gloomy little cloud

“Pretty Boy” Connor Murphy x reader

concept: (y/n), Evan, Jared, and connor work on a group project. Connor doesnt know how to take compliments. 

word count: 1.2K-ish

warning: ANGST, swearing 

It was the morning your group project was due. The one you had worked on with Connor, Jared, and Evan. You guys had worked on it for weeks now, and your grade was pending on this. You didn’t hesitate to make sure everything was perfect. You took it upon yourself to make a last minute Skype call to make sure nothing was short of perfection.

Evan was the first to pick up. He was shortly fallowed by Jared, and of course the gloomy little cloud, Connor was last to pick up.

Evan was sitting at what looked like to be a desk. The view of his room neat and organized. He smiled wide and waved a “good morning” to everyone.

Jared had his laptop on what looked like a dresser. He was still getting ready for school. He was looking off camera trying to sweep his hair to the side, while singing Katy Perry into his hairbrush.

But the best person in the morning was Connor. He just looked so grumpy. He was clearly not a morning person, but to make matters worst, he was sitting at his dining room table. His parents and sister was getting ready to leave to work and school. Each one simultaneously passing behind him. The poor boys faced twisted in frustration as his parents started to argue.

His front door slammed shut, and the house was now left with a quiet Connor who grunted “fuck” under his breath.

“Alright.” you say.

Evan was the first to be brought to your attention.

“I’m uh- already done with my part” Evan said as he brought his notes up. Each little detail color coded. Everyone nodded with the understanding of him being done.

The video call was quiet, until a certain somebody started to sing his favorite part of his Katy Perry song.

“Jared, are you done?” you say growing a bit impairment at his shenanigans. Connor must have seen the frustration in your face.

“hey! Shut the hell up you glasses wearing rat, (y/n) was trying to ask you a question.” Connor yelled.

Jared clenched his chest in dramatic fashion, gasping. “Well!- ok. Yes.” he backed up slight;y to show a poster bored. The litters were brights and glitter covered. Jared’s face lit up in excitement as he explained how hard he wanted to make the poster board look colorful and bright. Evan was stunned at the little sparkles. Connor just groaned.

“Alright, and Connor. You finished the essay?” you asked. It was no surprise that Connor was put in charge of the essay. Believe it or not,he was one of the best writers you knew. He was constantly writing poems or stories. He was great. Connor looked around his surroundings. He lifted his backpack into view to dig threw it.

“Take you time Connor.” you say

“I left it upstairs, hold on.” he says disappearing out of view. Everyone nodded and laughed as Jared went back to singing.

It took a moment for Connor to finally come back.

Connor was gone for quite awhile. He sat back down and pulled out his notebook. He read the essay flawlessly. He dint mess up once. Everyone watched in wonder at how he could possible make such a good paper.

When he was done, he looked at everyone. He waited on a response.

“Well?” he said.

“you did good pretty boy.”

Connors face went completely red. “shut up, I’ll see you at school!” he said before closing the lid of his laptop.

It had been a few days since the project was due and presented, and despite the good grade you all got, Connor hardly talked to you after. He had been avoiding you for days on end. He kept his head down, doing everything he could not to bump into you. He didn’t even sit with Jared and Evan at lunch.

You decided to take matters into you own hands and walked yourself to the Murphy’s house to see what this was all about.

You and Connor always hung out, and even though he wanted to keep it a secret from everyone else, you guys always had sleepovers.

You walked up the stairs. It seamed like nobody was home.

You knocked on Connors door. No response

you entered his room. He was flopped on his bed. His headphones one blasting some sort of music. His eyes closed so softly.

It took everything in you not stroke his head. His soft hair framing his face. You couldn’t help but smile at how peaceful he looked. He looked so beautiful he was. You were in awe for a moment. You had no idea how long you had been staring but you knew it didn’t matter.

You sat at the edge of the bed. He quickly sat up in almost in a panic. He calmed down once he saw it was you, slipping off his headphones.

“What the hell do you want?” he said sounding a bit ticked off.

“Connor, why have you been avoiding me?” you asked.

The boy looked. He couldn’t bare to look up at you. He knew he had been avoiding you, and he knew it hurt you. He was ashamed.

He looked down at the floor.

“the other day on the video call. You called me something.” he asked.

The tone in his voice was something you had never heard from him before. It wasn’t defensive or angry, it was pure and genuinely concerned.

It took you aback. “what do you mean?” you asked in confusion.

“What do mean ‘what do you mean?’ you called me pretty boy, and it’d been driving me fucking crazy ever since.” he said. His mood changing and flipping instantly into one of annoyance. His cheeks red in frustration. He looked down again.

The room grew quiet for a moment. You had to think about how to answer for a second.

“Because Connor, I really do think you’re pretty. I’d even go as far as to call you beautiful.” the words passing your lips shamelessly. There was no regret in your voice. There was nothing to regret.

“don’t lie to me” he muttered shifting away slightly.

“Connor I would never-” you began before he indentured you.

“how can anyone think that about me? I’m worthless. I’m nothing. Im just s piece of shit. I’m worthless-”

“Connor don’t say that about yourself! You’re wonderful. You’re attractive and you’re a good writer and I know that’s not the easiest thing to believe. But I promise I’ll always be here to remind you of that-”

He gripped your shoulders. He looked you dead in the eyes, red faced and all. Catching you completely off guard, he crashed his lips into yours. The kiss soft and sweet. It was full of love and want and compassion.

He pulled away panting for air.

“Connor did you just?”

“yeah, sorry.” he looked away.

“don’t be” you said said placing a hand on his knee. “Conn what does this make us?” you ask.

He shrugged.

“well, do you always kiss your friends?” you asked giggling slightly.

He stayed quiet.

“so I can kiss Jared?” you said. You looked in amusement as he jumped up and grabbed your shoulders.

“If kleinman kisses you, ill kill him. Nobody is allowed to kiss you. You’re all mines.” he said.

“that’s all I wanted to hear pretty boy.” you said as he tried to cover his read blushing face.