Hey everyone. I know this will go mostly unnoticed, but I have a lot of good friends on this site so I might as well give it a go. 

That is a picture of me! This picture was taken for my support cards for my 3rd year internship in the Bachelor of Arts in Intercultural Studies, called GlobeTREK.

GlobeTREK is a trip around the world for a handful of students in the program, from Germany basically going in a giant circle and ending with Egypt, and working with different charities along the way. Each student picks a country to go to for 6 months and work with charities in that country. The whole trip is pretty much working and local charities as we go along! This lets us see  a lot of opportunities all around the world where we could make the most of our education, and more importantly, help people while we do it. 

I’ve been looking forward to this ever since I first applied to my school. This sort of thing is my life calling, and my deepest passion. 

Because it’s mostly charity and volunteer work with a little bit of schooling mixed in, student loans cannot help me pay for it, and this is where I need tumblr’s help. Tumblr as a community is so capable and powerful to help an organization’s or an individual’s cause, and I’m hoping you guys can help me. The date that I leave for the trip is coming soon and fast, and I need LOTS of funding. I’ve not been able to get a job while at school because I’m an American going to school in Canada on a student visa. I wasn’t able to get a job when I got home for the summer because I’m currently managing severe depression and I needed some rest. 

I’ve already dealt with so many stresses in preparation for this trip, like finding a country to stay in for the 6 month portion, applying for visas, and figuring out where my funds will come from. You all can make such a difference to me and to everyone I’ll meet on my trip!! 

This is my gofundme page. I won’t ask you to donate, but I will say that the smallest amount helps, and so does signal boosting. 

Please, please help me raise funds for this. It’s tremendously important to me, and I know you guys can help. 

tl;dr, I’m going on a trip around the world to help at different charities and learn about cultures as a part of my college education, so please help with donations, no matter how small, or a signal boost!!!

Thanks guys.

<3 Tina