Hi !! Welcome to my new Tumblr account, I deleted my old one some months ago because… idk ??

Quick introduction : Nyun, french boy, level17, mainly living in Japan, Harajuku fashion, Kyarmy (KPPfan), can speak French- Japanese- English, insta: @newniji

So, here is my new blog and I’m reposting these pictures in particular because people seemed to enjoy them ^0^  Also I lost all my followers with my old account so If you don’t mine sharing this post, It’d be super nice(#´ ω`#)

Ask me anything you want !! ♡ (Oh and sorry about my english)

Decided to do a bit of reorganising on my bookcase and declutter things i no longer want. I tried to make the big ones go on the top shelves but they’re too big and just kept falling down so it seems that shelf + the bed pushing them back is the best place. Also moved alot of books away to the cellar and moved my puchimaru here and stacked them up ^_^ I really like how its turned out. There is two shelves below the alpacas my bed hides. I also did a deep clean of my room which was much needed and now I’m knackered ;__;