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I just wanted to say that your great and I hope you have a fantastic day. Sara and Bucky give me life and I’m so glad to read Legends. I decided to make a little something for them. And you know me, I’m a angst bean. <3

I'm So Excited (Glee Cast Version) [feat. The Troubletones]
Glee Cast
I'm So Excited (Glee Cast Version) [feat. The Troubletones]

I’ve waited over two weeks to listen to this. And I am not disappointed at all! Having Glee covering this song makes me so excited I almost wet my pants. No kidding. I’m so happy with this! Happy Brittana Wedding everyone!

Dear Lord thank you for having the glorious Gloria Estefan singing this much!!! Amber killed it too, and Naya and Heather sounded like angels as always <3 I would have paid to listen Heather sing more, but that’s ok. And this Gina Gershon sure has a nice voice :O It also makes me happy to listen to
Jennifer Coolidge singing xD I love her.

msamberpriley: If my 6yr old self would have seen this picture she would probably be screaming in tears until she passed out. i used to sing “Coming Out of the Dark” with my mommy! I waited all day to ask for this selfie and I never ask for pictures. I was so nervous, she’s kind of a legend aaaah I met Gloria Estefan YALL! ☺ and of course one of my jerk castmates had to ruin it 😂 good one @hrhchriscolfer