To anyone who says that they are "glorifying obesity"

Your rolls are not “glorious”

Sweat trapped under rolls is not good.

Stretch marks are natural, but when they are bold purple, and painful and tearing, its because your skin was not meant to expand so much, so quickly.

Neither are chafed thighs, red and raw just because of walking around too much, without coverings. Maybe because it’s summer and you got a new bathing suit. Maybe a dress or skirt. Its uncomfortable for a reason.

A bad diet very often will give you bad acne, which means that when you sweat, it stings badly.

Your knees hurting because you have trouble carrying the extra weight on your body, which was not meant to be there, is also for a reason.

Take time to notice that none of this is created by a “fat phobic” society.
This is your body telling you to STOP.
Stop eating so much .
To lose weight , you don’t need a gym or expensive foods.
Just think about what you put into your body.
Don’t treat your body like a trash bin.

Unhealthy foods aren’t “bad”, its just that they are treats, which you don’t need every day.

Drink water regularly, count the soda as a treat, because it’s not free of calories.

Lastly, stop pushing this shitty mentality that its OKAY TO GIVE UP ON YOURSELF TO CHILDREN.
A decent percentage of users on here are children!
This site is 13+

They have enough to deal with without fucking ADULTS telling them to inflict this pain on themselves.

Because they were “meant to be fat”.

Because they can not change it.

Cut that crap out.

They deserve better than living like that.

Thoughts on fat positivity...

I understand wanting to love the body you have now. There is no sense in hating yourself for the situation you are currently in. Love yourself. Find the beauty in your body as it is currently. But don’t give up on yourself. If you really love yourself, you’ll never stop bettering yourself. And that includes doing your best to make yourself as healthy as you can be. I understand some people can’t do certain things. I understand weight loss is hard. But do what you can do, even if it is small. Show yourself some love by keeping your body healthy. Eat as healthy as your situation allows. Drink plenty of water. Do whatever exercise you can, when you can. Don’t give up and fall into this rut of, “This is the best I’ll ever be.” Don’t let tumblr tell you that being inactive and eating poorly is okay. I understand limitations, but work within those limitations. Don’t give up on yourself. Never give up on yourself.

why can’t you just eat less?
1500 calories
1200 calories
1000 calries
800 calories
600 calories
0 calories

what if you dont eat?
processed food

what if you only eat?
low fat
low calorie
lemon juice
low carb
vegetables that are purple
fruits that are square
paper plates

can you do what these people did?
my uncle drank cayenne pepper
my mom ate a salad every meal
my sister ran 14 hours a day
my friend prayed really hard
my coworker died so it didn’t matter any more

how about you just try?
something more flattering
a different style
a different size
a different store
a different body

can’t you just exercise?
but not outside
not in the gym
not in those clothes
not in that sport
not anywhere i can see you

won’t you regret?
not going to the gym 
that bite
wearing that
being alive
your entire life

—  the many questions that surround my fattness, a.b.

Yellow tissue == fat. notice the intestines? Fat. Notice what’s worse? The heart!

How about them knees? Even worse imagine the weight those bones must carry. The ankles. Say goodbye to cartilage! And how often do you hear fatties complain about how the doctors don’t give a shit because they are fat shaming and tells them they need to lose weight because that’s the source of the problem. The the fatty just the proceeds to say the doctor is mean and doesn’t know what he’s talking about…. Yeah… Think about it.

No such thing as big boned. And no such thing as fat shaming… Just the big FAT truth.