On my way to Guernsey !

I’ve got an amazing job in the Channel Islands (UK) for 5 months and I’m leaving tomorrow by train and ferry !
If you happen to come there, I’ll be a guide and assistant curator at Hauteville House, Victor Hugo’s home while he was exiled in Guernsey. This place is very special and preserved as it was in the 19th century, and the island looks awesome too ! :-)

Long-term travel planning (and hello, terrible memories !)
  • Me :I've decided to save money thanks to my new job in order to travel to Alaska one day (as I've been thinking about this for years). What a great decision, yay !
  • Me :Let's gather some basic information.
  • Denali National Park website :"Key concepts - Know how to cross a river safely."
  • Me :*remembers crossing a river in the Malaysian jungle a few years ago, swallowing quite a lot of muddy water and being sick to death in the evening*
I'm really not used to tagging ... ^^

Well, as I always want to have things done rightly, I will answer now the “real” questions Voiceofnature asked me when she tagged me !

1. How are you, really ?
I’m f***ing tired because I work a lot, but very soon I’ll be in Québec city, Canada, for almost 4 months. So I’m glad to save money for my Canadian summer by working a lot now, all of this makes me feel happy !!

2. Where and how do you want to live ?
I’ll have to come back to France after my job in Canada, for the moment there is no choice because of the type of visa I have. No plans are definitely made now, but I’m not capricious : in a city or in the countryside, it doesn’t matter.
My only wish would be to always keep my cat with me (yes it is important ! ^^) and have a healthy and/or eco-friendly house/flat.

3. Where do you currently live ?
In France, in Paris. I actually live in a two-floors apartment in a close suburb, with a (very) small garden.

4. Favorite animal and why?
Caaaaaat !
I'va always had one at home, it is independent and friendly at the same time and … well, it’s cute. (I’m also very fond of monkeys and lizards)

5. If money was no issue, what would you do with your life ?
I would open some kind of “school” or NGO, dealing with education, art and self-development issues, with an international dimension. It would allow me to share things important to me with others, and to keep enjoying travels and discovery of other cultures.

6. What do you believe to be the meaning of life ?
To be free from all the burdens we can carry : fears, identification, negative emotions, wounds … and then enjoy the present moment at best.

7. Favorite book ? Also did some book change your life for the better ?
In search of the miraculous by P.D. Ouspensky changed my life and I read it very recently.
The Lord of the Rings is the book I grew up with, so I think it is definitely my favourite one.

8. What’s your personal style ?
No idea … I like wearing Celtic / Viking jewelry and jewels with minerals. I wear skirts and dresses as much as possible. But I keep a very “sober” style, entering no specific category.

9. If you could meet one person from whatever time, who would it be ?
….. *thinks very hard*
Jesus Christ. (and it’s not a joke !)

10. Favorite tree and why ?
Fir, because it never loses its leaves and it looks majestic.

11. Do you believe in fairies ?
Maybe ? Yes ? What is a fairy ? God, help me ? xD
(now my rational side and my dreamy side are going to have a hard argument …)