glocca morra

Fake Teeth
Glocca Morra
Fake Teeth

i get very anxious when your hair looks nice and i can barely hold this in the summer light. before i had a reason, well, i was doing fine. i’ve seen you in the haziness of good headlights. i can be elitist if the scene is kinda dead but the troops are all out taking shots to the head. i get very nervous when i’m in a certain state and i get very happy when i see your face.

irrevocable, motherfucker
Glocca Morra
irrevocable, motherfucker

I found you know how to walk,
But you don’t talk and I don’t talk.
I guess I became alone,
What if I’m you at first?

I couldn’t stop.
Someone stop me from the memory.
But who the fuck are they to say?

Please, knock me down ‘till I’m okay. No shame,
No remorse, fighting on. Fucked up,
Way to say I miss you.

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