Broken World Fest Schedule

(times are approximate and subject to change):

11:00 I Kill Giants
10:15 Sorority Noise
9:30 Glocca Morra
9:00 Rozwell Kid
8:30 Posture & The Grizzly
8:00 Told Slant
7:30 Patch Kit
7:00 People Like You
6:30 Trashlord
6:00 Nouns
5:30 Perspective, A Lovely Hand to Hold

11:00 TWIABP
10:30 Old Gray
9:50 Empire! Empire! (I Was a Lonely Estate)
9:00 Joie De Vivre
8:30 Deer Leap
8:00 Makeshift Shelters
7:30 Brightside
7:00 Soda Bomb
6:30 For Everest
6:00 Take One Car
5:30 Zebras & Bulls Fight Tonight!
5:00 John Galm
4:30 All People
4:00 Spit-Take
3:30 Tiny Fractures

- - - - - - - - - - - - - 

ALSO! There are quite a few people selling passes on the facebook event for those looking.

This is going to be a sick gig. Thank you all so much!

okay so i’m not going to be able to go to broken world fest due to transportation issues so i am selling my ticket!!

i have a weekend pass so if anyone is interested please let me know thank you!

(also someone point me in the direction of who i need to talk to to change the name on the will call)

They say that peace of mind can go a long way,
but there’s something comforting about keeping it a cluttered mess,
but when the mess is cleared there will be a line,
and it will stretch for miles.
It’s the renaissance, it’s the crying kids
who only wanted attention from their mothers,
But they masked it with requests for candy and a pretty necklace that they found while waiting in line.
The mothers all look down and say,
“You know I love you, honey, but this is just a waste.”
Now I’m a connoisseur of all the dirt and shame,
that I can stand to taste.
—  Glocca Morra, “Majik City / Sleep Logging”