i don’t think people will ever understand being globophobic.

like, have you ever cried because something, as “silly” as a balloon touched you?

do you shudder whenever you see a picture of something you’re scared of?

have you ever gotten immensely uncomfortable at a party or formal event because they decided to have balloons as decorations?

have people, including your own family, laughed at you, not just once, because you told them you were scared of the balloon in the room? And when you asked them to remove it they just told you that “its not going to bite”?

it doesn’t matter that its not going to hurt me, it scares me. a lot. I’m so frightened by balloons that i have to make sure i dont go near them, or even have them at my house.

i don’t think anyone could ever understand a struggle like that

being scared of something thats meant for happiness, celebration and decoration is not fun. 

it isnt by choice, either.

honestly, i wish i wasn’t globophobic.

it would be so much easier


So, I recently learned that my fear of balloons is actually a real phobia. And I always thought I was alone in this because I always got made fun of every time I didn’t want to be around balloons.
I am absolutely terrified of balloons. Latex ones to be exact (I’m totally fine with hot air balloons, water balloons, and those Filo Plastic balloons). I cannot stand them. I can’t stand being in a room with them. I can’t stand seeing them being blown up. I always have this fear that when I touch one…simply touching it, it will pop.
I get so anxious and I start to panic on the inside. I’ve learned to surpress it in social situations, but even so, I can’t ignore the panicked feelings I get. The sad thing is, because this phobia is so uncommon, no one understands me. I only recently discovered the globophobia tag so its nice to know I’m not alone in this.

globophobia sucks

i have a fear of balloons and its not even fucking funny. i literally CANT even look at them without squinting/ closing my eyes. i hate how people laugh at me for it. its SO embarrassing but i cant help it.

Out of curiosity I searched “globophobia” not thinking much would come up but instead was given a plethora of posts from people who suffer from a fear most others write off as being silly or not real. It made me feel so relieved I almost started crying

anonymous asked:

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You asked for it!!
1. Georgia Bowden. (I don’t care if people know my full name, no big deal)
2. 22
3. 3 fears. I have a serious phobia of balloons, aka globophobia. I’m also scared of drowning and insects.
4. 3 things I love… my mum, my cat, food
5. 4 turn ons… I answered earlier so I’ll just repeat: big hands, nice smile, good smell, sexy accent
6. 4 turn offs… again, already answered, so repeat: bad teeth, bad breath, dickish behaviour, boring people
7. My best friend. Online @come-join-themurder, irl my best friend’s name is Rosie. I don’t think ‘online’ friendships are less than irl ones btw.
8. Sexual orientation. My sexual orientation is lol. I lean towards straight.
9. My best first date… I hate dates, so it’d have to be something informal
10. I’m 5 ft 6
11. I miss… being able to eat whatever I like and not gaining weight
12. I was born at 10:04am
13. Favourite colour… purple or red
14. I do not have a crush
15. Favourite quote… this is a hard one because there are so many. I’ll probably go with this, by Oscar Wilde: “Always forgive your enemies; nothing annoys them so much”.
16. Favourite place… my bed
17. Favourite food… cheese
18. Naaaaahhhhh I never use sarcasm *sarcasm tone*
19. Right now I am listening to ‘We’ll Live And Die In These Towns’ by The Enemy
20. First thing I notice in a new person…. usually their eyes and hair lol
21. I’m a UK size 6 so thats US size 8 and EU size 39 (shoes)
22. My eyes are hazel
23. My natural hair colour is dark brown. My current hair colour is sort of burgandy
24. Favourite style of clothing… if you were to name my style of dress it sounds hilarious for an SOA fan to say this but it’s biker style, maybe a bit of rock chick thrown in. But I also love floral clothes and stuff that’s really feminine and vintage.
25. Never done a prank call
27. My URL comes from The White Stripes song ‘Girl You Have No Faith In Medicine’ from their album ‘Elephant’
28.  Favourite movie… Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
29. Favourite song changes everyday. A pretty solid answer for me is ‘Ruby Tuesday’ by The Rolling Stones.
30.  The Rolling Stones are my favourite band, tied with The White Stripes
31. I feel kind of achey
32. Someone I love… you :D
33. I’m currently a single pringle
34. I have a good relationship with my mum. I have a non-existent relationship with my dad through choice.
35.  Favourite holiday… Christmas
36. I have zero piercings, but I used to have ears and nose pierced. I have 4 tattoos.
37. I want a bajillion more tattoos. I want a lion, I want a dragonfly, and I want a crow (I’m quite animal oriented lol)
38. Meh, I’ve had tumblr forever, I probably joined out of boredom
39. Me and my last ex do not hate each other. We’re on ok terms.
40. I do not get good morning or goodnight texts because nobody loves me :’(