defect for love/a person and literally nobody brings that up to drag them like…. where are the people side-eyeing narcissa for only defecting to save draco???? nowhere. (instead they glorify her for loving her son lmao.) where are the people dragging regulus for only defecting bc of kreacher??? N O W H E R E.

snape defected for lily and that’s fine. sometimes you change your life bc of the people around you - sometimes you only realize how shitty the choices you’ve made are when they actually touch you in a personal way and that’s fine. what’s important isn’t even WHY snape defected it’s that HE DID. that he STAYED defected for years and years, that he gave up everything to get rid of voldemort, that he spied & risked his life for that one thing, that he died to do it. that’s what matters. i wish people would stop pretending that his guilt being the motivation negates everything good he’s ever done.

god imagine being emily vancamp though

going from being the lead of a very successful show, to cast as the female lead of winter soldier and her role diminished and given to someone else at the last minute, only to come back in the next movie in another glorified cameo and have the entire fandom hate her and send her insults all over social media, and boo her at premieres, and have journalists make articles upon articles detailing how useless her character was and bc of it all that not be included in a movie where every other marvel character is supposed to appear 

When did dd/lg become an ok thing as a real relationship dynamic, not just a short term kink? When was glorifying pedophilia and incest okay? It’s funny you see people kink shaming for MAPs but not littles… but if you ask a little to explain themselves to a real victim of incest they can’t. They fuckkgcant. I know I had them try. So please for god’s sake if you wouldn’t write pedophilia DO NOT WRITE DD/LG. It is NOT something to glorify!

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weird question: so there's a group of people who like to glorify/romanticize murderers and a family member of mine's child was murdered. if they start romanticizing the murderer, can I report them?

Yes! That would definitely qualify as harassment according to our definition in the TOS.

Am I the ONLY one who hates the “glorified babysitter Roadhog” trope??? Like, so many people seem to think its “lolol hilarious!!” While I’m over here disgusted and frankly offended at the infantilization of a grown ass 25 year old, and the complete erasure of the fact that Roadhog ALSO likes to cause mayhem and distruction and have a good time.


My favorite criminal justice blog was blocked on the company internet. I guess I read it too much.

I had my interview yesterday for the Team Leader position and it went really well. It was essentially a glorified meeting with my boss, but I was still really nervous. I have a couple shitty answers that rambled and had no ending, but overall I feel good about my chances.

The wedding was fun and much different than expected. There were less than fifty people there. The bride’s family ran late. The clothing choices of my fellow young men was terrible (white socks?!). But Cat looked beautiful as a bridesmaid, I ate free food, and we saw a popular local weatherman.

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I am also catching up on Wallander and am interested to know your thoughts on it. What do you think of it so far? And what do you think of Toms character Magnus?

Hi there Non-A-Bon! Well, aren’t I flattered that you care to know my thoughts :)

I’ve watched it before and thought it was a good show. Ken really does a great job with Wallander. His frustration and exasperation with his work is very well portrayed. The plot lines are good (I found myself wanting to finished the episodes in one sitting, which I can never seem to do!) The locations and shots of scenery are just lovely as well. Very beautifully done.

Getting on to young Tommy H. He’s so cute with his Noodle Dome. I love it. He’s swoon worthy, in his business casual with the dad jeans, all angsty and irritated all the time. Not that I blame him. He’s kind of treated like a glorified secretary. He answers the phone a lot. A LOT. And he’s super sassy. I love Magnus.

Tom plays the part well. He’s a young detective. He means well, but sometimes he isn’t as, shall we say, compassionate as he could be. Perhaps it's something that could come with experience. He wants in on the big case and doesn’t think that the young suicide case that he is working on is worth his time. He’s a little bit of an ass, but again, I think its more that he’s young and hasn’t seen it all yet.

Magnus gets more screen time in the later episodes that he’s in, and there’s a great episode where Tom shines.  The emotion on his face in that scene is just, wow. I’m not going to say which one, in case you haven’t seen it yet, but when you do, you’ll know. Ugh. Yes.

So, yeah. I liked Wallander. Hubs thought the first episode was, in his words, “Weird, but interesting.” For Hubs, that’s equal to one thumb up. Hope that answered your question :)

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What you see online does not portray what animal ownership is really like

Pet ownership online is extremely glorified, every time you see a goofy little pet your initial instinct is to scream “I want one!” because it’s cute and doesn’t seem that difficult to care for.

What is posted on Tumblr and other networks does not accurately display what it’s like really working with these animals on a daily  basis.

Here’s a few personal examples:

Online: “All the birds online do this, it must be a common behaviour, they all must love it! I want a bird so I can do this!”

Reality: Months of refusing human contact, seldom wanting to be around people, every moment of my free time spent training and working to create a positive bond where she would then allow me to do this, not all birds like being touched, there’s never a guarantee they would learn to like it

Online: “Wow this is neat, I want a bird so I can do this, I would look really cool!”

Reality: Years of setting up a good diet, years of basic training, years of trust building, her refusing to cooperate, lack of training interest, struggling to get her back on track, months of learning the concept, making sure the right muscles develop properly, feeding a diet to help muscle development, training her so she flies correctly without harming herself, gaining her confidence so she takes off on her own,

Online: “I want a bird so I can take it out for walks and show off!”

Reality: Months of getting used to the harness, learning to put on the harness, learning to be comfortable with the harness on, getting her used to the outdoors, climate adjustments, watching her behaviours, making sure every outdoor experience is a good one, months of recall training and trust building so if something goes wrong there’s a better chance of her coming back.

Online: “Aw they’re so cute I want them!”

Reality: Introducing them properly, making every encounter positive, weeks of quarantine, making sure they get used to each-other over the course of a few months, setting up multiple food bowls, eliminating aggression that occurred, spending a lot of time trying to figure out what they’re fighting over, solving the problems, there’s no guarantee two birds will ever get along

Online: “wow what a pretty blue! I want a blue bird, it’s such a cool colour!”

Reality: Trying to set up a proper diet, refusing to eat vegetables, developing fatty liver disease, feather pigmentation faded, spent several months trying to convert her on to a fresh food diet, running out of ways to serve foods so she’ll eat it, finally converting her, struggling to convert her on to pellets, spending every single present day working to feed this picky eater, spending hours preparing meals just so she will be healthy

Online: “wow those feather sure are pretty! I want a bird to be flighted so it can fly to me on command!”

Reality: Years of proper training, setting her up on the right path, making sure to exercise certain muscles so she can control her flight, bird proofing the entire house, having loads of safety precautions put in place, doing training to exercise her brain so the reactions develop properly, putting obstacles in the way so she learns to maneuver, flight training so she has the strength to fly against winds if she ever escapes, recall training in case anything goes wrong, working to build confidence in her flight abilities, daily flight sessions so she continues to build muscle.

That doesn’t even include all the cage cleaning, expenses, socialization, stimulation and day to day care these little birds need.

Almost everything online is glorified to some extent, if you see something you think is cute or that you would like one in the future please research it! Get hands on experience and learn about them, there’s a lot more that goes on behind the scenes that you may think.