gloden gods

— ✿ღ —She was taken back for a moment, whiskey eyes got wide as she stared at him, the words flowing over her and she realized. She had done it once more, she always had a habit of grabbing people, no personal space for anyone when they were around her. Her brother had always told her she needed to stop, but the rumors going around about her and her brother, UNTOUCHABLE, GLODEN GODS maybe she wanted to prove people wrong. She still offered him a wide smile, tanned digit’s moving through her hair, thus spreading the paint through it as well.

Ah. Yeah sorry, I tend to grab people without realizing I do it! Your hair is really beautiful. I just. I wanted to paint it, if you will let me sometime.”  Her eye’s glowed with hope as her head tilted to the left and than to the right again, eyes plastered once more on the males hair. However, she wanted to know the name of the male who she would paint, so for a moment she allowed her eye’s to drift over to his face, taking in all the futures. Her whole body froze as she realized who it was, everyone knew him, he tended to be very angry. Her eyes drifted down to the fist he had at his side, she felt the urge to grab it and uncurl the finger’s, truly she needed to paint him.

Come on.” So she did, her finger’s latched onto his balled up fist as she walked over and scooped up the canvas she previously was working on. “I’m Kamamoto Reiki. You can call me Rei! I hope you don’t have anything to do. I’ll make it quick I promise.”  Maybe he would allow her to, maybe he would punch her but for some reason, she felt he maybe was lonely. If the rumors she heard about him were true, most people stayed away from him. Far away from him if she remembered right, her REPLICATION might not be happy with knowing what she was doing, but she HAD to.

Oh. Sorry.” She dropped his hand for a moment and looked at him, this time not at his hair but at his face and offered another soft smile to him. “I tend to forget, not everyone likes the whole touching thing. Still it would make me really happy if I could paint you, Mikoto hates sitting still. Though your hair is different than his. His is like candy apple red, with hints of burgundy in it. Yours” Once more her finger’s reached out and latched onto his hair.It has oranges in it, slight undertones when you look at it in the sun, the bottom part has more yellow mixed in giving it this burnt orange glow that really, its so beautiful. You don’t dye your hair do you?”  Her finger’s simply twirled around the length’s of hair she could get to from a good length’s away from him, this way if he did freak out, she wouldn’t be so close. Though she had to admit she loved the look of his hair against the sun kissed glow of her skin, it made her feel like she was on fire, though she was sure he wouldn’t lay his head in her lap or anything. — ✿ღ —