ya’ll boots hats? - Glocca Morra

Glocca Morra were an indie rock band from 2008 to 2015. They play a fairly unique style of indie rock, with almost a garage rock/punk influence in their sound, along with modern emo and screamo undertones. With a very distinct guitar tone and sound, they are certainly a departure from what you’d normally expect from modern indie/emo bands, and their vocals along with their lyrics, albeit weird, are definitely an interesting aspect of their music itself. They released one full length and a handful of EP’s and splits before breaking up, and they are definitely a band that I miss. 

FFO: Joyce Manor, You Blew It!, Dads.

HOW DID I MISS THIS?: Dogs on Acid

Dogs on Acid are a supergroup formed out of well-regarded and disbanded outfits from the thriving Philadelphia punk scene – Algernon Cadwallader, Glocca Morra, Hop Along, and Snowing. The most recognizable facet is vocalist Peter Helmis, formally of Algernon, who’s evolved vocal delivery suits Dog on Acid’s unique blend of power-pop, garage rock, and emo. Although there is significantly less math rock-y instrumentation than the group’s past may suggest, Dogs on Acid’s charm is oriented toward chugging chords and an addictive, summery ambience; it combines a very Pinkerton-esque sound with a freeing, happy-go-lucky vibe.  

Dogs on Acid’s lively self-titled debut came out last August, somehow flying under the radar and maintaining a very strong local, DIY means of existence that’s reflected in the music – playing for fun, no matter how lo-fi and personal. The album stays pretty consistent in its 31-minute runtime, with a beachy aura and catchiness that’ll have you dreaming of warmer weather in no time. I’d check out “Flushed,” “Ideal Decanter,” and “The Prick” if you want a quick preview of one of the most slept-on albums of 2015.

-Jack O’Connor


Glocca Morra by Chuck Livid
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Live Tour Kick Off show in Miami 07/02/09! Shot by Chuck

anonymous asked:

what songs are you into and not into rn?

Ive been listening to a lot of glocca morra lately. Also a good amount of into it over it as well.

Tried listening to spirit of the beehive, it was p good but not as punk as gm so not my cup of tea. Also have been getting a lot of misses with mathrock bands in this forum i follow lately. Its all been p shitty.

Also relistened to the native wildlife last record and its just always fucking amazing

cracksabath asked:

Joyce manor?

Joyce Manor are pretty sick, they aren’t my favorites but I like them, although I think they’re a tad overrated. I dig the fact that they’re unique and have a different style of lyricism and songwriting, and I think that they are one of the better bands in their sort of niche. 

Listen to Glocca Morra, You Blew It!, Snowing, and Dikembe.