“suscitare infernum” | a mix for all your double, double, toils and troubles.

i. house of the rising sun x lauren o’connell // ii. rolling in on a burning tire x the dead weather // iii. gold dust woman x fleetwood mac // iv. heavy in your arms x florence + the machine // v. oh death x jen titus // vi. sugarbread x soap&skin // vii. ten tonne skeleton x royal blood // viii. beat the devil’s tattoo x black rebel motorcycle club // ix. come as you are x nirvana // x. run boy run x woodkid // xi. sugarland x papa mali // xii. if i had a heart x fever ray // xiii. sara x fleetwood mac

listen here by me.

Long nights this time of year in the Northwest. It’s funny to me that this became such a trend - I started doing this as a way to get a little bit of relief from the constant gloom of winter, it’s good enough light to allow me to read or write in my journal, and it sure is comforting.