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I can totally see Kitsune surprising everyone by randomly showing up on the 1000 Sunny after she hears about the Strawhat/Heart alliance to glomp Law for "playing nice with his cousin" and "going against his natural antisocial tendencies"

And Law flails and is furious for her showing up and ruining his cool, mysterious persona he’s cultivated with the Strawhats.

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{ When you get this, please respond with five things that make you happy. Then, send to the last ten people in your notifications anonymously. You never know who might benefit from spreading positivity! 🌼 }

Five things that make me happy! Ooh boy!

  1. My friends make me happy! I know I don’t talk a lot to them, but when I do, they’re so much fun to talk to and I hope they know that I appreciate them even though I find it hard to voice my feelings (but Kuroha does it for me by glomping their muses lmao) and off the top of my head @decadentroadsbeforeyou @kumonoiito @taubc @curioussxnity and @vasilias-ton-anoiton \o/ you guys are super awesome sauce and thank you for putting up with me tbh? It just makes me so incredibly happy that I can walk into your IMs/chats whenever I want!
  2. New pens and notebooks make me so happy o3o I’m not an artist, but I love writing (plus my handwriting is really nice and pretty and I like looking at it all day, yes I am a narcissist, sue me)
  3. If someone gave me a legit Elmo plushy, I’d be screaming. Just thinking about an Elmo plushy makes me really happy because I love Elmo so much he’s the cutest furry red thing on Sesame Street!!!
  4. Chocolate makes me happy! even though it kinda ruins my face for the rest of the week….. 
  5. Sleeping makes me happy xD I love sleeping!

Fandom is overreacting like usual so I’m gonna bullet point some wonderful, positive things about episode 11 so people take a second to stop thinking about that one minute

  • “History Maker” was finally completed and it is beautiful
  • Nobunari Oda EXISTING as a commentator
  • Viktor and Yuuri going all out with the ring kissing
  • Emil, Michele, Sara hanging out
  • Minako and Mari being super supportive of every skater with flags and posters
  • Yuuri and Viktor having serious conversations about making Yuuri’s program even better
  • Viktor glomping Yuuri
  • Viktor JUMPING with Yuuri during the quad flip
  • People back at Hasetsu tuning in to the GPF; Yuuri’s parents looking so proud of him
  • Baby!PHICHIT
  • Phichit’s hamsters
  • Phichit getting so much support back in Thailand
  • Phichit’s tears of prideful joy that he did SO WELL with his SP
  • Viktor’s cute little “davai” after Yuri P kicks him off the kiss & cry bench
  • Yuri P adding some arm movements to his jumps to make them even more beautiful and raise the difficulty
  • Yakov feeling nostalgic about Vitya
  • Christophe’s mystery man in a suit S/O hotness dude
  • Chris with glasses
  • Christophe’s other bae, his cat
  • Viktor getting excited to watch figure skating because it’s always been such a big part of his life and will always be his passion
  • Yuri P cheering for Otabek and Otabek giving him the bro thumbs up
  • Smol!Otabek and Smoler!Yuri P
  • Otabek is amazing on the ice and everyone believes so
  • JJ’s fiancé loving him for who he is, regardless of what he scores
  • JJ biting through his tears and hurt pride to shout, “IT’S JJ STYLE!!!”
  • Phichit and Christophe being besties on social media
  • Minako (Yuuri’s former dance teacher), Mari (Yuuri’s sister), and Celestino (Yuuri’s former coach) chilling at the bar
  • Viktor in a bathrobe 
  • Yuuri being mature and using proper communication to tell Viktor how he’s truly feeling instead of hiding his thoughts away and allowing the problems to fester which would only lead to arguments that could’ve been prevented through talking

This was another thing I thought of after I saw the comic. Genji’s proud, of course - Hanzo is finding his aesthetic and Genji thinks this is adorable as heck - but that won’t stop him from making fun of Hanzo about it.

(he needs to warn McCree before he goes in for a sudden glomp though)

MBTI Types As Superhero Names and Abilities

INFP: The Dreamwalker - Has the ability to disappear from existence and enter into the dreams of those they desire. While this Superhero is more about pleasant dreams and helping people through their dreams, they will also send warnings, and even nightmares if said person is an enemy. Can produce dream like illusions, send people into strong daydreams, and warp dreams how they see fit. Has a habit of disappearing randomly and unexpectedly.

ENFP: Quantum Wizard - Has the ability to manipulate the laws of physics however they see fit, often done in cartoon like ways such as random teleportation, walking on air before falling and then running through a wall only to end up somewhere else. Highly unpredictable, and energetic, luckily for us all the Quantum Wizard doesn’t overuse his/her abilities… or so we think. Has a habit of glomping you when you least expect it from what seems like literally nowhere.

INTP: Data Sage - Has immediate access to any data one may need in any situation in order to go about the correct path. There is no need for a computer for them to do this, which also allows them to hack into any system with just their mind. Is the one who stays in the background and directs everyone else in where they’re needed and what they need to do as they are the MBTI Superhero Types Oracle. Has a habit of still not being able to figure out their own directions even though they’re able to direct everyone else.

ENTP: Silver Tongue Viper - No one can resist their charm, and their words. With their words they can cause a person to forget or remember what they desire, as well as to do or not do anything they ask. There are few and far in between who can resist their charming silky honeyed hypnotic voice and sexual charm. Words are their weapon and their power, with which even nature must obey. Has a habit of flirting too much and ending up sometimes doing the exact thing they weren’t suppose to do.

INTJ: Shadowmaster - Literally a master of peoples shadows, and shadows in general. Can cause shadows to become physical copies of the person or thing, allowing them to control them via their shadows as long as they are within sight. Can turn into a shadow themselves and teleport as well as walk from shadow to shadow without being seen. May or may not have a habit of making people dance like marionettes.

ENTJ: Dominion - Where ever Dominion stands or walks an area of up to 200 meters is completely and utterly under their control, for that is now their temporary domain. As such the people must follow and everything must obey their will within that area, and should they choose the force they let out can cause people and buildings to collapse with a simple push. Has a habit of lazing around when no one is watching.

INFJ: Starchild - Has the ability to imbue people with the knowledge of the universe and the workings of the very stars themselves, often causing a brain meltdown once done. Is able to fly and go supernova should they choose, often very kind and helpful, but also always in another place as if they never belong… as if they themselves came from the very stars themselves. The most elusive type and the most secretive, only to act when they are absolutely needed. Has a habit of randomly dozing off.

ENFJ: Southern Wind - Has the ability to bring about warmer air and an emotional embrace. Wherever people are hurting there the Southern Wind is, comforting and healing them before moving on as the wind passes through the persons body and heals them completely. If serious he/she can use their ability to create a tornado or even hurricane should they come across such evil that requires it. Most of the time however they are the empathetic healer, who guides people towards a better path. Has a habit of playing with children and inspiring them to follow their dreams.

ISFP: Beastmaster - There is no animal that does not listen to them, and their is no animal that will not obey him/her. Nature is their domain and all the animals within are under their control. As such he/she also has the ability to talk to and understand any animal they come across through a telepathic link that is often established. As such he/she won’t be seen so much inside the city but in places of nature where they are most suited towards their task. Has the habit of placing animal sounds in some of their words.

ESFP: Hyperdrive - Due to their endless energy that challenges that of the Quantum Wizard, Hyperdrive is able to do, gather and disperse energy however they see fit within their actions, which can often cause them to do everything at faster than lightspeed, which in turn causes them to be able to go through a dimensional shift, as well as open portals as well as wormholes in space. Has a habit of not being able to remain still, whether this is from the body constantly vibrating or them constantly moving.

ISTP: Thundersmith - There is nothing that Thundersmith can’t build, and there is no weapon that they can’t wield. With the force of his/her hammers he/she can topple mountains, and build buildings from the ground up. Anything they touch can be used as a weapon as it is imbued with the powers of the earth shaking forces of thunder and lightning. Has a habit of building automatons and giant fighting robots.

ESTP: Steel Commando - Can make their body impervious to harm and even turn to steel. Further more they relish in the arms of combat and can use any firearm, explosive, or general mass destructive weapon by mere will alone. And it’s not just one or two that they have in their hand either, no any firearm they touch will immediately be linked to them allowing them to have as many firearms and explosives they can get their hands on and use all of the simultaneously. Has a habit of jumping from buildings or airplanes as a first mode of attack.

ISTJ: Enforcer - Law is their domain, not law in the sense of the laws of society, but law in general. As such they can erase or create any law they see fit, and make it come to pass in anyone they see. If they do not wish for some one to escape, the law that they create will prevent that person to escape, as their law becomes part of physical nature itself. Of course once again they must be within eye distance of all that is going on in order to execute this ability. Has a habit of playing memory and mind games with themselves and others.

ESTJ: Captain Force - There is nothing they cannot force themselves into or command upon setting foot in a place that requires such or that they simply dictate requires such. Everything moves in the path they desire, when they desire, and how they desire. This includes systems, people, and things in general. Their overpowering presence may also cause others around them to faint. Has the habit of placing everything into neat organizational order when their ability is used.

ISFJ: Harmonious Sparrow - Besides the power of flight, Harmonious Sparrow is able to gently bring all into order and harmony. Where ever there is chaos, and general conflict, their powers of peace and order will bring everything into quiet settlement. When needed they also utilize their unique martial arts skills that gracefully place their opponents in the ground before they even realize what has happened. Has a habit of always bringing herbal tea with them.

ESFJ: The Sentry - Nothing will be able to get past that which they guard or watch, as they are the caretakers of all those in need. They have the ability to not only see all that is coming from far distances, but to also dish out as much punishment as they are given. They will stand in front of all the people they care for and if the enemy wants to get to those people, they first have to get through them. As long as they have people to look after, guard, and take care of, nothing can harm them as instead all of that harm returns in equal force towards the person giving it. Has a habit of hugging and cuddling everyone they’re close to.

  • Bokuto: Tsukki, how do you write your name?
  • Tsukishima: [scribbles on a piece of paper and hands it to Bokuto] Like this.
  • Bokuto: Tsu-ki-shi-ma ehh~
  • Tsukishima: It's "kei".
  • Bokuto: "Kei" can also be read as "hotaru" right?
  • Tsukishima: Tch. My name is Kei.
  • Bokuto: Yeah, but "kei" can also be read as "hotaru" right?
  • Tsukishima: Yeah, but my name is Kei.
  • Tsukishima: [backs away] I get the feeling I don't want to know.
  • Kuroo: Is it Tsukki? Hell yeah, I knew it! Koutarou and Hotaru, it's a match made in heaven!
  • Akaashi: ok

Person B got Person A a blank journal a while ago.

Person A at seemingly random points will run off to go scribble something down it.

Person A absolutely refused to show Person B what they wrote, always making excuses or sometimes outright ignoring them.

Finally one day Person A was out of the house and Person B ran around trying to find the journal, and succeeding after some time.

They open it up to find scribbles of notes that takes Person B a little while to decipher. But once they do, they realize why A hid this from them.

It’s a poetry book that’s all about how Person A loves Person B. It’s all about A describing how much B means to them, how perfect B’s body is, it goes on and on.

After Person B finished reading, they’re in tears and thinking of how lucky they are to have A in their life.

EXTRA: Person A walks in and sees B reading their journal but has no time to be angry because they’re suddenly glomped and can feel the love pouring out of B.

I headcanon Luke Skywalker as the type of aro-ace who has intense friend-crushes where he glomps onto people, thinks they’re the best, and wants to spend all the time with them.  He does this in ANH with Obi-Wan and Han and Leia and R2D2. Over the years he has misinterpreted these friend-crushes for sexual attraction and it caused all sorts of awkwardness, jealousy, and near-incest before he figured out that that kind of intense love isn’t and doesn’t need to be sexual. By the time RotJ rolled around he’d pretty much gotten his head around this.  While he would probably identify himself that way if someone explained it, he wouldn’t know the concept of aro-ace if he fell over it.

The thing about Luke is that his love and ability to love is a power in the GFFA second only to the Force.  His filial love for Darth Dad saves Anakin’s soul, not to mention the galaxy.  Even before that, his love and faith brings back Han during the Death Star run.  It keeps Leia from giving into her rage and gives her hope for the future.  His love is deep, intense, and healing. It’s not romantic or sexual, but it changes people and galaxies and it’s beautiful.


Yuuri!!! on Ice Ep. 5 - Victor basically cuddling Yuuri in public.

Just look at the way he’s holding him. The way he’s pressing himself against Yuuri. Rubbing his cheek against the raven’s and squeezing the younger male to the point that Yuuri’s trembling from the pressure.

And I think one reason Victor did this was because he dodged Yuuri’s flying squirrel? jumping koala hug? Oh right, just being glomped. We can see that Yuuri is dazed and probably still reeling from his earlier rejection but it can also be accounted from hitting his head on the rink’s guards and landing face first on the floor when he tried to tackle Victor with a hug. Victor makes up for it. Comforting him that he did great so don’t feel down about it. And silently reassuring him that it’s not that he didn’t want Yuuri’s hug and he proves it by holding onto him tighter and uh-huh cuddling him like that. In public.