glorifying war

“I want a fantasy series that takes place in a unique world that isn’t just based on medieval Europe”

“I want a fantasy series where everyone isn’t a white dude”

“I want a fantasy series with well written female characters”

“And mentally ill characters”

“I want a fantasy series with protagonists I can actually root for instead of grey morality for the sake of it but then it’s poorly done so everyone just winds up as an unsympathetic asshole”

“I want a fantasy series that doesn’t glorify war and treats it like the horror it is”

“In these troubled times what I really want is a heavy, blunt instrument that I can, if need be, use to defend myself”

This book is a fascinating piece of world building, both for what’s in it and what’s not.  There is only one pro-Jedi Republic-era poster in here and, according to the book, it was produced but never used. Apparently the Chancellor and the Jedi Council both decided not to make the Jedi the face of the Republic war effort.  Instead, the helmeted clone trooper, those ‘boys in white,’ ended up as the Republic’s literal poster boy. This move makes complete sense from Palpatine’s perspective. It’s a lot harder justifying the extermination of the Jedi Order to the public if they’ve spent the last 3+ years being galactic heroes.  Apparently the Jedi objected to the poster because they didn’t want to glorify the war or their role in it.  Instead, they sacrificed control of the narrative and that narrative became consistently negative.

Vote for the military creation act because the only thing between you and oblivion is the Jedi and they haven’t exactly done the best job securing Peace and Justice lately. Even before the war, people felt failed by the Jedi.  They didn’t have the resources or, let’s be honest, the will to deal with slavery or other forms of oppression endemic to the Outer Rim.  They were distant and inscrutable and the vast majority of the galaxy had never seen one.  In fact, the most famous Jedi before the war was Dooku, an ex-Jedi who was decidedly anti-Republic. Could the Jedi really be trusted to protect them and the Republic, the poster asks. No, vote to create a standing army to defend the Republic from the Separatist threat.

Meanwhile, the Separatists were churning out stuff like this which showed the Jedi as menacing forces actively oppressing the people.  They are terrifying and keep cutting off people’s hands.  Oh, won’t someone please save us from them!

Interestingly enough, the complete lack of pro-Jedi propaganda during the war undermines the ‘Hero Without Fear’ narrative from the RotS novelization. It is, however, consistent with the way Anakin and the Jedi were portrayed in the Clone Wars series which is to say, largely anonymously. He was well known within the Order, but a sitting senator had no clue who he was beyond his role as generic Jedi. 

Anakin wasn’t a poster boy.  The Jedi weren’t poster boys. No one knew them, not really.  They were distant, inscrutable, and ineffectual. They were powerful and strange and terrifying. No wonder no one said boo when the Chancellor accused them of trying to over throw the government. No wonder no one mourned them when they were gone.

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Speaking of ~controversial issues~ back in high school, our history teacher reminded us about the anniversary of pearl harbor for class. That day two white girls showed up wearing the rising sun flag as a headband and claimed Japan should have won WW2, and even after I told them what happened to South East Asia, I was apparently being too sensitive since it was in the past :/ The white girls were weebs.

that’s like wearing nazi swastikas and telling people to not be offended “””it was in the past”””. i literally hate white weebs. how dumb, racist and deep in your fetishization can you be to glorify war crimes that many of the country’s actual people even denounce… how far can you be up hetalia’s ass

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but hamilton is ABOUT a white slave-owner, not a black man?

how do i let this keep happening.

I’m not going to dig in on the Discourse™ of what Hamilton is “about”, or the morality of depicting figures like Thomas Jefferson or George Washington as charming or paternal or good people when they were, in fact, slave owners, and/or whether it’s questionable to have black actors playing them. I’m not a black person, so my opinion on that isn’t exactly valid here.

But the FACT of the matter is: Hamilton was written by a Latin American man who made a point to cast it with non-white actors, and the subtext of Burr vs Hamilton (and this is in some ways especially notable in “Wait for It”, the song quoted in that gifset of White Ladies) is about two modes of non-white existence and survival: Burr’s tendency to assimilate, keep his head down, wait for the right time to speak out, vs Hamilton’s brash, out there, confrontational attitude. 

So the super-imposing of that message over all these white ladies is particularly annoying to me, partly because it ignores the message/conflict, and especially because of the contrast of Hamilton having many non-white actors (especially non-white women) in actually important roles, which the Star Wars franchise continues to refuse to do.

so you know the lines from Bilbo’s traveling song: 

Eyes that fire and sword have seen/And horror in the halls of stone/Look at last on meadows green/And trees and hills they long have known.

and now I’m thinking about Tolkien and World War I and coming home from it where almost all his friends died and now I’m emotional

so much of Tolkien’s ethos of war is this and the idea that he simply “glorifies war” is so frustrating to me because it’s like…no, where Tolkien’s heart is isn’t in the battles, it’s in the coming home, trees and hills they long have known.

wow suddenly I’m super emotional about this whoops

  • Chris Jericho: People like to glorify the Monday Night Wars -- it was a real war. There was a war, man. I was on the WCW team, but it was, like, "our team" and "your team," and if you worked one, you know what I mean, it was a real kind of serious deal.
  • JBL: I remember the time DX invaded you guys in Norfolk or wherever it was, and I remember Vince telling Hunter and those guys, "Listen, if Haku walks out, just leave."

“Hetalia glorifies war! Hetalia is racist!”

I was like that over a year ago, and then I actually gave it a chance, and I can tell you that they aren’t.

So then what about half the movies produced in Hollywood? Everyone’s seen or liked at least one of them.

Does anyone remember how a couple years ago a Mennonite college said they would no longer play the national anthem at sporting events because the lyrics glorify war and they’re strict pacifists and there was a giant massive backlash from people complaining about “PC culture” as if this religious sect wasn’t just being consistent with beliefs they’ve had for hundreds of years

The deal with Anzac Day

People are saying we are glorifying war. No. We are commemorating the fallen soldiers. We are thanking them for their sacrifice and remembering them.


“They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old”

Think about that. They will be young forever, stupid forever, reckless forever, brave forever. We will grow, change, and become older.

“Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn”

They will not be brought down by their age. The years have not condemned them, and they won’t ever. They were so young. And they died, whether for country, family, or honour. They died, whether they wanted to be there or not.

“At the going down of the sun, and in the morning"

Forever. Day, night, always.

“We will remember them”

Hell if we don’t. We will remember. Yes, it was a class war, yes, it was a bosses war, but that doesn’t change the fact that these young men died. That doesn’t change the fact of how awful it was.


So yes. Don’t shoot us Australians and New Zealanders down. Because those young men were family. And we will remember them.

Lest we forget

I went and saw American Sniper tonight.
I knew about the criticisms of the film, and also of the praise it has gotten, before I had seen it, but I figured I should see for myself.

After seeing the film with my own eyes I don’t think it deserves the criticism it’s been getting.

Hear me out.

Almost every film made by America could be pointed out as propaganda, and there’s been no shortage of war movies that glorified Americas involvement in war.

This year has been an exceptional year for films about struggles, adversity, and illnesses.

Still Alice: early onset Alzheimer’s
Wild: grief/self destruction
Cake: Addiction
Birdman: Schizophrenia/depression
/edit: The theory of everything: ALS/

And now, American Sniper sheds light on Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

To directly address accusations that this movie glorifies war, I simply disagree, nothing about the premise, production, or story of the movie do anything to glorify it. However several characters in the film glorify war themselves but this reflects real life where real life, and is not projected. Often times we see the main character offered high fives or compliments for his kills or actions, and he turns them down, or discourages it.

If this film is guilty of glorifying anything it’s patriotism. For every ounce of “glorification” there was a pound of shock, discomfort, and fear.

The language used in the film wasn’t injected with offensive terms, it was accurate to what you would have heard if you stood next to any solider at that time in the war. Sure things that were said were offensive and wrong, but they weren’t intended to offend you, they were intended to be realistic.

I think the real problem people have with this movie is it’s proximity to realtime events featuring the same groups. But the film cannot be judged for those events, it can only be judged for it’s substance.

Kids saying disgusting things on Twitter about wanting to go out and snipe Muslims cannot be blamed on this movie. People go out and street race after watching a fast and furious movie, but they’ve still made like 7 of those movies. People see things every day, how they interpret and respond to those things is their individual responsibility, and if they are minors then that responsibility falls on their parents.

All in all it was a good watch, it wasn’t amazing, but it wasn’t terrible. I’m sure this is a surprising review to hear from an anti war person, but I’m also an artist and a film lover. Do with this information what you will.

my two cents on American Sniper

I am so annoyed of people saying that American Sniper showed a man “enjoying killing Arabs” and that the movie “glorified war.” Those people clearly did not watch and grasp the point of this movie. It is a about a man who, after 9/11, thought it was his duty to go over seas and fight for OUR freedom, something many people forget about. People are so self absorbed in their cushy lives that they have no idea what’s going on out there. This entire movie was not to glorify war. It was to show what one soldier had to go through, the PTSD he obtained after being there for so many years and even what his family had to go through. yes, he may have made comments about how they were “savages” but can you imagine fighting for your life and having to risk your life EVERYDAY for your country?! he saw Arabs whose life’s mission was to kill American soldiers. Jesus people. You say that we shouldn’t even be in war? There are men and women out there fighting to keep us safe and people take that for granted. Don’t blame Chris Kyle for protecting YOUR freedom and YOUR safety by saying he was anything less than a hero. 


Today’s Metro (for those outside the UK, the metro is an extremely widely distributed free newspaper for London, owned by Newscorp) Page 1: A giant advert for Sky. No news. ALL HAIL MURDOCH. Page 2: Politician gossip + royalist propoganda that glorifies war. Page 3 + 4: See page 2 + a picture of Eddie McAbleistCisscum Redmayne. Not even a whisper of the massive protests going on in London over the new Tory government. Or the extensive police brutality in response to them. The media blackout is real. Get your news from someone who isn’t working with the government.