I can’t believe how some people manage to twist the body positivity movement into glorifying obesity. If you’re one of those people then listen the fuck up: body positivity isn’t about not improving yourself, being okay with being unhealthy, eating junkfood and being lazy guilt free, etc. The body positivity movement is about learning to love your body enough to take proper care of it. If you hate yourself, you’re never going to care about yourself enough to become healthy. The fact that some people are so selfish that they want to take away a movement about loving yourself is sickening and beyond me.

"glorifying obesity"

where did the phrase “glorifying obesity” come from? that same jackass spin guy who invented the phrase “death panels” or whoever came up with the phrase “partial birth abortion”? so far i’ve seen it used to refer to:

- a fat person who is not twisting in misery in some way
- a fat person who doesn’t hate being fat
- a fat person who takes a picture of themselves
- a fat person who has a blog
- a fat person

and i’m honestly not even sure what fatphobic people even mean by it? also, what do they think is going to happen? they hate fat people so much that they think it’s cool to harass them on the internet and call them unhealthy (and hate people because of their perceived health status), yet they feel that a picture of a happy fat person is a serious threat? you live in a culture where your hatred of fat people and concern trolling about their health is socially acceptable; worrying that pictures of happy fat people are going to lead to a speed-gaining epidemic because being fat looks so glorious is pretty melodramatic and frankly fucking ridiculous.

i hope people see pictures of happy fat people and start seeing us as people and start treating us humanely. i hope unhappy fat people see pictures of happy fat people and start to think that maybe they could be happy in their fat bodies sometimes. if that is “glorifying obesity” than i am down for glorifying obesity and i’ll sing it from the rooftaps. i am fat and super fucking happy and it is pretty glorious. try it and we can share clothes.


Important sweatshirt. This is by Monki who have a knack of making kitschy stuff look arty rather than costumey, as my friend Ushshi pointed out today. I mean, this isn’t even my **signature style** but I’m so happy in my pizza sweat! pizza sweat 

My shoes are an ancient charity shop find and the floral crown is sort of handmade, and the skirt was on ridic sale from asos. Cute cheap outfit! 

Shop the look here

why can’t you just eat less?
1500 calories
1200 calories
1000 calries
800 calories
600 calories
0 calories

what if you dont eat?
processed food

what if you only eat?
low fat
low calorie
lemon juice
low carb
vegetables that are purple
fruits that are square
paper plates

can you do what these people did?
my uncle drank cayenne pepper
my mom ate a salad every meal
my sister ran 14 hours a day
my friend prayed really hard
my coworker died so it didn’t matter any more

how about you just try?
something more flattering
a different style
a different size
a different store
a different body

can’t you just exercise?
but not outside
not in the gym
not in those clothes
not in that sport
not anywhere i can see you

won’t you regret?
not going to the gym 
that bite
wearing that
being alive
your entire life

—  the many questions that surround my fattness, a.b.

So let me see if I can get this straight, a size 22 Model is glorified for being obese and having a pretty face, but a fitness trainer who lost all her baby weight and got her abs back by eating healthy and working out is a horrible person who glorifies eating disorders?

Fuck man, where do we draw the line and stop putting precious feefees before the honest fucking truth?


I’ve always hated my fat arms.

I always tried to hide them, because I didn’t want people to compare them to the thin arms that I was constantly surrounded by and often compared to.

And when I began to accept my arms for what they were, instead of what society wanted me to think what they should look like, I stopped hating myself and living for others. I began to wear short sleeved shirts and wave my arms around because I was finally comfortable in them.

My arms will never be compared to twigs or be synonymous with the word slender, but that doesn’t matter to me anymore. I’m finally content with myself and embrace my gigantic, fucking fat, strong, and controversial arms and that’s all that should matter.