globs of emotion

Ditzy Surprise

   Guest were talking and laughing about in the decorated living room. Some reunited with old friends whom they hadn’t talked in years. Some met new people who were able to click instantly the moment the conversation started. All were dressed for elegance. All were suited for the night. Stars twinkled brightly in the clear, night sky. The moon shined gloriously upon the special birthday.

Tap, tap, her high heels tapped delicately on the hard floor. The simmering silver dress she wore for the night caught the eyes of many people, either drawing a shy smirk or a gleeful giggle from the brunette herself. Truly, maybe splurging herself on something new wasn’t always that bad. She caught the attention of many; she hoped it caught the attention of the one person who mattered.

 Hazel eyes glinted at the sight of the smart assistant. “Jaehee-ssi!” Tap, tap, tap! She walked faster; God forbid, even in high heels, nothing could stop the petite brunette from running towards the people she loved.

 Looking up, a calm smile beamed the older woman’s lips at her approach. “There you are!” Giving her a quick hug, Jaehee then placed both hands on her shoulders. “I just received a call from the Driver Kim that Mr. Han will arrive in less than 5 minutes.” Her smile always present whenever she was around, Jaehee tucked one strand of her brown hair behind her right ear. “I have to say, you did a wonderful job with the party!”

 Blush tinted each of the shorter brunette’s tanned cheeks. “Thank you!” Palms pressed together, she looked around the living room. Truly, the party looked stunning from every angle. Golden curtains dangled on each end of the glass wall. Small, round tables were placed neatly inside the room, the table itself draped by a white cloth and finished with a beautiful rose on its center. A few waiters and waitresses walked around with trays of delicious delicacies. And finally, the chandelier in the ceiling’s center gleamed gloriously for the night, casting spotlight on anyone and everyone present.

 She stifled a giggle to see Seven casually holding a tray filled with cheese tarts that were in the shape of a cat’s head.

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