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Itty bitty art warm-up practicing different artist styles! (my scanner was being shitty so sorry for the quality) who better to be my guinea pig than the smollest red son?? Also PLEASE follow all these beautiful babs for their beautiful art thnx

Do not remove artist credit!! badmasteryoujerk glooptastic coffeecakey andromedid 50firstdaves pashfork  skeletonbots

EDIT: i spelled savanna wrong whoops

Here are 5 artists you should check out if you’re bored because their art is not appriciated enough

puddingpox: Puddingpox is probably my favourite artist so I’m gonna start with them. They are rather well known, but I still want to put them up in this list. They have a unique style and a great eye for poses and expressions. Their OCs are fucking adorable and their hand done sketches are always way too impressive.I just love puddingpox so much go stalk their blog.

anime-boyfriend: Draws mainly south park. They have a really awesome casual-like cartoonish-animelike style. Their coloring style and adorable adaptions always put a smile on my face.

birbykind: Maybe they get more notes than the other blogs I put up here, but in the end of the day too many people don’t recognize them when I bring up their art. They draw mainly Free and Homestuck lately. Birbykind has one of the coolest fucking styles out there! Although the style is seemingly normal, the coloring style and the rough lineart give it a weird ‘done in mspaint’ feelings that is just really cool. You should check out their art for sure.

glooptastic: Going on with the great cartoonish styles, glooptastic has a fucking a+ when it comes to adorable ass cartoon styles. Their style is square like and at the same time wonderfully expressive. The way they manage to make every character original and still stay in their style i can point a thousand miles away is way too impressive. Also did I mention their poses are great? Because they are. I dunno how they do it but their anatomy is fantastic. They draw homestuck.

mashedpootato: Mashedp has the single most cute style in this universe. With rough lines and adorable brojohn fanart they found a way into my heart and never left. Their style is expressive and really fun to look at, and I take great inspiration in it. They draw homestuck and there’s nsfw. You’ve been warned.


Part 1 of probably 3

I’m not all too great at making comics, but I wanted to make a little comic for Gloopy of how our fantrolls met! I really love how Enetho came out, btw, glooptastic! (I have this little headcanon that he’s afraid of heights, you know, because he likes to dig and lives in an underground hive!)

To be continued!!! :D

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Name: Alexis :) It’s the most rad name ever i know

Nicknames: I don’t have one??? I’m too cool for one haha

Gender: female!!

Sexuality: im just a plain, boring heterosexual

Height: I’m 5 feet, 6 inches. 2 inches taller tHAN BERLIN HECK YES. I’m still pretty short though, haha

What time and date is it over here: It is Christmas the 21st, 2014 and 4:25 in the afternoon. I am chilly. The cat won’t stop meowing. The sun is setting upon us.

Average hours of sleep: I’m horrible at sleeping. I get, like 5 hours of sleep a night, and if I’m lucky I get 6. I’m trying to break this habit, I can see dark circles under my eyes!

OTPs: I’m not much of a shipper, okay guys. I think you know that haha. BUt I guess I like anything that’s canon. But couples don’t interest me as much as single characters and their interactions with others. Hmm, I guess Quiglet, Romione, idk???

Last thing i googled: “watch korra season 4 online” I’m trying to catch up with Korra right now don’t judge

Last thing i said to a family member: “Berlin, look at these socks! They have cat fur ALL OVER THEM.“

One place that makes me happy and why: DISNEYLAND!! <3 I am so happy when I’m there! I love looking at everything and hearing all the noise, and being around so many people! BUT not too many cause then there are long lines ew. I still feel like a kid there and it’s extra good when I’m around people I like :)

How many blankets do i sleep under: I sleep under 3 blankets cause I’m a californian who likes to complain about the "cold” weather fiGHT ME

Favorite drink: Water! Green tea! Sprite, if available! Coffee! I cannot choose!!!

Three things I can’t live without: My friends (super funny rad peeps), my family (berlin, you chump, and mostly my mom), and my pets (Gelato the warm, fluffy cat, and Macchiato the cutie of a rat). I love them all <3

Something I plan on learning: The guitar, cause GOSHDANG it is so cool and makes pretty music. Also, finish learning Italian and then learn

You HAVE to listen to this song: OKay if you like rock, or alternative or even kinda weird music, you should listen to

“How Soon Is Now” by The Smiths


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