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You guys. We’ve had a young guy come to visit church a couple of times. Which is fine, but i got an email from lady who talked to him, and she gave me a phone number– not an email address or anything. And the only way to reach this person to call them.

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Get to Know Me Meme. Tagged by @akihiko-usagi-san

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Nickname: Kitten / Muffin

Zodiac Sign: Cancer 

Height : Only Glob knows

Last Thing You Googled : figurine viktor nikiforov

Favourite Music Artist : Bon Jovi, Jonathan Young, Caleb Hyles, Loïc Nottet, Ed Sheeran, Coldplay,…

Song Stuck In My Head: Hikari Yo (JubyPhonic’s cover)

Last Movie You Watched : Sing

What Are You Wearing Right Now : Jeans, shirt and fluorescent orange slippers

Why Did You Choose Your URL: I already answered at that, but it’s because people needs to know that i’m not the kind shit they think i am.

Do You Have Any Other Blogs: Soon…

What did Your Last Relationship Teach You: Never again, that you don’t need to always hate you ex and that sometimes, be friends is so much better.

Religious or Spiritual : Spiritual

Favourite Colour : Blue and Red

Average Hours of Sleep : Weeks : 7h Week-Ends: 3-7 h

Lucky Number : 1, 6 or 9

Favourite Characters : Link(TLOZ), Yuuri Katsuki (YOI), Sora (KH), Yasaburou(UK)

How Many Blankets You Sleep With : 3

Dream Job : Illustrator or animator

I tag : anybody who wants to do it plus @sensiblegirl-fe

Tutorial: Xaldin's Lance

Round 1: Drawing out the blades
What you need:
1 Dark pencil
Permanent marker
Reference images

1.1. - Lay down the newspaper on the dining room table. Double layered so that the marker doesn’t go onto the table. Smooth it out if necessary.
1.2. - Have your reference images at the ready. Have them directly beside the newspaper, so you can keep looking to them.
1.3. - Using the dark pencil (I recommend a 6B) sketch out the blades, making them about the same size. For the blade that resembles a cross, draw half of it, then fold it over, and draw on the opposite side that you initially did the over-draw with the permanent marker. Open and draw over that again. Make sure to do final outlining using the permanent marker. (Use the dowelling for the staff so you know how wide you need to make the base)
1.4. - Cut out the shapes! Don’t cut along the marker line! Cut outside them, so that you won’t ruin your lines, and you have a minimal amount of excess.

Round 2: The staff-part of the lance (Easiest part of the whole thing)
What you need:
1 piece of dowelling (must be to about the middle of your chest, and fit nicely in your hand)
Paint - white, yellow, light blue, aqua, and purple
Newsprint (like the kind art students use) or poster board (you can get it at the dollar store)
Foam brushes (in 3 sizes)

2.1. - Take the dowelling, and using the permanent marker you used to draw the blades, mark off where you’re going to have the yellow pieces that are on the staff-part of the lance. Go all the way around! Use the references.
2.2. - Take the white paint, and paint from one mark to the other, going all the way around. Wait for it to dry. (drying time varies on the brand) When dry, do a second coat.
2.3. - Now, mix the light blue, aqua, and white. Add a small amount of the purple. Mix accordingly until you have a colour that you think is closest to what is in your reference. Dark colours often ruin the appeal of the lance.
2.4. - Paint one end of the dowelling, but don’t paint over the flat end! It’s a very bad idea! Wait for it to dry. Do a second coat if necessary. Repeat at the other end.
2.5. - Once all painting on the wood is finished, take the newsprint (or poster board) and cut strips that are about 2 inches wide, going the long way down the sheet. Place the middle of the piece at the point where your white meets blue, and start wrapping. Wrap tightly! Once that is done, use tape to secure. So that the newsprint/poster board does not slide, use hot glue on the inside to secure it! Do this for the other end as well.

Round 3: Cutting out the blades
What you need:
Scroll saw or zip saw (if you have never used either, ask an adult for help | Note: if you don’t have one of either, but a friend does, ask to use theirs)
1 large piece of wood that is the thickness of your dowelling (make sure it’s big enough to fit both blades)
Carbon paper

3.1. - DO THIS BEFORE ANYTHING WITH THE BLADES IF YOU’RE GOING TO USE A SCROLL SAW!!! Adjust the height of the control, and speed so that it will work best with the wood that you’ve chosen, and it’s thickness! IF USING A ZIP SAW - Make sure the blade isn’t going to break!
3.2. - Put the wooden board down and place the carbon paper over top of it. Place your newspaper drawing over top, and start tracing. Move the carbon paper beneath as needed, or, have several sheets underneath. Do with both blades, making sure that they don’t overlap.
3.3 - Start up the scroll saw/zip saw. Be very careful while cutting. Especially if you’re using a zip saw. Go slowly. Do NOT rush. It can only go wrong if you do.
3.4. - Sand the edges after cutting. Smooth is best!

Round 4: Painting the blades
What you need:
Paint - white, light blue, aqua, purple, and deep blue
Sponge brushes

4.1. - Paint the entire thing white. Do 2 coats. Do one side at a time.
4.2. - While the second coat is drying of the second side, do the same mixture you did for the end of the staff-part. Go a little darker.
4.3. - On one of the sides of each blade, do a fade from the darkest of your mixture to white. Make sure you get all the in-between colours. Doesn’t matter if the colour goes over the edge a bit, you’ll clean that up later. But do wipe off big globs. Only one coat is needed for each.
4.4. - Redo the white around the side. Do a small amount of white overtop of your mixed portion. Will make the lance more accurate.
4.5. - Last painting step. Take the deep blue, and do the triangular colour that’s at the base. The references will be handy for this. Use a normal paintbrush, a 4 Round should do.

Round 5: Attaching the blades to the staff-part (this can be tricky)
Piece of dowelling (that is the same width/size as the drill-bit)
Wood glue
Finishing nails (yes, you NEED them; believe me, you do!)
Hammer (for the nails)

5.1. - First, mark the middle point of the dowelling and the blades. What’s where you’re going to drill. Do for both ends. Take the drill, and drill into the dowelling, and into the blades where you’ve marked. Now, take the piece of dowelling, and figure out how much you need for each end.
5.2. - Put some woodglue inside the hole in the staff, and put the dowelling in. I suggest a wood glue that doesn’t require pressure to work. You don’t wanna be standing there for an hour.
5.3. - Once the dowelling is secure, put wood glue in the first blade, and place it onto the end. Do one blade at a time.
5.4. - After an hour has passed for the first blade, do the second. Make sure though that it’s going to be at the same plane as your first one.
5.5. - Now that both blades are attached, put in the finishing nails. BE VERY CAREFUL! Put two finishing nails on each side (as in the flat sides that have the change from colour to white) and one at each edge. I say one at each edge, because you could split the wood with more than one. Be very careful with the edges, more so than the flat sides. Believe me, it could spell trouble @_@ Do for both blades.

Round 6: Final touch
What you need:
Newsprint (or poster board)
Paint - yellow
Wood glue

6.1. - First, make your strips. But only make them an inch long. Cut length-ways again.
6.2. - Take the wood glue, and smear it all over the end of the strip. Continue to do so until you have a small amount left of the strip. Secure with tape. Allow to dry for an hour. Then, do the other end the same way.
6.3. - Now, painting! Using a small brush, very carefully paint the strips yellow. Make sure it’s the same shade of yellow you used for the initial two strips. Wait for them to dry.

And voilá! Your very own lance for a Xaldin cosplay! Or, if you just want to have his lance because you think they’re cool XD

If you have any questions, ask. I will try to answer them as best I can. And keep in mind, I don’t know everything regarding the use of the saws, or drills.

But to get some questions out of the way:
Q: Is it going to be heavy doing it this way?
A: Nope! Not at all! The one I made for my friend was very light!

Q: How tall can it be?
A: All mostly depends on your height and the size you make the blades. If you make one for another person, find out the height of the middle of their chest so you know how big the dowelling for the staff has to be.

Q: Where can I get materials:
A: I got my dowelling and wood at Home Depot. Newsprint came with the flyers, but you can get it or poster board at the dollar store. And you don’t need fancy paint for when painting it.

Q: What kind of wood glue would be good to use?
A: I used Gorilla, but you can ask at any place where they sell would if they have it, or another good strong brand if they don’t have it.

Paint and Charcoal

(This isn’t about cats but did write you a fic)

Eren enters the pizza parlor with a bounce in his step. He’d been working all day, sketching and painting and drawing. He was sure that there were splatters of paint on his face, in his hair, everywhere. He could see some smudges of charcoal on his hands and jeans and he did remember rubbing his face a few times since he had worked with the charcoal so it must be on his face too. 

He only has to wait a few minutes, lost in thought, before he hears someone clear their throat to his right. He looks over and a short man with black hair is looking down at him pointedly, pen tapping against the notepad he held. “Welcome to Erwin’s, what would you like to order today?”

“Erm, can I have a medium pepperoni pizza?” He nearly stutters and he regrets not taking a shower before he left because the man is, honestly, really hot and he’s sure he looks like an absolute mess.

“Anything to drink?” The man asks, sounding utterly bored.

“A coke, please.” He says, catching the name on the man’s name tag, Levi.

“I’ll bring your drink over soon and your pizza will be out shortly.” The man walks away, steps short and precise.


Levi brings his drinks over just a few minutes later and begins to walk away immediately after setting it down. 

“Waiter, will my pizza be long?” Eren can’t help but ask, he had left in the middle of a painting because his stomach wouldn’t shut up and his fingers itch to pick his paintbrush up again.

“No sir, it will be round.”Levi says curtly, turning back around to face Eren “Have a nice day.” With that Levi is walking away again and Eren swears he heard the man mutter “dumbass” as he walks away.

Eren sighs and picks up his drink, sipping at it for only a few seconds before he puts it back down and pulls out the sketchbook from the bag at his side. He’s so distracted sketching at he doesn’t realize when Levi comes over and sets the pizza in front of him, walking away as soon as it is fully on the table.

The smell wafts to his nose and he reaches a hand up to snag a piece of the pizza, other hand still moving his pencil over the paper with a single minded determination. He munches his way through half of the pizza before he is finished drawing and He looks up to realize the check is already on the table. He puts the necessary money into the small black folder along with a generous tip before shoving what is left of his pizza into the take-a-long box that is also there. He hesitates slightly before tearing the drawing out of his sketchbook and placing it face down under the check, grabbing his food and nearly running out of the restaurant, ears a flaming red that stretches across his cheek bones.


Levi walks over to the booth where that messy brat had been sitting, grabbing the check and glancing down at the paper face down under it. He picks it up to find that the paper is actually quite thick and heavier than he had expected. He flips it over to find a highly detailed rendition of his face. He smiles slightly; maybe that brat wasn’t as shitty as he thought. He shakes his head as he walks away, paper held in his hands as he returns to the register. And there, scrawled in the bottom corner, is a phone number. His smile widens a bit and he thinks that the brat is decidedly not shitty, not at all.