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In Her Own Words - Bittersweet

Got a lotta love for my boys from California. This song called Bittersweet I believe deserves an edit. It’s got a few choice lines in it. I think you’d dig it. 

“It’s bittersweet understanding / That we can’t be in two places at once.”

“I’ve been hiding in the corners of my head / Tied down by my own needle and thread”

In Her Own Words are hella rad. If you haven’t heard of them I’d recommend checking them out. I’ll let you chose a line. I’m not much for telling people what to do.

Enjoy :D

In Her Own Words // Bittersweet

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The only things holding me back are my own thoughts in my head. And I can’t understand why I can’t just move on and get passed them. It’s probably my own fault, and who’s to say I can’t fix it? But maybe sometimes life just gets in the way. I thought that with a change of pace, that I could get the hang of this.
—  ‘I Could’ve Been’ - In Her Own Words
A Mother’s Lament

“Humans, what selfish creatures they are. All they ever seem to care about is their own selfish needs and don’t care how they have to step on in order to make it happen. Once I had a different opinion of humanity, but that changed when they showed me their dark side and murdered my husband Izanagi, claiming they were freeing him. I could never forgive humanity for that and vowed they would pay, but I had other things to attend to first.”

“That being my sons, Hagoromo and Hamura. They knew something was wrong and wouldn’t stop crying til I told them everything would be all right through tear stained eyes. I isolated myself from humanity in order to raise my sons, knowing they would join me in my crusade against humanity once I told them of what happened to their father, but it seemed fate wouldn’t allow that and once my sons got older, they rebelled against me and left me alone all because they interacted with humans that I hadn’t caught when I should.”

“I spend the next few years contemplating why my sons turned against, but it was all so simple. Humanity was to blame because they embedded ideals in my sons that I considered poisonous. I would not allow them to share the gift I passed onto them and if they wouldn’t join me in taking revenge against humanity, I would get rid of them too and reabsorb their chakra. Nothing would stand in my way of getting revenge including my own sons!”

“I wonder if my sons knew it was their own mother they imprisoned inside the moon after they sealed me? It matters not as no one will stand in my way of gaining revenge on humanity for their crimes. They must be punished!”

“I have to ask myself why these humans think they’re the victims here. I am not a victim of their selfish deeds? I am constantly hunted by them for crimes against humanity as they put it, but not one of them ever stops to ask why I wish to regain what was once mine. They would never understand the pain and hardship I’ve been through. What my descendants have been through is nothing compared to what I’ve endured! If they wish to play the victims here, I will treat them as that and enjoy watching them all suffer once my plans come to fruition.”

Bad Weather
In Her Own Words
Bad Weather

In Her Own Words - Bad Weather

Bad weather follows me like a stray, it takes a lot for me to feel okay; and I just don’t feel the same. No, I just don’t feel the same. 

And it hurts to be replaced.

Please don’t make me spend the night by myself, I don’t think I have the strength to try; sick of feeling dead inside.