glorified murder

Even when I think what he did was horrible and he deserves to have to deal with the consequences of his actions, I’m glad Johnny Depp got cast as Grindewald. All the fans complaining of how ugly he looks or why they cast such a horrible person as Grindewald is perfect, because that’s the actual reaction people should have towards Grindewald: rejection and disgust. It’s about time fans stop glorifying/making excuses/defend murderers and fascist and actually see them as the monsters they are.

things i like: the plot of killing stalking, the idea behind it, the storyline, the character designs, the art

things i don’t like: the fandom, the FANDOM, the normalization of demonizing the lgbt+ community based off fictional characters, glorifying an abusive relationship, glorifying rape, glorifying a murderer because he is “omg so hot uwu”, the erasure of rape/abuse victims begging you to stop glorifying the relationship that is apparent in the series

Nyall I honestly hate the true crime community because they glorify actually murderers and serial killers and the serial killers who are glorified the most are dylan and eric which boggles my mind and some of these girls wear wrath/natural selection t-shirts to the memorial like that’s beyond disrespectful. I get it serial killers are interesting to study and see what got them to do that but to glorify them and call them daddy or cutie is disgusting and if you do that you need help - mod Black Star

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About Aizi, although whitewashing and glorifying murder and using slurs against people with mental illnesses is bad I don't think making hetero shippings is bad??? Like people make gay shippings just for the sake of it???

so ur whole argument is based off “why is she getting so much hate,,” and “heteroifying characters is totally okay because people make characters gay so idk what the difference” if it is,, i’m going to rip ur ass apart

@“True Crime Community”

what the fuck are you doing, dawg

why are you glorifying murderers. why are you giving the media a reason to focus on the violent side of mental illness, making it seem like everyone who’s mentally ill is somehow a ticking time bomb waiting to go off.

you are the reason there’s so much stigma around people with mental illness, which makes it MORE DIFFICULT for people with mental illness to seek out help for fear of being shamed or seen as a bad person.

why are you making it seem like if you go into a building full of a minority group and start shooting people you’ll be treated like a celebrity

like, seriously, will you dudes chill the fuck out.

also, all of the people you obsess over are ugly as fuck. that’s not quite as relevant, but it’s true.


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sigh. yet another fenris fan calling anders a terrorist in the character tag without actually knowing what terrorism is, and even dares to compare these fictional plots to real life sj issues like fuck you. i'm not saying what anders did was right per se, but technically he is not a terrorist when it comes to the true definition of terrorism bc terrorism is about purposeful TERROR. also ppl do not "glorify" terrorism for liking a fictional character holy shit CHILL.

btw fenris is also a murderer so that must mean you GLORIFY MURDERERS.

this is the funniest fucking message i’ve gotten about this holy shit i don’t even know how to respond.

i’m not the one making the comparisons to real life SJ issues i literally said to stop doing that because it doesn’t hold up??? like do you even read, bro?

(guess what: i’m also a cullen fan. SHOCK HORROR.)

“I don’t want to talk to you because you condone murder.”

“You think he’s attractive? You’re sick.”

“Hybristophilia is a disease that needs to be treated.”

“Stop glorifying murder.”

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omfg do a text post, i wanna show my mama im on the internet!!!!

you want your mom to know you glorify child murder and think sending sexual, ableist, and homophobic asks to a gay mentally ill minor is funny? well ok then