Hi !! Welcome to my new Tumblr account, I deleted my old one some months ago because… idk ??

Quick introduction : Nyun, french boy, level17, mainly living in Japan, Harajuku fashion, Kyarmy (KPPfan), can speak French- Japanese- English, insta: @newniji

So, here is my new blog and I’m reposting these pictures in particular because people seemed to enjoy them ^0^  Also I lost all my followers with my old account so If you don’t mine sharing this post, It’d be super nice(#´ ω`#)

Ask me anything you want !! ♡ (Oh and sorry about my english)


Hey!! My charms came in the other day! they came out super cute and I’m really happy with them. These are currently being sold at my Etsy!!

★Gloomy Bewear Charm★ ★Shiny Mimikyu Charm ★

Quantity is very limited as this is my first time attempting to make and sell charms. I’m really excited to give this a try, feel free to take a look ❤❤

– Thanks so much @acornpress !