They say that peace of mind can go a long way,
but there’s something comforting about keeping it a cluttered mess,
but when the mess is cleared there will be a line,
and it will stretch for miles.
It’s the renaissance, it’s the crying kids
who only wanted attention from their mothers,
But they masked it with requests for candy and a pretty necklace that they found while waiting in line.
The mothers all look down and say,
“You know I love you, honey, but this is just a waste.”
Now I’m a connoisseur of all the dirt and shame,
that I can stand to taste.
—  Glocca Morra, “Majik City / Sleep Logging”
Mckenzie St.
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I’m so sick of pretending that I’m working it out.
Cause I’m consistent at being in consistent.

The light in your room has been on since you left
But I can’t turn it off cause I’m scared I’ll forget
what we did

If home is where the heart is
Then I haven’t had a home in fucking weeks
if sympathy’s what makes a person
then how come I can breathe

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Height: 6'3"
Fave bands/artists: snowing, grown ups, matsuri, glocca morra, i kill giants, bomb the music industry, toe, nujabes, soft skills, leer
Meaning of url: i had a conversation with a few friends about how living is just the active process of dying
Last thing I googled: “i hate sex bandcamp"
Birthday: December 27, 1995 
Gender: genderqueer/non-binary
Sexual Orientation: asexual/demisexual
One place that makes me happy: chromatic coffee, where the sweetest people in the world work
What I’m wearing rn: underwear and a t-shirt
Last book I read: "boom: introductory readings on nihilism and anarchy”
Last thing I said to a family member: “goodnight"
Favorite food: sizzling rice soup from taiwan restaurant in willow glen
Last movie I watched: whiplash
Dream vacation: road trip/backpack trip
Dream wedding: my siblings’ weddings
Dream pets: a dog or two
Dream job: film writer/director/scorer
Random fact: i have a bunk bed 
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1. Glocca Morra - Theories On Relativity By David Nicholas By Glocca Morra

2. Dowsing - Gengar! Gengar! Gengar!

3. Nouns - Wreck

4. Panic At The Disco - Do You Know What I’m Seeing

5. Snowing - I Think We’re In Minsk

6. The Story So Far - Daughters

7. Happy Diving - Explorer

8. Adventures - Floating Through

9. Title Fight - Frown 

10. Fall Out Boy - She’s My Winona

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Glenn Ave.
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  • Lost Boy
  • Lost Boy / Midland City Split

I saw a rainbow
and you’d think that I could mutter up a smile
But I’ve been burn out for sometime now
It’s time to move on to some better things

We are so through
I know the truth
and now I’m done with you
look at my face
I wouldn’t lie to you
so don’t lie to me

I’m stuck as the fucking middle man
don’t know where I’m going
or where the hell I am
and I’m the worst at keeping friends
I don’t think I can do this again

We are so through
I know the truth
and now I’m done with you
look at my face
I wouldn’t lie to you
so don’t lie to me