gloomy teen

Jody’s Place

Characters: Jody Mills, Winchester!sister!reader, Winchester brothers, Alex Jones, Bobby Singer (mentioned)

Words: 3400

Summary: You’re spending a few days at Jody’s, who is a mother figure to you who you look to. But things doesn’t go as planned, because there’s things - well people - that you hadn’t even thought of.

A/N: I’m only on season 10 so far (I’m working on it) so I don’t know if there might be a similar scenario in the actual show, and I don’t know the character Alex Jones to well either. This idea just kinda popped into my head, and I used her for it. It might not agree with how she is in the show, but then again, there a lot of different versions of John Winchester, for example, in fanfics, so hopefully I’ll be good. That’s my little ramble, enjoy! Oh, reader is about 19, maybe. I’m guessing Alex is about 17 or so.

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You sit behind your older brothers in the backseat of the Impala. The Impala slightly careens as Dean pulls up onto the small, gravel road that leads up a hill, towards Jody’s house. Just like you all had been close to Bobby, especially your brothers, you are close to the female sheriff. Jody’s been through a lot of crap, and even despite that, she manages to keep a light hearted yet tough attitude, and she accepts everyone. And you adored that about her.

You grow more and more excited as the car rolls closer and closer to the house. You’ve been looking forward to this the last couple of days. Sam and Dean are going on a hunt a couple of states over, so they thought you could sit this one out and stay with Jody for a few days, knowing how close you two were. And you had been more than happy with that plan.

You spot Jody waiting by the porch, but then you see her. A girl. It’s that Alex, the one that your brothers and Jody rescued a while pack. It was a hunt you weren’t part of, but they had told you about her. You had forgotten it, though. And now, you feel the excitement fade just a little bit once you realize that Jody’s isn’t all yours for these days. Selfish, yes, but true.

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