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Look, you can’t blow up the lab it’ll tip off Kalume, he might accelerate the attack! Or he might get spooked and call the whole thing off.

Early morning Glock love.
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The Healer | Training With Buck | Chapter Three

A/N: And here’s where the Bucky x Reader starts to come into play! Warning, there will be a little Steve x Reader in here before it does.

The Healer is posted every Sat/Sun unless I give notice that there will be a break. (Posting this early for anyone who’s not having the best week so far. Enjoy!)

Pairing: (Gradual) Bucky x Reader/Clarissa.

Warnings: None I think?

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It had been 2 weeks since you had moved into the tower, and things were going pretty smoothly. Everyone - well, there was one exception - in the tower was nice to you, showing you around, inviting you to hang out with them, and all taking a hand in training you.

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Dylann Storm Roof: A Summary
  • Titanic af
  • Never swims
  • Suboxone
  • Homicidal 
  • Sun hat and scarf 
  • Confederate flag everywhere 
  • Opera Af
  • Cheap Vodka 
  • Boots 
  • Ice cream Truck
  • Fucked Up Japanese Movie 
  • Bowl cut 
  • Mimic rapper’s hand motions 
  • Manifesto 
  • Fanny pack 
  • Squats a lot 
  • Cross “tattoo” 
  • Cool Ranch Doritos 
  • Cocaine heart  
  • Tongue never in his mouth
  • Suicidal 
  • Stupid Middle Name 
  • Body count, 9 
  • Glock .45 
  • Twenny wun 
  • Love trees 
  • Aesthetic photography 
  • Strip Club