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Itty bitty art warm-up practicing different artist styles! (my scanner was being shitty so sorry for the quality) who better to be my guinea pig than the smollest red son?? Also PLEASE follow all these beautiful babs for their beautiful art thnx

Do not remove artist credit!! badmasteryoujerk glooptastic coffeecakey andromedid 50firstdaves pashfork  skeletonbots

EDIT: i spelled savanna wrong whoops


LCAD’s very first Artist’s Night Inn - from 7pm to 7am overnight, artists had just 12 hours to make a piece of art. The theme this time was RED, so we decided to go with Red Riding Hood- but with a twist!

This was such an amazing experience and we actually got a lot more done in these 12 hours than I thought. Without a second thought I would do this again, for sure. It isn’t done by any means but 

Here’s the collaborative effort of 4 artists over 12 hours! Enjoy ^ ^

Music: “Friction” - Mili



Part 1 of probably 3

I’m not all too great at making comics, but I wanted to make a little comic for Gloopy of how our fantrolls met! I really love how Enetho came out, btw, glooptastic! (I have this little headcanon that he’s afraid of heights, you know, because he likes to dig and lives in an underground hive!)

To be continued!!! :D