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Where to go in the Caribbean? Dominica

What a wonderful little island full of friendly people and amazing hikes throughout the tropical rain forests. I can honestly say that out of all the islands I have been to in the Caribbean, the people here are the nicest. 


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⚜Esthetique⚜ | ‘The white town’ Puglia, Italy

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Travel asks
  1. Have you ever been abroad? If yes, was it similar to home or was it radically different and very foreign to you?
  2. Are you planning any trips in the next few months?
  3. Do you travel as much as you’d like to? If not, what’s the main think keeping you back (money, time, responsibilities etc)?
  4. Where’s your dream destination? Do you believe you’ll ever get there?
  5. Would you like to share a lesson that you learned while travelling?
  6. What things in your life have a higher priority than travelling? On the other hand, what things would you give up for it?
  7. What’s the furthest you ever travelled? How long did it take to get there?
  8. Do you mostly travel for pleasure or also for buisness/other reasons?
  9. Favourite means of transportation?
  10. Favourite type of accommodation?
  11. Favourite season to travel?
  12. What was the first trip you ever took?
  13. Did you ever travel as a child with your parents/caregivers?
  14. If you went on any school trips, what was the most memorable school trip/thing that happened on a school trip?
  15. What was your most recent trip like?
  16. What’s the longest time you’ve ever spent away from home?
  17. Were you ever really homesick?
  18. Do you remember a situation while travelling when you were scared or felt uncomfortable?
  19. If you ever got into a tricky situation while travelling, did you learn anything from it (for example measures to avoid such situations in the future etc)?
  20. Favourite climate or vegetation zone (tropical, desert, alpine etc)
  21. Would you rather go see a natural sight (such as a unique landscape) or a man-made sight (a special building in a city etc)?
  22. Do you prefer to go to one location and stay there for an extended period of time or go from place to place?
  23. Organize your own trip or travel agency/similar services?
  24. How many contients have you been to? If more than one, what motivated you to travel intercontinentally?
  25. Are you ever worried about the ecological impact of long-distance travel? Do you do anything to travel as eco-friendly as possible?
  26. Are you ever worried about the cultural or social impact of tourism? During your past trips, did you feel welcome as a tourist or were people apprehensive, and if so, why do you think that is? Did you find it easy to connect with the local culture?
  27. Did you ever have a conversation with a complete stranger while travelling? Who initiated it? What did you talk about?
  28. Can you manage without wifi? How crucial is the internet to you while travelling?
  29. Whats a destination or a trip you didn’t enjoy as much as you expected? Why not?
  30. Whats a destination or a trip you enjoyed more than you expected? Why?
  31. Have you ever met anyone while travelling you actually kept in touch with or even met again later on? Have you ever made an actual friend while travelling?
  32. Have you ever missed a train/plane or lost an important item on the road? What happened?
  33. Have you ever studied a language while travelling or as preparation for a trip?
  34. What’s the best food you’ve ever tasted while travelling?
  35. Have you ever been in a situation where there was a language barrier and you had to come up with alternative communication methods/find a translator?
  36. What was the weirdest place you’ve ever spent the night?
  37. Whats a favourite souvenir/ item you picked up while travelling?
  38. Would you want to live in any of the place youve travelled to?
  39. Of all the places you’ve ever been to, which has changed you the most or left the most lasting impression?
  40. Tell us about a crazy thing that happened to you on the road.

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